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Personal Finance

Refer below to the blue highlighted section to find daily student activity information:

PERSONAL FINANCE MEETS THE REQUIREMENTS FOR 3 TECH PREP CREDITS AT EDMONDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE "FINANCE-MONEY MANAGEMENT (MGMT180).  STUDENTS MUST EARN A B OR ABOVE,  AND REGISTER WITH TECH PREP - Registration open Dec 1st and closes end of January.  WE WILL DO THIS IN CLASS WHEN THE REGISTRATION PERIOD OPENS.   **3 credits would ordinarily cost at least $300 and this opportunity only costs $46 (for this and any other Tech Prep classes you enroll in this school year).  For more information go to Edmonds SD website and go to the CTE (Career and Tech Education) Website.

Daily Classroom Activity - Fall, 2017:  Get your absent information here...What we did, Due Dates, Where to find assignments, etc.

9/6/17 - 1st Day - Introductions - answer questions on piece of paper, introduce self, then turn in.  Start a daily journal page for the warm-up in the morning.  Will be collected every few weeks - be sure to account for every day.

9/7/17 - Day 2 - Class Expectations - signature slips due 9/11-12.

9/8/17 - Day 3 - Begin Timeline of  "My Dream Life" - if you could design your ideal life, what would it look like? Draw a timeline form age 18 through end of life (~80-85years+), then label and draw accompanying pictures to illustrate the major life events and goals.   We will finish next week.  Due Mon/Tues. Paper in absent drawer.

Class Expectations signature slip due - turn in to tray.  
Look at Mrs Smith's website to find missing assignments and handouts instructions.
Finish Timeline - Due today.  (ab basket)
"What do you know?"  Due today. (ab basket)
Quick "Personal Description" - Due today (ab basket)
Begin "Gathering", other activities to be announced.  Due Wed, 9/13 (ab basket)

"Gathering" due today - turn in to tray
News Topics (brief):  Hurricane - Insurance Issues;  Equifax Credit Bureau Hack - Impact/What to do?
Go to Canvas, Unit 1 - watch and listen to "Job Success in the New Economy".
Go to Naviance - click on "Careers", "Road Trip Nation" videos (scroll down) - select 3, listen and fill out hard copy       handout - you will share one of these with the class.  Turn in paper to tray - due today. (ab basket)

9/15:  Finish "Road Trip" sharing.  Begin Behavior Assessment (hard copy in absent basket in classroom).  Ask another student or teacher how to get started.  We will finish the scoring and explanation on Mon/Tues.

9/18-19:  AT Begins - need to have a C or above and all work turned in. Teacher will let you know if you need to stay.

Check your grade in Skyward for any discrepancies or missing work.  Amnesty for late papers through this week - next week everything has to be on time or within absent make-up guidelines.

Finish "Behavior Styles" assessment/scoring.  P1 - Teacher will describe what each type means and how it applies to working in groups and with others.  P3 and 2:  These periods watched a video explanation.   Due today.

Go to Naviance>Career Tab>Career Interest Profiler - complete profiler and summarize results on worksheet (ab basket).  On back of paper complete job selection for mock interview.  Due today.

Turn in "Career Interest Profiler/Job Selection" - due beginning of period from last session.
P2 - Do "Career Interest Profiler/Job Selection" - has not been handed out prior to today.  Due today. (ab basket)
Left Brain/Right Brain Assessment - turn in today.  (ab basket) P2 did not have time.

Complete "Company Cheat Sheet" (ab basket) - it is important to research the company you are interviewing with prior to an interview.  Due today.

Teacher Review "Post Secondary Educational Options" (ab see info in handouts - no assignment)
Go to Canvas - complete assignment 1.2 comparing 4 year educational institutions with 2 year and vocational programs. Complete and upload to Canvas when finished - will probably not finish today, additional 30 min to work on it on Mon/Tues. 

Finish 1.2 (30 minutes to finish in class, then upload to Canvas). Due today.  If absent, assignment is in Canvas under 1.2.  If Canvas is closed, print and turn in a hard copy.
P1,3 - (p2 didn't have time) Intro discussion of Financial Aid - loans, grants, scholarships, work study, etc. (if time) Ppt.
L/R Brain assessment (P2 only) (ab basket)

9/27-28: (Homecoming Assemblies - special schedule on Thursday for p2)
1.  Correct 1.2 Educational Research assignment and turn back in for points, if turned in on due date.  If not, too late to turn in since there was enough time to finish in class.   Due Mon 10/2 for P1,3;  Due Tues 10/3 for P2.

2. Powerpoint "You're Hired" (in Canvas).  Turn in "Student Notes" for 5 extra credit points (optional). Due today.

3. Begin employment portfolio:
  •  make folder titled "Personal Finance" in documents for all of your class work
  •  make Professional Letterhead template for heading (not header) - save in Documents "Professional Template #1 (w/o address), another version title "Professional Template #2 (with full address).
  •  Introduction of Resume - using your Template, start a new document and name it 1.9 Resume, then follow     format provided (see teacher website for revised sample).  It needs to be in THIS format!
  •  Resume Draft due Mon/Tues end of period.  Earn 10 "on-time" points if on time.  Final will earn 30 pts.

9/29:  (Early Release) very short periods - Homecoming Assembly

Continue working on resumes if there is time in class today.


P1,2,3 - Turn in "Revised" Educational Comparisons 1.2. Make corrections and upload again. due today.

P2: Will finish 1.6 Ppt and upload to Canvas. due today.

P1,2,3:  Work on resume - Due end of Period.  If finished early, start References (not due today).  If absent, examples are on teacher website under "handouts".

