The pep band basketball schedule is posted soon under "handouts."  This 
schedule is accurate; printed schedules handed out in November already have 
changes.  The calendar here, Skyward, and the schedule under "handouts" are 
accurate basketball schedules for band.

The Holiday Concert will be held on Tuesday, December 16.

Some other December dates:

Music Tutoring
Dec. 1
Dec. 9
Dec. 15

Jazz Tutoring
Dec. 2

Mariachi Band
Dec. 4
Dec. 11

Dec. 2
Dec. 4
Dec. 11

Service Project (hats)
Dec. 5
Dec. 12


There is an update to Mrs. Johnson's teaching schedule.  Click on Teacher's 
Schedule on the left-side menu for more information.

In the 2014-2015 school year, we are experimenting with having a wind 
ensemble.  A wind ensemble is a type of concert band, that is smaller in size 
than a symphonic band.  Wind ensembles typically have one player per part, 
and they play very challenging music.  This new class will appear on 
transcripts as "Symphonic Band" just like the current symphonic band does; 
until we get the new course approved by the district.  Our wind ensemble will 
do all of the same things that symphonic band does; the only difference is in 
the smaller class size and more difficult concert music.  Players in wind 
ensemble will perform on the football field and at other pep band events 
throughout the year.


Scale testing will continue. Scales tests will not affect seating for 
Symphonic Band, (or any other ensemble) and can be retaken as many times 
as needed. Each student will be responsible to play 6 different scales per 
semester. Scale tests can be performed before or after school, or during 
certain class periods. Once a test is passed, the student will not be asked 
to perform that scale for a grade ever again; at least not while here at 

Due dates for first semester scale tests:

September 18
October 9
October 23
November 13
December 11
January 15

Don't forget; you're welcome to play all twelve (the whole year's worth) 
early and get them out of the way!

Second semester scale tests are due:

February 19
March 12
March 26
April 16
April 30
May 21


2014 - 2015 Band & Orchestra Councils:

Band: President Dae Kang, Vice President Cody Hawes, 
Secretary Kevin Lee, Treasurer Alex Wright, Stage Manager Lucas Campbell, 
Assistant Stage Manager Jason Nguyen, Librarians Carina Collier and Tiffany 
Galicia, Uniform Managers Jermaine Gilyard and Kayla Sarver, Historian Sean 
Judd, Drum Majors Andre' Judd and Gloria Grow, Members At Large Kaela Duncan, 
Sherie Daley, Makala Young.

Orchestra: President Gloria Grow, Vice President Helen Smith, 
Secretary/Treasurer Timothy Cribb, Librarian Lillian Sullivan. Historian and 
Equipment Manager positions currently unfilled.


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having victims."  ~Harriet Woods