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Educational Apps
You may download these Apps on your phone or IPAD. Great for daily practice!!!

Math: Rounding Whole Numbers, Odd and Even Numbers, Match Lite, Basic Math, 
Virtual Manipulatives, Math Fish, Bingo, Math Circus, Sub-tastic, Math Cakes, 
Feel Clock, Make Change, Meteor Math, Hungry Fish, Sushi Monster, Geoboard, 
Pizza 1, Fraction Basics, Multiply, Times Tables, Training, FastFacts X, 
Times tables, MRap2x HD

Science: The water Cycle, Science Lab, Science 360, NASA, My Radar

Handwriting: ABC cursive writer

Language Arts: Sentence Builder, Reading Remedies, Sentence Magic, Reading 

Social Studies: Puzzlegeography, World Map, Stack the states, 50 state info, 
Capitals, World Flags, kids world maps

Math -

Spelling -