"Cents" Presentation - "planning for the future" - Speaker: Tony Leahy
For today's activity, you will need to download a PDF reader to your Chromebook.  If you have a purple icon in upper right corner, you already have it and can go straight to Canvas.  If  you don't have a purple icon, Google "Read&Write", click on entry and download it to your Chromebook.   

Go to Canvas, find "Cents" assignment, click on PDF link, follow instructions, answering questions on the yellow answer sheet in absent basket (your PDF will not save answers in the computer). 

Yellow answer sheet due day of presentation for those in class.  

Assignment: Review Federal Aid Site.  Go to Canvas 1.3.  Scroll to bottom of Task Box for "Assignment #2.  Follow instructions to explore the site (for site, scroll up).  Write brief statements for each topic you click on.  Due today.

1.10 - Intro to References.  Start today, will be due end of period on Monday - printed, not uploaded.

Correct 1.9 Resume - proof carefully, print and staple on top of original.  Turn in to box. Corrected copies due today.

1.10 References - create reference list, print and turn in to try.  (example on teacher website, under "handouts"). Due today for 5 On-Time points.

Intro to Cover Letters - (P1)  begin Cover Letter, print and turn in to box when finished.  Due date to be determined.

10/11-12: Late arrival for testing, short periods 1 and 3:
P1 Introduced Cover Letter on Monday - Begin today - will continue next class.  
P3 Intro to Cover Letter - begin today - will continue next class.
P2 Intro to Cover Letter, Create Cover Letter, print and turn in today (10/12) for 10 On-time Points.
Sample Cover Letters and instructions on Canvas 1.8 and on teacher website under "handouts",  a hard copy of will be provided in class.

Guest speaker:  Alison Herron, Workforce Development.  Topic:  "How to Write a Branding Statement"
If absent, go to teacher website - "handouts" to find Make-up assignment.  Complete, print and turn in for pts w/in 1 week of the absence.

P1, 3 Begin and finish Cover Letters (just barely started last week due to short period Wed).  Due today for 10 on-time points.  When finished, correct resumes and references, print, staple new ones on top of old drafts, turn in to tray. 

P2:  Cover Letter, References and Resume drafts will be returned for corrections.  Correct, print new copy, staple on top of previous drafts, turn in to tray.  Corrected drafts must be turned in today.   

ALL periods:  Make folder and check it in with teacher.  Due today

Part of period for final corrections.  All due today.  This is the last day 1st drafts will be taken - there is no more time to return and correct them before the interviews next week.

1:13 "Ace the Interview" Ppt - not xcredit:  How to prepare, introduce yourself, what to wear for your interview on 10/25 or 26.
1.11 - Frequently Asked Questions - follow instructions and upload to Canvas.  Due date 10/23 or 24.  

10/20:  Teacher Day - no students

Final prep for interviews on Wed/Thurs.  Final corrections - print clean copy of references, resume, cover letter.
Canvas Assignment:  1.11 Frequently Asked Questions - choose and highlight 5 questions per section, then create 5 questions to ask the interviewer.  Upload to Canvas until 11:59pm.  If absent, finish and if after 11:59, print and turn in to the tray.

Begin Unit 2:  Paychecks and Taxes (if time)

10/25-26:  Mock Interviews - very important you are here.  If not, must be made up and will require extra work.  Our interviewers cannot come back again.  

After interview, follow sample in Canvas under "Unit 1 Project", create a Thank You letter to your actual interviewer today.  You will adjust it to refer to evaluation comments from your interview.  Proof carefully, 20 pts possible, 1 pt off for each error. Due end of class Friday.

Due today in class.  IF in class, will not be taken Mon/Tues unless absent.  If absent, please turn in on Mon/Tues as these need to be sent to your interviewer in a timely manner.

Assignment:  Finish Thank You letter, based on interview evaluation and the interview itself.  You are thanking the actual volunteer, not staying in "pretend" character mode.  Your 1st draft is your final - 20 pts, 1 pt off for each error - grammar, spelling, spacing, signing, etc.  Example under Unit 1 - Project in Canvas.

Begin Unit 2 - Paychecks and Taxes
Teacher handed out Unit 2 Vocabulary which will act as a study sheet. See absent basket.
Canvas 2.1 Ppt Notes - "Why Do I Pay Taxes?" - upload to Canvas for 5xc pts.  

Video: "How People Are Paid" - 5 participation points
"Reading Pay Stubs" - hard copy - if absent, it is in the absent basket - due today
$1000 Bill assignment - handed out, barely started.  If absent, in absent basket.

11/3:  end of Quarter 1 - Sub Today
$1000 Bill - hard copy - handed out last class, barely started.  absent h/o's in basket.  Due today.
Canvas 2.2 : Tax Worksheet - read instructions on task page carefully to know where to look for answers.  Upload to Canvas today if class has time to finish.  Sub will tell you.  Otherwise, we will finish Monday/Tues. If problems with Canvas upload, just hold until Mon/Tues.

Topic:  Paycheck Deductions - optional: Pension/401K/IRA/Vesting
Canvas 2.2 "Understanding Taxes" - worksheet due to Canvas by 11:59 tonite.  Read instructions on task page carefully to know where to look for answers as links no longer work.  We also found the link for Section 3 does not work either so just google to find the answers.

11/8-9:  (*11/9 is early release)
Per 1&3:  2.3 (not in Canvas) Tax Return Practice Simulation and 2.3 Tax Return Simulation. Due today - get checked off to go to AT.   Hard copies are in the absent basket. Ask another student to assist you.
Per 2: short period so only did 2.3 Practice Simulation - due today.  Will finish the other one on Tuesday.

