All homework assignments for all grades will be posted on my teacher web at the Homework Assignment tab. This will ensure that there will be a place for the students to check to make sure they know what homework was assigned. The information on the page will be deleted and updated every weekend usually on Friday.

Everyday, assigned students will be required to give a historical fact for the date. These can be obtained by doing a web search such as "history fact of the day" which will identify a number of web pages. The student will be required to print out the fact information to be discuss.

Prior to begining each chapter a "study guide" will be posted on the class page. It will be the student's responsibility to print a copy. The "study guide" will consist of vocabulary words, important names and a series of questions. The student will be responsible for identifying all vocabulary, names and answering questions. On that note, students should bring this "study guide" to every class.

Sixth grade homework worksheets will be posted on the "sixth grade study guide tab" at the beginning of each chapter. It is the student's responsibility to print a copy and submit it on the due date.

I no longer put two grades on each paper as the current quarter grade is readily available via the parent portal. My goal is to have papers graded and in the system within two school days. interim reports are no longer sent home so to ensure there are no surprises, I would suggest that you check the parent portal often.