Welcome & Announcements


The Medical Missionaries have an URGENT NEED for supplies for their next shipment to Banica! Please join STS ’15 Alum Katie Carita as she is organizing this important collection. They are requesting bar soap and washcloths in ziplock bags, toothbrushes and toothpaste, bed linens (pillowcases, sheets and blankets), baby diapers and wipes. Can you help us? Please bring in from April 24 – 28 and they will be in the soonest shipment down to our Diocesan Mission in May. Thank you for your generosity!

Dear Parents and Students, 

 I have created a Cornell note based on 6th grade science material for your reference.  This document is located in Google Classroom and will clarify what the science notes should look    like and what I will be looking for when the science notebook is graded.  Additionally, I will be  posting a rubric today for how the Cornell notebooks will be graded. Please refer to the  YouTube video link posted below describing the Cornell note-taking process.   

Note to Parents and Students: It is imperative that all students be prepared for
class. This includes having their science Cornell notebook, science folder, and Student Data Record (SDR) with them daily. Not being prepared for class will result in a loss of participation points. Additionally, all written homework will be graded for completion. Please have homework completed and ready on the day it is due.

Dear Parents and Students, 
      The following link outlines the process of taking proper Cornell notes:
Have a great day!
Dr. Testani

Welcome to Middle School Science!

Dear Parents and Students, 

   Welcome to middle school science! I am so excited to start the new school year and meet all of you!  On this page, I will post general school announcements. Parents who sign up for my NewsFlash will be able to receive updates via email and/or cell phone text messaging.  All other grade specific news will be on the corresponding grade page. 

Please come to class prepared each and everyday with your:

1. Science Notebook
2. Google Chromebook
3. Student Data Recorder
4. Pencil (no pens, please)
5. Completed Homework 


1. School starts promptly at 8:00am.  You are expected to be in your seat and ready to
    start the day at that time. Please make sure that you are in proper uniform, which
    includes the appropriate shoes and socks as stated in the handbook. 
2. Be prepared.
3. Be respectful and kind to everyone.
4. Follow directions immediately.
5. Participate in class.
6. Do not be afraid to ask questions.
7. Ask for help when needed.

Student Support:

   It is my honor and privilege to provide an outstanding science education to your children. Please encourage your child to approach me with any problems, questions, or concerns that they may have. I am able to provide support not only for science, but also for the implementation of strong study skills, effective note taking, and test taking strategies. I am here for them through this learning process and it is not only my job to teach them academics, but to also prepare them for a life filled with Christ’s love. 

   The best way to reach me throughout the day is via email.  I will respond within 24 hours.  Appointments can be made in the morning prior to the beginning of the school day.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. 

It is going to be a great school year!


Dr. Testani