11/10: Veterans Day Holiday (observed)

Review $1000 Bill - fill out summary slip, staple to original assignment, turn in.  Due today.  Absent basket.
Review 2.3 Understanding Taxes.
Review for U2 Test on Wednesday - 50 mult choice questions + Tax Return. - absent, review vocabulary and assignments.
Beg U3: Vocabulary - check off terms you already know.

U2 Test - Multiple Choice and Tax Return.
Start Canvas Powerpoint 3.1 - P1,3 started, P2 did not. 
Canvas 3.1 Banking Powerpoint. Due today to Canvas.


11/22-24:  Thanksgiving Break



12/1:  Speaker:  Kaila Roper with Connexions Program - satisfies requirement for Healthy Youth Act lesson on Sexual Health/HIV (presentation is titled "Myths of HIV").  



12/8: Early Release




Winter Break







1/15 - Holiday




1/24-25: (**11/25 is early release) - End of Semester 1

***Do Not Work Below This Line - All current information is above.***

Spring 2017 Personal Finance Daily Activities/Assignments
Mon/Tues, 1/30-31:
Class Expectations (return w parent signature - due Fri 2/3)
Room Tour 
Assignment:  "Personal Description" and "Left Brain Right Brain", "Behavior Styles" assessments - turn in 2/1-2
If absent, see "Absent Basket" for hard copies

Wed/Thurs 2/1-2:
Teacher Explain "Behavior Styles" assessment results/types.   
Staple together and turn in Personal description, LBrain/RBrain, Behavior Styles assessments.
Assignments - if absent, get hard copies in "Absent Basket":  
   "The Gathering" - due Tues, 2/7 (time to get information from home)
   "Naviance Road Trip Interviews" due Fri 2/3 (every student will present 1 of their summaries to the class on Fri).

Fri, 2/3:
Finish "Naviance Road Trip" - students share 1 of their summaries with the class.  Turn in to the P4 tray.

Mon, 2/6 - Snow Day

Tues/Wed 2/7 - Snow Day

Wed/Thurs 2/8-9:
Due today:  "The Gathering"
1.2 Naviance - "Career Interest Profiler" - complete assessment, then answer questions on hard copy worksheet. Next, select a job from your results to "apply for" at your mock interview on 3/22or23 - put on your calendar too) and complete 1.7 Job Selection - Mock Interview Prep  Due Friday, 2/10.

***Juniors: will not be able to access this assessment through Naviance as it is technically a "senior" assignment.  Go to "Personal Finance - Handouts" on this website and find alternate assessment listed under 1.2. 

If absent, the 2 assignments listed above are available under "Personal Finance - Handouts" on this website and are also in hard copy for you in the absent basket in classroom.

P2/4 - will have more time so will at least begin 1.13 "Company Cheat Sheet" also available under handouts - due Fri 2/10, stapled to 1.2/1.7 handout.

Friday, 2/10:   Early Dismissal
P3 - Do 1.13 Company Cheat Sheet.  
P2,4 - Finish 1.13, staple to 1.2/1.7 and turn into tray in classroom.
Mon/Tues 2/13-14:
P3 - do Company Cheat Sheet - due today.
P2,3,4:  Create "Employment Heading Template" in Google Docs.
Begin Resume - use format assigned.  Classroom samples will be provided but if doing at home, refer to "handouts", U1 - "Anchor Task Manual" for those same examples.  Be extra cautious about spacing, margins, use this exact format.   Not due today, will continue next class.
Wed/Thurs 2/15-16 (if absent, do these as homework by next Wednesday 22nd:
Finish Resume.  - keep until next week but show substitute for participation points before leaving for AT
Do Reference List - see examples in handouts - U1 Anchor Task Manual - not due today, but show substitute before leaving for AT
Do Cover Letter - see example in handouts - U1 Anchor Task Manual - not due today, but show substitute before leaving for AT.
If absent, refer to U1 Anchor Task Manual for Examples, try to have finished when you return from break.
Friday, 2/17:
Speakers:  from Workforce to talk about "recognizing your soft skills".  Participation points.
Mid-Winter Break:  2/18-21

Wed/Thurs 2/22-23:
Proof, print and turn in Resume.  Draft 1 due today for 10 on-time points
Proof, print and turn in References if finished, officially due Friday for 10 on-time points 
Finish Cover Letter & References - Due Friday for on-time points

Fri 2/24:
Finish and turn in Cover Letter, References - both due today for 10 on-time points each.  Earn 0 or 10 for on-time.
Resumes will be returned - correct and return, stapled on top of 1st draft.

Mon/Tues 2/27-28:
Google "How the Market Works" - create an account, join the contest for your period with password "smithc", buy ~$10,000 worth of stock. Show your account to Mrs. Smith to get credit for the activity.
Register for Tech Prep Credit - Go to Edmonds Home Page, then "Programs", then "Career and Technical Education", scroll down to bottom left.  Log in if you've registered for Tech Prep before or, if not, "Create an Account", then click on drop down menus, search, then "register".  Be sure to click on "Carol Smith" as instructor.
Let me know when you've registered and you will get 10 extra credit points.

Wed/Thurs 3/1-2:
Correct all mock interview documents.  Pay close attention to teacher comments.  Staple new document on top of previous draft and turn in to tray.
Make Mock Interview Folder - 5pts - teacher will give you a white folder and post-it note for your name, period and position you will be applying for in your interview.  If you were absent, one has been made for you.    

Fri, 3/3:

Speaker:  "Writing objectives and branding oneself"

Corrected documents - turn in to tray.

Mon/Tues 3/6-7
Fill out "60 Second Commercial" handout.  Turn in to teacher for points.

