About The Teacher

NAME: Rich Kuras

SCHOOL: Lakes High School

CLASS: Physics and Physical Science

SCHOOL PHONE: 253-583-5550 voice mail Ext 7629

Experience Counts

This will be my 30th year as a  teacher.  I have taught Math and Science at 
Lakes for 12 years.
My degrees include AAS in Forestry from Paul Smiths College, BS in Biology 
from Oregon State University, and MA in Educational Technology and Computer 
Science from Seattle Pacific Univeristy. I also stay up to date on the latest 
education trends and teaching methods.  

In real life I am a father of two teenage boys.  The older is attending 
Oregon State Univeristy this year majoring in Engineering.  The younger just
graduated from Curtis High School.  Everybody in my family plays music.  My 
and I perform around the Puget Sound area occasionally.  Sometimes I even 
bring my banjo in to class and get the class to join me in a song about 
science or math.  Check out the video in the links section.

Its all give and take.

Give respect, take responsibility.  Give effort, take rewards. When everybody 
does their job, we all benefit.