June 2:
Physical Science Wave papers in documents. Get your progress reports sighend,
Deadline for missing work is Tuesday, June 10. 
Waves test Thursday.  Final Exam June 10

Physics students, bring your texts to the book room.

May 30, 2014
Physical Science Students: Remember to get your progress reports signed and
brought to class on Monday.
Also, there is a Final Exam Practice Test in the Physical Science Documents

Physics Students, bring you texts to the book room in the morning before school.

May 1
The Physical Science Waves powerpoint is in the Physical Science Documents.
Test on Monday

April 14 2014
Physics Waves Test Tomorrow.
Have your notes handy.

April 8, 2014

Physics HW Read 364-377 
Do the Practice on pages 
367, 375 and 377.

Third quarter ends Friday. Make sure you are up to date!

March 27 2014
Physical Science Students: The practice test and the practice test with 
answers is in the Physical Science Documents Page. Check your work.
Test tomorrow.
Mr. Kuras

March 20, 2014
HSPE testing is now over for this week.
Physical Science Students must complete the Chapter 14 reading assignment by 
Friday, March 28th.  It can be found in the Physical Science Documents. The 
test will be on Friday, March 28th.

Physics students should read chapter 8, 9 and 10 on Fluids and Heat.  Test 
will be on Thursday, March 27.

Retakes will be available for recent tests on Monday and Tuesday after school 
next week, March 24 and 25.

March 7, 2014
Physical Science Test on Monday.  The GPE and KE worksheet and the Work, 
power, simple machines and energy terms and notes can be found in the 
Physical Science Documents tab to the left.

Feb 27
Physics Students: If you missed class today, then go to the documents pages 
and do the circular motions practice problems and page 228 1-4.

Feb 21
Great job at Science Fair everybody!
If you did not attend, you are expected to volunteer at the District Science 
Fair on March 1 here at Lakes.  Details in class.
Physics students who were absent on Friday can download the test from the 
documents page and complete it by Tuesday. Open Notes and open book.

Feb 9
Display boards due next class.  Complete them in class, then presentations.

Feb 4
Physics HW Answers:
Pg 191 1 2500 kg South 2 a 120kg m/s NW b 94kg m/s nw c 27 kg m/s nw 3 46 m/s 
E pg 193 1 380 N left 2 1100 N Up 3 16 kg m/s south 4 a 9.0 m/s right b 15 
m/s left

Science Fair Boards need to be in class by Monday.

Jan 23
Physical Science Course # 7540076
Password: p129

Physics Course # 7539857
Password: Chocolate

Phys Sci Final Papers due Friday!
Do your homework, too.

January 16.
Physical Science Students: There are retake practice tests in the Physical 
Science Documents section to study from.  Retakes will begin next week.  You 
must print and complete the practice test in order to retake a test.  The 
maximum score on a retake is 70%.  Notes will be allowed.  Listen for details 
in class.

January 14
Physical science students who did not hand in the last homework can hand it 
in for full credit on Wednesday.  Read pages 431-443 and do the reading 
checks on pages 433, 434, 440, and 442.
Also, bring all of your science fair papers and a pin drive to class

Physics students remember page 171 and 175 1-5 due Thursday and bring papers 
to proof read.
January 13.
Physics HW due tomorrow  page 166 1-3
Practice and Formative assessment

January 5, 2014
Here is some important Science Fair information:

Science Fair Next Steps: Finishing the Final Paper
January 9th and 10th: Rough Draft due.  This is just a check off to see if 
all the parts are complete. 
It can be typed or handwritten or a combination.
For full credit (4 pts) it must have the following components:
Problem Statement*
Research Section*
Materials and Procedure*
Tables and graphs with actual data
The * indicates parts that should have already been completed.
There will be time allotted in class on January 16 and 17 for peer editing.
Papers must be submitted to no later than January 22. (There 
will be computers available at school to complete this task)
The final draft along with your journal is due in class on January 23rd  and 

Dec 28
Physics Students: the force assessment scores are posted in skyward now.
Everybody should be working on their science fair project.
Have a safe and happy new year.
Mr Kuras

Dec 11
Experimental design due Friday for Physics, Monday for Physical Science.
Below is instructions on how to cite a web page.

How to Cite a Website in MLA

Structure: Last name, First name. "Article Title." Website Title. Publisher of
Website, Day Month Year article was published. Web. Day Month Year article was
accessed. .


    * Cain, Kevin. "The Negative Effects of Facebook on Communication." Social
Media Today RSS N.p., 29 June 2012. Web. 02 Jan. 2013.