Make corrections to resume, cover letter, references - turn in today!!!or you will need to stay for AT - we are finishing this part of interview preparation very soon and will be moving on to our next unit.

Put/store finished (starred or points documents) in folder. 

Intro to "Frequently Asked Questions" - pull up from Teacher website - Handouts Unit 1, 1.12.  Save to your documents, follow instructions and begin answering.  We will finish Wed/Thurs.  Show teacher when you are finished, but do not print or turn in....just save in Personal Finance Folder in your documents.

Wed/Thurs 3/8-9:
Finish "1.12 Frequently Asked Questions" (25pts) - show to teacher to get checked off for 5 "on-time" pts.  Must be finished today.  If not, get an extension from the teacher.
P3 - Keep in your Personal Finance folder in Chromebook.
P2 and 4 - after getting checked off, submit to Canvas.

Fri, 3/10:
Speaker:  FIDM - "Interviews":  Wrap up on Attire, Presentation, etc.

Assignment:  List 3 traits that you possess and tell what motivates you to have each of those traits.

Mon/Tues, 3/13-14:

Reminder:  Mock Interviews on Wed/Thurs 3/22-23.  Must be ready to go at beginning of period.

Return graded documents. Put those that are finished in your folder.  Reprint a clean copy prior to the mock interviews.  No reminder, from now it's up to you to have clean copies ready.

Anyone who has not completed documents needs to stay today for AT and turn in documents by Thurs.  Not accepted after that.

Review Traits/Motivations from Friday.

Wrap Up to Interviewing:  PowerPt - no attached assignment.  Practice eye contact, shaking hands, attire.

Begin U2: Income/Paychecks.  Vocabulary handed out.  Ask teacher for copy if you are absent.

Video:  "How People Are Paid" - use vocab list for taking notes.

Begin U2 - 2.1 Income/Paychecks Powerpoint Notes.  Pull up from Canvas 2.1.  If unable to do so, go to teacher website, "Handouts" and pull up from there.  Just do page 1.  You will be given a hard copy for Pages 2-3.

Wed/Thurs, 3/15-16:
Finish 2.1 Income Paychecks Powerpoint Notes (just page 1) - Due uploaded to Canvas today
2.1 Reading Pay Stubs/Estimating Income (21 pts).  Handed out hard copy - due today.  If absent, there is a hard copy for you in the absent basket or, you can pull up the powerpoint notes again from Canvas - pages 2 and 3 are the same as the hard copy.  Fill out, print and turn in upon your return.  

Began discussion about the importance of retirement plans, even at a very young age - why you need to know about this now.  To be continued on Friday.

Fri, 3/17:  
Finish intro to importance of retirement planning and changes - Fill out "Notesheet" given out in class...we will finish in class on Mon/Tues. If absent, your copy is in the absent basket - ask other students for answers you missed on Friday. 
REMINDER:  Mock Interviews on Wed/Thur 3/22-23.  Plan your wardrobe and make clean copies of your cover letter, resume, references.

Mon/Tues 3/20-21:

REMINDER: MOCK INTERVIEWS ON Wed/Thurs 3/22-23.  Plan your wardrobe, make clean copies of your cover letter, resume, references, practice your questions, review your prep and research materials.  Be on time! Relax - these are nice people who just want to help you improve your skills!

Prepare white interview folders - take everything out, make CLEAN copies of your cover letter, resume and references (no staple holes, smudges, marks, folds, etc) - sign your cover letter.  Put just these 3 items in your folder and leave it in the stack to be ready for Wed/Thurs.

Teacher review of "Frequently Asked Questions". 

Finish "Retirement Notes" - 1 class didn't finish, will do so next week.  Turn in to tray.  If absent, your notesheets are in the absent basket.  Get notes from other students.

$1000 Bill - Teacher led - turn in to tray.  If you were absent - you are excused - you had to be there to know what to do on this but might want to view or copy notes from other students for study purposes.

Wed/Thurs, 3/22-23:

Mock Interviews.  If absent, see teacher website "handouts" for make-up instructions.  You must follow these instructions exactly and include all requirements to earn credit.  Interview must be made up and turned in by April 14.

Assignment:  "Rough out" a "Thank You Letter" to your interviewer(s).  Sample will be provided in class.  There will not be drafts - what you turn in will be graded as your final.  DUE before you leave class on Friday 3/24 - letters will be mailed as soon as possible to your interviewers.  Letter should be proofed well, with appropriate spacing on the page.  Letter must be good enough to send to interviewer or you will not receive credit (so use what you have learned in class about business letters).  If absent, you will write your letter to your make-up interviewer and turn it in with your make-up materials.

Fri, 3/24:
Interview Evaluations will be returned. 

Finish "Thank You Letters" - hard copy due today by end of period, to be mailed to your interviewer asap.

P3 Begin 2.2 "Understanding Taxes" - in Canvas - use the IRS website to find the answers (link for first section does not work so Google the definitions in the first section making sure you choose a definition that relates to taxes, not just a general definition).  Using the IRS website for the rest is intended to familiarize you with the Tax Website.  Do NOT just Google those answers.  We will finish this Monday/Tuesday depending on class progress today. Upload to Canvas when due date is announced. 

Mon/Tues, 3/27-28:
Correct Thank You letters, reprint, sign again and turn in  so they can be sent to the interviewers.  You will earn .5pt back for all corrections completed.

Finish 2.2 "Understanding Taxes" in Canvas.  Read the instructions to find your way around the site.  The student site has been adjusted a little, but will still get you to the area you need.  Try to use the IRS site to answer all questions so you learn how to navigate it.  Please do not "cut and paste" - put your answers in your own words. Then, upload to Canvas (be sure to convert to Google Docs before uploading).  If absent, print your assignment and bring to class within make-up work time limit.  

