The Biology Syllabus is currently being reviewd and will be distributed to 
all students as soon as it is printed. Be sure to return the signature page 
right away (no later than the end of September please)

So far we have completed one inquiry laboratory regarding the effects of 
detergent on milk fat (the Kaleidoscope Milk Lab). Remember for extra credit 
perform the same type of experiment at home using temperature as an 
independent variable. Be sure to write out your predictions, procedures, 
data, and results 

Be thinking about the upcoming science fair and exhibition. I will be asking 
for your ideas very soon.

9/6/12 - First day of class! We perfomed a simple inquiry lab (Kaleidoscope 
Milk Lab).

9/10/12 - Schedules are being changed and so is the class! Today we completed 
the Biology PreTest, and discussed the Kaleidoscope Milk Lab.

9/12/12 - Still schedules are changing. Class membership is growing! Today's 
activities included watching a lab safety video, completing and reviewing a 
safety exam, and finally, we began a measurement lab, (Measure a Bean, Why?) 
Initial data was collected today. Homework is to answer the Day One questions 
found on the blue lab packet.

9/14/12 - Review homework assignment, observe changes in beans, complete Day 
Two activities and questions for bean measuring lab. We will also begin 
vocabulary and standards for Unit 1.

9/24/12 - Unit 1 Test was taken.

9/26/12 - Unit 1 Test results were discussed and answers reviewed. Retest is 
scheduled for Oct 2.

9/28  - Chapter 2, Chemistry in the Living World began. Chapters 2.1 and 2.2 
were discussed and reviewed. 

Oct 2 - Discussion and activities based on the unique properties of water and 
an introduction to carbon compounds.

11/2/12 - A webquest was introduced regarding properties and characteristics 
of matter. In addition, the class was informed of the Chapter 2 Test on 
Tuesday 11/6/12. There are chapter reviews and a practice test at 
the 'handouts' tab.

11/26 - Wow that was  a fast month! We had lots going on at the school level. 
Here we are at the end of November...Thanksgiving Day is done and over and 
December will be here this weekend. We have begun our unit of Ecology 
studies. I am hoping to bring the ecology stuff to a new level for all of 
you, since some of you have stated that you already did this last year. Today 
we planted our rice and wheat seeeds in two different soils to determine 
which seed groes best in which soil. After a few weeks we will beging to 
discuss what soils and seeds have to do with all of us. Today we also took 
notes from the posters that we created last week. We then watched a Discover 
Video about the Web of Life. Of course there were handouts to go along with 
the viewing today. The ecology packets are due on Thursday! Also, your draft 
(sloppy copy) of your research summary pertaining to your science fair 
project is due on Monday December 3rd. A link has been included at my links 
tab to view the movie again if you wish. There is also a quiz to be completed 
by Thursday. It's located on the tab on the left side of the page. Check 
the 'Handouts' tab for today's power point and for a copy of the ecology