Other Sources of Information and Study Material

Link to the Puget Creek Restoration Society homepage. A source of 
information about local issues as well as a plce for internships 
and community service!

An introductory podcast designed for Intro to Engineering Design 
class. Follow the link to download to your favorite media player.
Engineering Podcast #1 (9/11/09)

An in-depth website that guides you through how to plan an 
experiment, decide on variables to test, write a hypothesis, etc. 
It also helps you design and write your lab report. A great 
website to get you started! 5 thumbs up!
Planning Experiments and Writing Lab Reports

Here is a link to the Inventor's Guide we use in class. Use this 
link to find specific instructions regarding Vex systems and/or 
parts and systems.
Vex Inventor's Guide for Engineering Classes

The link to the STEM Academy home page.
STEM Academy

A short video showing the results of our conan cubes competition.
Conan Cube Project Video

Here's an opportunity for biology students to delve deeper into 
the characteristics of matter. This is a WebQuest format and 
students are responsible for reading the instructions, and 
working in a small group to develop and present the end product. 
Have fun!
Properties of Matter Webquest (Biology)

Discovery Video originally shown to class on Nov 27, 2012. Make 
sure to complete the ecology packet for this video.
Web of Life Video

Here's a link that opens up some more ideas for an engineering 
Engineering Project Ideas

Please complete this survey by May 1st. Thanks!
MESA Survey

Use this link if you cannot access your STEM Academy account.
Materials Test for Intro to Engineering

Here is a link to some common biology labs that can also be 
conducted online. 
Biology Virtual Labs

This will take you to the learning modules and application 
writing softare. You will need to make sure to follow the setup 
instructions to get the proper software installed, tested, and 
MIT App Inventor