Wed/Thurs, 3/29-30:

Assignments:  (This is a hard copy assignment.  If absent, your papers are in the absent basket)

     Practice 1040EZ Tax Return - Bianca Khan - 10 pts when correct.

     Practice 1040EZ Tax Return - multiple scenarios - 20 pts when correct

Fri 3/31:

Video Notes: ID Theft - "The Michelle Brown Story".  Begin today, finish Mon/Tues.  Video notes due Mon/Tues.

Video available on YouTube.  We watched the first 45min.

4/1-4/9 - SPRING BREAK

Mon/Tues 4/10-11:
Reminder:  Speaker April 21 - Connexions "Myths of HIV".  Kaila Roper, Speaker.
Reminder:  Test on U2 on Friday. Review on Wed/Thurs
Finish Video - Notes due today "ID Theft - The Michelle Brown Story".  
Begin U3 - Vocabulary handed out - check off any terms you can't define at this time.
Begin Powerpoint Student Notes 3.1.  Will finish Wed/Thurs.

Wed/Thurs 4/12-13:
Review for test on U2 Paychecks, Income which will be on Friday.  Also, there will be a Tax Return to complete.
Finish 3.1 Banking Services Ppt Notes.  In Canvas, upload to Canvas - due Today.

Fri, 4/14:
Test U2 Income/Paychecks.  
Part 2 Test:  Tax Return (P3 ran out of time, will do on Monday first thing)
Bring back signed Parent Letter for HIV presentation - due Tues/Wed

Mon/Tues, 4/17-18:
P3 - Test Tax Return
P2/4 - Review Test, Correct Tax Returns, return today for 5 pts
P3 - Begin 3.2 Banking Comparisons - will finish and upload on Wednesday.

P2/4 - 3.2 Banking Comparisons - Due today.   P2 will upload on Thursday due to computer issues.

Wed/Thurs, 4/19-20:
Parent Letter signature due

P3 Finish 3.2 - upload/due today to Canvas.
P2 Upload 3.2 from Tuesday. - Review and discuss concepts as a class.

Check Writing Practice Worksheet (Checks, endorsements, deposits) - Teacher Led - due today.
P2 only:  "Donald Writes a Check" intro to how a check travels from originator to destination.

Fri, 4/21:
Speaker:  Myths of HIV  - requirement of WA State Healthy Youth Act.  Evaluation due today 10pts.
If absent, go to teacher website - find HIV make-up and turn in asap.

Mon/Tues, 4/24-25:
Videos:  "Check Washing", "ATM Robbery/Account Compromise"
P3/4:  Teacher Intro to: How a check travels from/to you and the originating/receiving party.
Begin Balancing Checkbook exercise.  Input Register today and balance January. (P3 d/n do balancing yet, All classes need to do January balancing.)

Wed/Thurs, 4/26-27:
Continue working on Unit 3 Project - keep statements until all are balanced, staple and turn in to teacher.  Upload register for grading to Unit 3 Project "Turn In" in Canvas (this is right below the assignment).  If not finished, we will continue working on Friday which is the Due Date.

Fri, 4/28:
Finish Unit 3 Project - Due today.   Turn in as described in entry above this.
If everyone gets finished early, we will move on to Unit 4.

Mon/Tues, 5/1-2:
Reminder - Test U3 on Friday, multiple choice and a Checking Reconciliation.  
Intro to Credit U4.  Discussion of how credit balances grow, student loans, etc.
Prom/Formal Event Estimate, Net Worth Statement (P2 and 4)  P3 will do Net worth on Wed. Turn in Thurs.

Wed/Thurs 5/3-4:
Reminder - Test U3 on Friday - see above
Finish Prom Estimate/Net Worth activity - turn in today.  hard copy.  If absent, will be in absent basket.
4.2 Types/Terms Credit Ppt Notes - bring up in Canvas.  Will finish on Friday after test, then upload to Canvas.

Friday, 5/5:
Unit 3 Test - Banking and Checking Reconciliation
Will finish 4.1 on Mon/Tues and turn in then to Canvas.

Mon/Tues, 5/8-9:
Review U3 Tests
Check your account on "How the Market Works".  Turn in a slip of paper to teacher telling how much $ your account is up or down = 3 pts.

Finish 4.1 Ppt Notes "Types/Terms of Credit" - due today uploaded to Canvas - 15 pts

Begin 4.6 Online Credit Card Comparison - will finish next class period (follow instructions on top of handout - you will need to go to successive screens to find the "Schumer Box" which is a chart that the law requires all credit card companies to complete because is it in a uniform format, with readable font and uniformly quoted information.  For the 3rd credit card, you must research either a "Secured" card, an "Improve Your Credit Score" card or a "Student" Card.  If information is not given, put n/a in the box - but almost all of it will be.  Don't stop too soon - look further if you can't find something.)

Wed/Thurs, 5/10-11:

Finish and turn in 4.6 Online Credit Card Comparison (done on a hard copy -if absent will be in absent basket). Due today, 23 pts.  See above for instructions.

Begin 4.2 Credit Scenario Packet (done on hard copy - if absent see absent basket).  Several short assignments compiled into 1 assignment.  Will finish Monday.  30 pts.

Friday  5/12 - Teacher Day, no school for students

Mon, 5/15:  Special Schedule 1-6 due to testing.
Finish 4.2 Credit Scenario Packet (hard copy - if absent see absent basket).  Due today 30 pts.

