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Math Help Links

Below are a wide variety of Internet links that I have come across and found 
to be both fun and helpful to students and parents in math and other 
subjects as well!

Please send me an email if you have fun educational links you would like me 
to add to this page.

Interactive practice and challenge games on a wide variety of 
math topics.
AAA Math

Lessons, homework help, calculators, and interactive worksheets 
most subjects taught in class.
Algebra Help.com

Improve math skills interactively with flashcards, worksheets, 
helper, and a game room!
A+ Math.com

An archive of math questions, searchable and arranged by grade 
level. You 
can also submit your own questions!
Ask Dr. Math

Technology tutorials for a wide variety of programs such as 
PowerPoint, Excel, and more.
Atomic Learning

An educational program that provides curriculum-based content 
spanning six 
main subjects including: Science, Math, English, Social Studies, 
Health and 
Technology.  This site is loved by both kids and parents!  User 
liberty100 Password: lions

Use this site to create a bibliography. Just fill in the blanks 
and citation 
machine will give you a bibliography in many accepted forms 
including APA, 
MLA, and many more.
Citation Machine

Cataloged math instruction videos for students.
Countdown: Math Videos

Use this site to help make graphs and charts for all of your math 

A different sudoku puzzle each day! Discover secrets to help you 
become a 
sudoku master!

A handy online dictionary for use in all subject areas.

Online scientific calculator that's absolutely FREE!

Weekly math brain teasers. Grade levels include 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8.
Education Place

Organize your thoughts in any subject area on organizers such as 
Venn Diagrams, Timelines, and many more.
Graphic Organizers

Technology tutorials for a wide variety of programs such as 
PowerPoint, Excel, and more.

Extensive collection of video lessons ranging from simple 
arithmetic through college level mathematics.  Categories have 
been expanded to include sciences, humanities, and college 
entrance test prep.
Kahn Academy

A site with over 400 pages of interactive lessons, homework help, 
and forums.
Math Goodies

A wide variety of homework help, tutoring, lessons, practice, and 
games. An 
awesome math help site!

Awesome interactive math games you can play online or on your 
own.  Great 
Math Lab.com Games

Math games for training addition, multiplication, division, and 
subtraction at different levels.
Math Magician

WASL-based problem solving site.  Sample problems for grade K-2 
and 3-12.  
Our paid agreement with the Vancouver School District does not 
allow me to 
post our password online.  Please email me for login instructions.
Math Web

A site that makes complex math ideas accessible

A site containing a library of interactive, Web-based virtual 
or concept tutorials, written in Java, for K-8 mathematics.
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives For Interactive Mathematics Studies

A site containing a library of, and lesson plans for, 
interactive, Java-
based virtual math activitiesfor K-8 mathematics.
Project Interactive

Type in an Arabic numeral up to 4000 and get the Roman numeral 
Roman Numeral Converter

Educationally based online games. (This link was recommended by a 
Room 108

Interactive games and activities in a variety of subject areas. 
This link is 
set to grades six through eight but there are links for other 
grades as well.

This site is a great resource to brush up on the basics!  It is 
also a good resource for parents that want to help their children 
but struggle to understand the MathScape text book.  Sample 
problems and vocabulary included!
Shmoop Beta

Interactive activites and games searchable by grade level and 
subject area.

Create a math worksheet on the fly using this interactive page. 
Great for 
practice of basic math skills.
Superkids Mathematics Worksheet Center

A fun problem solving game used in my problem solving class.
Traffic Jam


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