Dear parents and cadets: 

Welcome to all readers both current parents and cadets as well as browsers moving to Lakewood/ Ft Lewis.

I have posted our SY 2014-2015 projected  ("known") events on the "Events" tab to the left:  Be sure to check them out.

Next year is shaping up to be one of renewed energy and focus from our new command and staff group.  They are already planning on implementing a new approach and seem really committed to having a good year.

We are sad to see SFC Dumas leave us, but his medical issues have taken their toll on him.  He promises to help out as much as he can. Thanks for a great 10 years, SFC Dumas!

Our leadership training is scheduled for 11-15 August.  All returning cadets are asked to be there. This is their chance to make a difference and improve the program.

Sincerely, LTC Rosenbaum, 1SG Munoz, SFC Dumas