The TeacherWeb page for Mrs. Young was last updated on 6/15/2016.  

Students can access Google Classroom through a computer or iPad.  Go to  and then sign in with your username.

You can get to Google Drive multiple ways, one of them is

NoodleTools can be accessed via

Your user name is sts followed by first initial and last name (example stskyoung).  Your password is the same as your Google Classroom password.

Students who want to revise work they have already turned in should just UN-SUBMIT their work then TURN IN the revised work.  You don't need to get permission to share or request access.

You may now wear your spring uniform or your traditional uniform.  Please don't mix and match.  It is still chilly out there and you need your sweater or vest or your STS sweatshirt (on PE days).


Just a reminder to our parents:

The homework posted for the week is my best estimate of what we will accomplish during the week.  Sometimes labs or lectures take longer than expected. At other times, we complete things fairly quickly.  The students should consult the assignment board every day to make sure they have the most up to date homework. 

It is very important that the students read and re-read their lab material before we start a lab.  They will be much more successful in the lab when they do.  They should mark up the SDR with notes on the side, such as "measure mass of sample" so that they understand what the directions are telling them. ALL questions should be answered when the directions are given to COMPLETE the investigation write up.