class policies


Come prepared for class with binder, homework, and supplies.
Participate in class.
Be kind, honest, responsible, and respectful.
Set your goals high and try your best.

RED Binder with 3 dividers labeled to separate notes, homework, graded work, and paper.
Loose-leaf and graph paper.
Pencil pouch holding at least 3 sharpened pencils, erasers, 2 red pens, straight edge, highlighter, 3 white board marker and eraser cloth
a good compass, a protractor, and a simple calculator.

Projected homework for the week will be posted Monday.  It is, however, subject to change, and students should always copy the assignments in their STS planner.  
Homework is assigned every night to reinforce concepts presented in class.
Algebra and Geometry are college prep high school subjects and students should expect to spend at least 30- 45  minutes of homework each night.
All work must be done in pencil.
Work should be properly headed with date, page, and problems in upper right corner of the page.
Problems must be copied and all work shown to earn credit.
Please work down the page in a column, skipping lines between problems, and circling answers.
Attempt all problems.  Check all odd answers in the back of the book.  
Homework is due the next class day.  It may be randomly collected!  and corrected!
If you are absent, it is your responsibility to learn the lesson, make up the work and show it to me.  

Remember: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!

Tests 55%, Quizzes 35%, Homework, notebook, and participation 10%

If you are having trouble, please let me know right away.  I'm sure that if you work as hard as you did last year in algebra, you will have a great year in geometry also!   

Mrs. Venafro



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