Dear parents and cadets: 

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to all readers both current parents and cadets as well as browsers moving to Lakewood/ Ft Lewis.

I have posted our SY 2014-2015 projected  ("known") events on the "Events" tab to the left:  Be sure to check them out.

We have some really great new cadets as well as the returning cadets. We remain about 210 strong and had a great Dining In, actually ending a bit early! 

Next up: 

January brings:
    a.  Our annual Bowling Challenge. 
    b.  Squaxim Island mission support (Providing activities for kids (2-13 years old) while the parents attend a conference)

The new Polo shirts are here. Please get them paid for!

Sincerely, LTC Rosenbaum, 1SG Munoz