Tues/Wed 5/16-17:  Short periods due to Late Arrival for Testing
P2 - "PayDay Loan" Ppt - teacher present, no assignment;  Teacher present info on "Your Credit Score" - will
finish on Thursday.P4 - "4.8 PayDay Loan Ppt" - assignment 4.8 "PayDay Ppt Notes" 10 pts - upload to Canvas by end of period. If absent, print assignment and turn in to teacher.
P4 did not get to "Your Credit Score".
P3 - 4.8 "PayDay Loan Ppt"

Thurs/Fri 5/18-19:  Short periods due to Late Arrival for Testing
"U4 Credit Ratings and Scores Review" worksheet.  Review of Credit Score info presented in class (except P4).
Resource for answers on teacher website, handouts, "U4 Credit Ratings.....".  Due today.

Mon 5/22:  Most seniors gone.  Make-up day for those attending.

Tues/Wed 5/23-24:

Sample Credit Report analysis. Due today. 

Auto Loans: "down payment/time/interest rate"  Due today.

Video:  "Debt-Slapped"

Thurs 5/25:

Finish "Debt-Slapped" video

P2/4 U4 "Strategy to Pay Off Credit Cards"   due today, hc in absent basket

         U4 "Credit Expenses"/"Snoball Method of Paying Down Debt" - due today, hc in absent basket

Fri, 5/26:

P2/4 "4.10 Bankruptcy"  - due today, assignment hc in absent basket.  Answer the questions using 4.10 resource in Canvas.  Draw a picture to illustrate the answers to #'s 1, 2, 3.

P3:  "U4 Strategy to Pay Off Credit Cards", "Snoball Method to Pay Down Credit" (do not do back side of this due to lost time on Monday).  hc's in absent basket.


Tues/Wed, 5/30-31:

Reminder - Test on Thurs/Fri, U4 Credit - approx. 56 pts.  Study Vocab, Ppts, all assignments to prepare. Possible brief review in class.

Per 3 - 4.10 Bankruptcy Notes. video - Debt-Slapped?  

Per 2/3/4:   U7 7.1 Insurance Powerpoint Notes - Due today.  If absent, Powerpoint and Notesheet are on website under "Handouts" or, Powerpoint is in Canvas U7 and Notesheet Hard Copy is in absent basket.  

Thurs/Fri, 6/1-2:

Test Unit 4 Credit.   56 pts
Begin U6 Savings and Investments - Begin "Analysis of Market Report.  due next class session (6/5-6). If absent, handout will be in absent basket - just started on Thurs/Fri.

Mon/Tues, 6/5-6:
Review test.

Finish "U6 Market Analysis" - due today.  If absent pick up in absent basket asap.

Into to Unit 6 - "Risk Pyramid". - nothing to turn in, just notes.

Worksheet:  "Are You Diversified?"  Write the name of  your stocks (chosen through How the Market Works) into the correct categories, then go to msnmoney.com, find the screen that gives "Beta" and "Dividend" and write those numbers next to the name of your stock.  We will finish Wed/Thurs if not done today (P3 only got to the first page).

Wed/Thurs 6/7-8
P3 Wed - late arrival.  Finish "Are You Diversified?"  complete and turn in.
Begin Final Activity 2nd half class.

Fri, 6/9:

Begin Final Activity.  75points.  Work in pairs.  Very important that you are in class to begin this activity.

Mon/Tues, 6/12-13:

Work on Final Activity.

Wed/Thurs, 6/14-15:  Last day for seniors.

Finish "Final Activity" - due today (for seniors).  75 points.

Fri, 6/16: 1-6, Juniors Only

Finish Final Activity if not completed yet. 

Do Not Refer to information below this line - information on  for teacher use.
Previous Course Info - Spring 2016
FA 2016 Daily Activities/Assignments/InstructionsDaily Topics, Activities, Assignments for Semester 2 Personal Finance - SP2016 - Refer to this information for a recap of what happened in class if you were absent or have a question.
FA 2016 Daily Activities/Assignments/Instructions
Wed 9 7 16: (1-6, 20 min classes + Chromebook Presentations)
Introduction, Get Acquainted if time.
Assignment:  Class Expectations (due Mon/Tues 5 pts)

Thurs 9 8 16 (1-6):
Turn in "The Gathering" - due today 20 pts
Get Acquainted
Assignment:  "The Gathering" - due Friday 9/9

Friday, 9 9 16 (1-6):
Assignment:  "Dream Life" Timeline - will finish in class on Mon/Tues

Mon/Tues 9/12-13/16:
Finish Timeline - due today 20 pts
Get acquainted with "Naviance" - log in, look around the site.
Assignment:  1.2 Career Interest Profiler Assessment and Worksheet (due today 20 pts)
P1 and 3:  Left Brain, Right Brain quick assessments (see tchr webpage assessment 1)  nothing due

Wed/Thurs 9/14-15:
Assignment:  Right Brain/Left Brain written assessment - due today 5 pts
Assignment:  "Road Trip" in Naviance, present 1 to class.  Due today (20 pts)
Assignment/Assessment:  "Behavior Styles - Working in an Effective Group" - due today 10 pts.

Friday, 9/16 (1-6):
Create an Account in "How the Market Works".
Finish "Behavior Styles" - explanation.

Mon/Tues, 9/19-20:
Library:  Create Resume Draft following example provided in class (also in handouts under "Anchor Task Manual".  Draft due today.

Wed/Thurs, 9/21-22:
Library:  Make corrections to resumes, staple new one on top of old one.  Due today
Assignment:  "Job Selection" - get hard copy from teacher.  use Naviance or Google to find
     information.   Due today (P2 can turn in on Friday - bring finished)
Draft:  References (example in handouts under "Anchor Task Manual") - due today (P2 can turn in
     Friday (bring finished).

