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Homework Policy


Homework is a reinforcement and study tool of material that is covered in class during the school day. The standard guideline for homework time for a middle school student is 60-75 minutes for 6th grade and 75-120 minutes for 7th and 8th grade. Due to the important nature of homework and since it is a percentage of your child’s overall grade in a course, all assignments are expected to be neatly completed and turned in when due.

Grading of late work is consistent throughout the Middle School.  Each teacher has posted their criteria on the homework page.  In general,  only partial credit (75%) will be given on graded assignments that are one day late. Therefore, work that is one day late can only receive a maximum of (75%) and the grade will be determined from that point. No credit (0%) will be given on assignments that are two or more days late. Ungraded homework infractions will be reflected on the Thunder Points page of the student’s agenda.

There are three types of homework: WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS, STUDY/REVIEW, and READING. Most students should have an assignment of one type or the other every night. Not all homework is graded work. Some nights your child is told to study or review class material or to read independently in a novel. These assignments should be written in their agenda.

When written work is not assigned, students should review and study their subjects every night. You can help your child build better study habits by encouraging them to study and review material prior to test time and to go back over information covered in class to make sure they have the proper foundation for the next class. Parents can help their child with study habits by assuring that they do study.

Parental review of their student’s agenda entries is critical to reinforcing good study habits and time management.

Homework on Weekends and Holidays

There will be no homework assigned over weekends unless the student is taking an advanced level math class. In these classes, the student may be assigned work, but it may not exceed 60 minutes. If long-term projects are assigned, it will be up to the student to manage their time. This management of time will determine if they will need to work on the projects during the weekend or on holidays.

Assessments given to students following a weekend or holiday will be kept to a minimum. If one is required, prior notice will be given to the students and parents, as well as the reason for the occurrence.

If an assessment is scheduled for a particular day and school is delayed or cancelled, the assessment will take place the next time the class meets.

Homework during Standardized Testing/School Sponsored Events

There will be no assignment of homework during the week of Terra Nova Testing. Special school sponsored events (school concerts and the school play) will be considered when assigning homework and tests.

Posting of Homework

All homework will be assigned during class time. It will be posted in the class in which it is assigned. It will also be posted on the website under the teacher's name who assigned it. Tests and major projects will also be posted on the Calendar. It is the student’s responsibility to write his homework down in his assignment agenda. A teacher has the right to change an assignment, as long as it has been discussed and posted in class.