Make sure to:

    * Only include the URL if the source cannot be found easily.

Dec 9 
Physics HW Page 126 1-3 and page130 1-5
Physical Science: complete vocabulary.
Research plan due Thursday for Physical Science and Friday for Physics

Dec 6
Physical Science students need to get progress reports signed by Tuesday.
Physics and Physical Science look in the documents pages to find grading 
rubrics for the research paper and Experimental plan.  They are due on 
Thursday for Physical Science and Friday for Physics.

Dec 4
This is a reminder that the Science Fair research paper is due next class.
That's Thursday for the Physics students and Friday for Physical Science
The research paper should include the following:
Paragraph 1 is a restatement of the problem or question being studied.  It
should be worded in third person.
Paragraph 2 and beyond is a summary of information gathered about the topic by
doing research on the internet, books, periodicals or any other credible
source.  A bibliography is critical.  Remember, a URL is not a citation.
The paper should be typed and is due at the start of class.  It counts as a
test grade. 
Please refer to the attached Science Research Project packet attached for
further information.
Mr. Kuras

Dec 1
Phyiscal Science HW is to complete the Motion Lab Compilation handout.  You
can find a copy in the Physical Science documents if you lost it.

Nov 21
Physical Science HW is to do the 4 Frayer models and to have your science fair
journal with your problem statement.

Nov 18
Physics test will be on Thursday.  More review and practice on Tuesday.
Physical Science HW page 369 practice 1-3
Everybody Science Fair Problem stated as question and abstract due 

Nov 15
The Physics two dimension practice and key are in the documents section.
Test coming on Tuesday or Thursday.
Physical science will start a new unit on Monday.  Read Chapter 11 pages 363-
371 to help be prepared for the first class.

Nov 14
Physics HW keys are in the documents page.  Review Friday, Test Tuesday or 

Physical Science: Check updated grades.  Grades given out in conferences is 
not up to date.  I will be available after school on Monday for studetns 
wishing to make up tests or missing assignments.

Nov 2
Physics Page 92 1-4 is due Monday and the key is in the Physics Documents
page. It would be a good idea to preread chapter 3 section three on projectile
motion before class on Monday.

Oct 29
Physical Science Students do your periodic table homework.
Start thinking about your science fair project.

Physics HW pages 87 1-4,90 1-4 and 92 1-4
Also get your signature pages in and your labs by Thursday.

Oct 23
To prepare for Friday’s Physics quiz, try problems 30, 31, and 32 on page 72 
as well as problems 39 and 40 on page 73.  Check teacherweb for solutions 
later this afternoon.

Physical Science Denisty Quiz on Thursday.

Oct 22
Physics HW page 60 1-4
Quiz on Friday.

Physical Science Read 121-127 Write definitions of yellow words and do reading
checks on page 121 and 125.
Quiz on Thursday on Density and reading assignments.

Oct 21
Physics Retakes after school Tuesday and Thursday.
Physical Science lab retakes Tuesday and Thursday also.

Oct 18
Physical Science HW Read 113-121 Do Reading Check pages 114 and 121, Do 
Section Reveiw page 118 1-6 and write definitions for the yellow higlighted 

Physics, read chapter 2 section 3 on free fall.

Everybody start thinking about science fair topics.

Oct 14
Physics: There is an error on the One Dimension Practice key..  #5 should be 
x = average velocity times time, so 1/2 (v1 +v)t.  Oops.
Remember, assessment on Tuesday.  Bring your pin drives for a lab as well.

Physical science assessment Wednesday.  Remember classes meet for 45 minutes 
in the afternoon.  Testing in the morning.  Be sure to know about how to find 
Oct 11
Physics HW page 54 1-6 and finish one dimension practice. Answers in p{hyics 
documents. Quiz on Tuesday

Physical Science, retake scores should be posted by Sunday evening.I will 
send a note when ready.

Oct 1
Physics HW pg 45 1-5 due Thursday.  Also, be sure to load the Vernier 
software onto your computer, copy and past graphs to a word document, print 
or send it to me.
Also, Go to the Physics Documents page (on the left) Read the syllabus, print 
the signature pages, fill it out and bring it in.  The answers to the 
homework are there, too.

September 29, 2013
Physical Science has a test on Monday.  Topics include fields of natural 
science, theory vs law, metric conversions, calculating precision and 
measurement.  You may use your notebooks during the test.  

Also, students who did not finish the measurement lab in class should finish 
it at home and have it ready to turn in on Monday.  See page 33 # 2-5.

Physics Students will be continuing the graph matching activity on Tuesday.