Fri, 9/23 (1-6):
"How the Market Works" - buy $25,000 in stock - get as close to $25,000 without going over as
        you can.
        Assignment:  write down what you purchased on the white 1/2 sheet hard copy and keep
        for future reference. Due next class session. If absent, hard copy in absent basket.
P2 - finish Job Search.  Reference List - turn in to tray today.


Mon/Tues, 9/26-27: Computer Lab

Instructions for how to write a Cover Letter.
Assignment:  Write a Cover Letter.  Due Today
Assignment:  Correct Resumes, References - attached new one to previous drafts, turn in today.

Wed/Thurs, 9/28-29:  Computer Lab (Thurs Assembly Schedule)
Make corrections to Cover Letters, Resumes, References. Turn in today for final corrections.

Fri, 9/30 (1-6 short periods, early dismissal)
Check stocks - "How the Market Works"
Turn in paper assignment from last Friday.  Due today.

Mon/Tues 10/3-4:
Make folder for Mock Interview.  Make clean copies of Cover Letter, Resume, References for Interview and put into white folder.
Teacher:  "Types of Post-Secondary Schools"
Teacher:  P1 Scholarships
Teacher:  Intro to FAFSA, Loans, Scholarships, etc.
Begin U1 1."Post-Secondary Financial Aid" questions - will finish Wed/Thurs.

Wed/Thurs 10/5-6:
Print clean copies of Cover Letter, Resume, References for your white folder.
Finish "Post-Secondary Financial Aid" questions.  Due today.

Fri, 10/7: (1-6):
Check "How the Market Works",  list your stock companies again and how much you have bought (in the beginning of the project), make sure you have purchased as much of $25,000 as you can in at least 5 or 6 differ:ent types of industries.   DUE TODAY!

Mon/Tues, 10/10-11:
Teacher Led:  What are employers looking for?
                        "Creating a Job Portfolio" PPt
                        Illegal questions for interviewers to ask
                        Oddball Interview Questions
Assignment:   Frequently Asked Questions - choose 5 from each section and answer either on the
                        answer sheet or by eliminating the ones you don't choose from the master list.  In                         the last section, select 5 questions to have ready to ask the interviewer.  Will do most
                        of this assignment in class on Wed/Th.   See website for U1 1.12 Questions - Master

Wed/Thurs, 10/12-13:
Assignment:  "Frequently Asked Questions" - due today.  

Fri, 10/14:

Register for free Tech Prep College Credit at dCC.  extra credit points
Assignment: "Interview Cheat Sheet" - fill out first 6 boxes.  Show it to me to be checked off and then put it in your white folder.

Mon/Tues, 10/17-18:
Begin Unit 2 - Paychecks and Taxes
2.1 Paychecks/Taxes Ppt - due today 5 pts (get from absent basket)
2.1 Reading Pay Stubs - due today 21 pts (get from absent basket)

Wed/Thurs, 10/19-20: (adjusted schedule on 19th - testing) (1 hour classes)
P1, 3 (short periods) - $1000 Bill assignment - due today.  If absent, get from teacher basket.
P2 (long period) 

  • $1000 Bill assignment - due today.  If absent, get from teacher basket.
  • Go to Canvas, click on Personal Finance, go to 2.2 Understanding Taxes.  Find the
    worksheet.  Use the Resources listed in the screen instructions to find answers (links on actual worksheet are not all functional so ignore them).  Finished about half today.  Will finish
    on Tuesday.                      

Fri, 10/21 - Teacher Day, no school

Mon/Tues, Oct 24/25

Mock Interviews on Wed/Thurs.   Make sure you have clean copies in your white folder of:

resume, cover letter and references.  Be ready to go when class starts - you may be first up!

Assignment - finish 2.2 Understanding Taxes that we started last week.  Due today by 10pm.  Upload to Canvas - you will need to save, convert to Word doc, then submit.

Wed/Thurs, Oct 26/27:
Mock Interviews today.  See above for preparation.
P1 finish and turn in $1000 bill.
"Rough Out" Thank You letter to your Volunteer Interviewer.  Will finish Friday after you get your results/comments back.  If absent, see make-up instructions on teacher website - "handouts".

Fri, Oct 28:
Finish "Thank You" letter to your mock interviewer - follow format in "handouts" in Anchor Task Manual (be sure you pull up the Thank You letter, not the Cover Letter).  Due end of period in business format - be sure to proof, put it through Spell/Grammar check, have another person proof it, then preview for spacing before printing.  These will actually be mailed Monday morning to your interviewer.

Mon/Tues Oct 31/Nov 1
Review Vocabulary for Unit 2.  We have done all of these terms at this point.
Tax Returns Practice - 1040EZ:  Today's assignment:  Do "Practice 1040EZ  Bianca Khan" - due
     today.  Highlight words you don't understand.  Highlight verbs.  Look for the object.
If absent, check absent basket for hard copies.

Wed/Thurs, Nov 2/3:
Complete Tax Return Scenario (will be either Scenario #2,3,4,5 or 6).  No credit until it is correct.
       (You will do 1 more next week as a Test).
Study U2 Vocabulary for U2 Test next Wed/Thurs.
Begin Unit 3:1 Ppt Notes (Due 11/2 for P1; 11/7 for P3; 11/3 for P2)  (Go to Canvas, find U3: Task 3.1 Student Notes worksheet (powerppt on  Canvas won't come up - to to tchr website - handouts to find 3.1 Banking Services Powerpoint if ab or not finished).

