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Had some trouble logging in last night, so here is the update for Saturday 
April 12 - celebration for Jermaine Kearse over at Harry Lang Stadium.  Band 
members wanting to ride the bus over from Lakes should meet there at 11 AM. 
Mrs. Harrell and Mrs. Jiminez will be there with you.

Band members meeting at the stadium should do so at 11:30 AM; there will be a 
lot of traffic and you will likely have to walk through the line at the pass 

Plan for the band today: We are playing starting at 12:15 in a roped-off 
section of the stands.  The truck and large instruments will be on the side 
of the home stands closest to CPHS; where the coaches usually park for games. 
This is also where the bus will drop you off.  We play for about 30 minutes 
then go down to the track and form a tunnel. We continue playing until 1:00, 
when we use the fight song to play Mr. Kearse onto the field.  After 
presentations are over (about 40 minutes) we play the Alma Mater and we're 
done. You can head home then, or take the bus back at 3:00. Please sign out 
with me if you leave early.  


Jazz Ensemble: Spring is our busiest time; take a look at the calendar!


Parker Graham and Hyun Kim will perform at the state solo & ensemble contest 
on April 26, at Central Washington University.


Scale testing will continue. Scales tests will not affect seating for 
Symphonic Band, (or any other ensemble) and can be retaken as many times 
as needed. Each student will be responsible to play 6 different scales per 
semester. Scale tests can be performed before or after school, or during 
certain class periods. Once a test is passed, the student will not be asked 
to perform that scale for a grade ever again; at least not while here at 

Due dates for second semester scale tests:

February 20
March 6
March 27
April 10
May 1
May 22


2013 - 2014 Band & Orchestra Councils:

Band: President Marianna Marvelle, Vice President Ryan Hahn, 
Secretary Cody Hawes, Treasurer Kevin Lee, Stage Manager Lucas Campbell, 
Librarians Sherie Daley and Katy Wright, Uniform Managers Jason Nguyen and 
Makala Young, Drum Majors Andre' Judd and Gloria Grow.

Orchestra: President Hansol Hyon, Vice President Sydnie Summit, 
Secretary/Treasurer Parker Graham, Librarian Helen Smith.  Historian position
and Equipment Manager currently unfilled.


"You can stand tall without standing on someone. You can be a victor without 
having victims."  ~Harriet Woods

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