Dear parents and cadets: 

Welcome to all readers both current parents and cadets as well as browsers moving to Lakewood/ Ft Lewis.

Most cadets can now get to the Cadet Command site to do the courses. I am getting quite a few in.  I will extend the date again into April to give them time over the spring break.  Parents, don't panic if they can't get in, but please verify that that is indeed the case. ....... then let me know.  I am not here trying to fail kids. The training on these courses is really good.

A reminder as well that our Military Ball, the second of our three "mandatory" attendance events, takes place on 26 April.  We will be having dance lessons prior to that time, so have your cadets pay attention.  We do Swing dances and waltzes, not kid "head slamming music, so most kids need to learn how to do these dances.

We have passed the deadline for the payment for the military ball so it is now officially closed.

The bus, for those who do not have a base access pass, will leave Lakes by  1715 (5:15 PM).  Our receiving line will begin at 1730 (5:30PM). The evening should be over by 2200 (10PM) with the bus coming back around 10:30PM (2230).

One last thing. The school district wants us to get rid of this "Teacher Web" connection and use only Skyward, where you as parents have access.  I don't think Skyward allows me to do a few of the things that I do on this page, but I am still a rookie on the system.  I will hang on to this one as long as I can or until I am trained up enough to shut this down.

Sincerely, LTC Rosenbaum, 1SG Munoz, SFC Dumas