Mr. Higgins

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About The Teacher

NAME: Mr. Higgins

SCHOOL: Harrison Preparatory School

CLASS: 6th Grade Social Studies, Yearbook, & Middle School Leadership

SCHOOL PHONE: (253)583-5418

About The Teacher

This will be my 2nd. year at Harrison Prep.  It will be my pleasure to start 
my 19th year as an educator.  I have educational endorsements in elementary 
education, social studies, history, psychology, and sociology.  

My email address at school is: ghiggins@cloverpark.k12.wa.us

My homework web site is:  teacherweb.com/wa/HarrisonPrep/higgins

Retired from the U.S. Air Force with a total of twenty years served.
Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Management, University of Maryland.
Master's degree in Human Relations, Webster University.
Master's in Teaching degree, City University.

Mission For The Class

The Sixth Grade Humanities starts with an examination of the Five Themes of 
Geography.  Students are introduced how geography has impacted  all facets of 
our lives.  These themes are constantly connected as we move from one lesson 
to the next.  We then examine the world’s first civilizations.  The emphasis 
is placed on a thorough understanding of the lessons presented.  The aim is 
for students to understand the application of concepts, rather than the mere 
memorization of facts.  The ultimate goal is for students to have an 
appreciation and understanding of how the past has influenced the present, 
and the relevance of this knowledge to them.

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