About the Librarian


I feel blessed every day to be a member of the St. Timothy School 

While I was born in Cincinnati, I also lived in Connecticut and South 
Carolina before moving to Virginia in 2001.  My husband and I live in a 
house/construction zone with two kitties (one from rescue) and an American 
bulldog (also from rescue).  They keep things interesting.

The reason I initially got into teaching is the same reason I have made 
the transition to teaching librarian--I have a passion for learning.  I 
currently hold three master's degrees, an MAT in secondary education social 
studies from Winthrop University, an MA in American history from GMU, and an 
MLIS from Wayne State University.  My MLIS focus was on school library media 
studies and children's literature.  All too often, children's books can be 
discarded as students mature, but a truly timeless story can call to us 
across the years like an old friend in the crowd.  

My research areas include...
immigration history
American animated cartoons
automotive history
macroeconomic theory

My hobbies are...
playing the clarinet
watching classic films
spoiling all nine of my nieces and nephews
annoying my parents

My favorite book for...
reading aloud?  B.J. Novak's _The Book with No Pictures_
a good laugh?  anything staring Freddy the Pig
a warm hug?  Walt Whitman's _Leaves of Grass_
following a bad day?  _Binky the Space Cat_  
Christmas?  _Santa Mouse_
Easter?  _The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes_