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This page has been updated as of June 11, 2017

Students: Dress UP tomorrow!
Boys must wear COLLARED SHIRTS and nice shorts (khaki or cargo -- NO JEANS).
Girls may wear sleeveless dresses or tops WITH A SWEATER for church.

Week of: 6/12 - 6-16/17

Dear 7A Families:

Here are due dates and deadlines at a glance... Click on the underlined links for more info!

Mon., 6/12 -- 7th Grade Dissection (Pt 2 - FROGS!); NOON DISMISSAL

Tues., 6/13 -- School-Wide Yearbook Signing; END OF YEAR PARTY!! and NOON DISMISSAL

Weds., 6/14 -- 9:00 Mass; Last Day of School!! Summer Break Begins!!

So Long, Farewell from Iain Gall on Vimeo.

Thank you, again, to our fantastic room mother – Mrs. Noory – without whom our 7th grade year would never have been so successful!

SummerNet Counselors Needed

SummerNet, STS's new summer program that combines soccer and technology, will be held July 17-21 and July 24-28 for rising 1st-6th graders. Any rising 8th grader who is interested in being a counselor for one or both weeks should have his/her parent contact Mr. Scoffone at dscoffone@sttimothyparish.org. Volunteer hours can be used for Confirmation and/or NJHS.

Thank you to all who brought in donations for the Food Pantry. Through your generosity, our class was able to donate 16 boxes of pasta. This collection will end our school-wide participation in helping to keep the shelves of the St. Vincent dePaul Food Pantry stocked. However, it doesn't mean you cannot keep the spirit of giving alive throughout the summer. Please try to bring in non-perishable items each week you attend Mass.

Remember that your selfless donations are helping close to 200 needy families who are counting on the Food Pantry.

Please remember our St. Matthew initiative:

"We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love."
(Mother Theresa)

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      And so another beautiful year of Adoration comes to a close with the end of the school year. I hope you are able to visit the Adoration Chapel a few times this summer. Even if you don't, keep your prayer life strong by reciting the Rosary or even a decade every week. Pray for strength in others as well as strength in yourself. God loves you!

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Thank you, Mrs. Noory, for volunteering to be our room mother! She and I will be discussing all the wonderful events we will be doing this year, and I'm sure you will be hearing from her soon.

O.K., dear ladies! The nail polish is over the top! Remember to remove nail polish before returning to school. Thank you!

Please note the following allergies among the students in the middle school. Since each one spends time in every MS classroom, we must all be aware of potential food allergy reaction risks:


Please do not bring any of these food products to the classroom. This includes times throughout the year when we eat inside.


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As tempting as it may be, it is our policy that personal gifts cannot be exchanged between students during school hours.  If you have a gift for a friend, it is necessary that this takes place off-campus.
Parents, please be especially vigilant that personal gift exchanges do not happen at school.



SOCKS: Please remember that the ONLY socks students are permitted to wear with the Fall/Spring uniform are either black knee high socks (girls ONLY) or white CREW socks. NO stripe up the back! NO bright colors!
GIRLS: The short black socks are NOT part of the uniform!
Please see the uniform tab to the left or on the school website.

STS is once again collecting Box Tops for Education. Please send in your stash in a baggie labeled '7A.'

      I am asking that all families have a good stapler to keep at home. There are times when students will need to use one outside of the classroom.

      Parents and students, please remember that my door is always open to you should you have any questions, comments, or concerns. You will find that much of what you need to know will be provided through this site, as well as all other middle school teachers' sites (please see the tab labeled "Other TeacherWeb Pages"); however, NEVER be hesitant to ask me!

Thank you and God bless,

Mrs. Kurtis

Your Immediate Attention Is Required:

The Middle School Supply List requires students to use ERASABLE PENS.  Students, make sure you have the correct type of pens in your cases.  Please note I DO NOT ACCEPT work done in pencil.  Thank You.

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A few gentle reminders for all students:

  • Write down your assignments first thing when entering my classroom.  This goes for all students.
  • Wear the uniform proudly!  Shirts must be tucked in.  Socks MUST be the appropriate style (white, cuffed crew socks).
  • BE PREPARED!  Homework MUST be done at the time it is due.  Supplies MUST be with you for every class.  Find a way to give yourselves visual clues or reminders so you know what books you need for which class.  Practice at home.

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