If time, can begin 3.2 Banking Comparisons (bring up on Canvas - not due until later next week).

Fri, Nov 4:
Begin Video on ID Theft:  "The Michelle Brown Story".  Will finish Monday.

Mon/Tues Nov 7/8:
Finish "Michelle Brown Story". Turn in Video Notesheet - due today.
Test Review for Wed/Thurs.  Will be 41pts multiple choice + 1 Tax Return 10pts
Begin (if time):  3.2 Banking Comparisons  (bring up from teacher website - "handouts") - teacher will give instructions on how to turn in.

Wed/Thurs Nov 9/10: (Thurs Assembly Schedule - Veterans Day)
Test U2 - Paychecks and Taxes (multiple choice and a 1040EZ Tax Return Scenario)
Finish 3.1 and upload to Canvas (if time) and continue/start 3.2 Banking Comparisons

Fri, Nov 11:
Veterans Day Holiday

Mon/Tues Nov 14/15:

Review Test U2, correct Tax Return Tests to regain 5 pts.

Review 3.1 - Banking Services

Assignment:  3.2 Banking Comparisons (in Canvas) - submit to Canvas (Note:  when you pull up the Worksheet, you need to change it to a Google Doc - otherwise the links won't work.

Wed/Thurs, Nov 16/17:

Assignment:  Writing Checks and Deposits, Endorsements, Cash, etc. If absent, get hard copy from absent basket

U3 Project: Balancing/Reconciling a Checkbook - hard copy assignment (begin recording transactions into simulated Check Register).  We will continue on Friday.  Get hard copies from teacher if absent.

Fri, Nov 18:

Parent Letter Signature Due for Connections Speaker on Dec 9th

Continue w U3 Project (depending on how far classes get on Wed/Thurs)

Mon/Tues, Nov 21/22:

Continue/Finish? U3 Project.  Turn in according to instructions at end of Transaction List.  I grade the register and reconciliation sheet together so need both.  If not finished, do as homework over break (parents are often very helpful in answering questions on this assignment).

- Thanksgiving Break -

Mon/Tues, Nov 28/29:

30 min to finish U3 Project - Checking Reconciliation.  Due Thursday 12/1.  Complete reconciliation worksheet and turn in to teacher.  Upload register to Canvas.

Assignment - done in class:  Net Worth Statement/Prom-Formal Event Estimate  Turn in today.

Wed/Thurs, Nov 30/Dec 1:

4.1 Types of Credit Notes - Ppt.  Save to PF folder - will upload on Mon/Tues.

Fri, Dec 2: speaker moved up to 12/2 due to early dismissal on 12/9:
Assignment:  if absent, see "handouts" on website for make-up instructions.  There are a few questions you might not find answers to - in that case, just google the question.  Due within 1 week of absence.

Mon/Tues, Dec 5/6:
Test U3 Banking;  Test: Banking Reconciliation
Upload 4.1 Types of Credit Ppt Notes from last week to:  "4.1 Types of...TURN IN"
Assignment:  P1 4.2 Credit Scenarios Packet - Due today
                      P3 4.1 Types of Credit - Finish from last week and upload to "4.1 Trypes of...TURN IN"
                      P2 4.2 Credit Scenarios Packet - Due today 11:59 pm

Wed/Thurs, Dec 7/8:
P1, 2 & 3: Review tests.  
Assignment:  4.6 Credit Card Search (hard copy) - if absent, pick up from the absent basket.
Assignment:  4.7 Car Loan Calculator (hard copy) - if absent, pick up from the absent basket.

Fri, Dec 9: (Early Dismissal - 1-6):

Mon/Tues Dec 12/13:
Teacher Presentation:  How Your Credit Score is developed and what it means.
Assignment:  4.5 Sample Credit Report (get from absent basket - hc)

Wed/Thurs Dec 14/15:
4.9 Debt Management - how to pay down debt accounts and actually make progress (Snoball Methods) - if absent, hc is in absent basket.
4.10 Bankruptcy - see hc in absent basket. Resource article is on Canvas

Fri, Dec 16:
P1 - attend Holiday Music Concert Assembly
P2 & 3 - Finish "Debtslapped" video.  Participation points given.

Holiday Break

Tues/Wed Jan 3/4:
Begin Unit 6:  Saving and Investing (if absent get hc in absent basket)
Review for U4 Credit Test - will be on Th/F
Video:  "How the Stock Market Works"

Thurs/Fri Jan 5/6:
U4 Credit Test - 56 pts.
Unit 6 Investing and Savings Packet (if absent, get hc in absent basket) - teacher notes - retirement/risk pyramid.

Mon/Tues Jan 9/10:
Review Test
Market Analysis of business page of paper - see absent basket
Rule of 72 - see absent basket
Dividend Income - see absent basket (P4 didn't get to this one)

Wed/Thurs Jan 11/12:
P4 Finish Dividend Income
All classes:
"Is Your Portfolio Diversified?" - see absent basket
Analyze Stock Categories (using beta and definitions) - see absent basket

Fri, Jan 13:
Test U6 on Tues/Wed.  46 pts, multiple choice.
Review for test for Unit 6 (vocab, packet, assignments)
P2 - finish "Analyze Stock Categories" - due today stapled to "Are You Diversified?".  If absent, in absent basket.

Tues/Wed 1/17-18:
Test U6
U7 Risk Management - Insurance Ppt.

Thurs/Fri 1/19-20:

Intro Final Activity - Practice, Poster

Previous Course Info - Spring 2016
Daily Topics, Activities, Assignments for Semester 2 Personal Finance - SP2016 - Refer to this information for a recap of what happened in class if you were absent or have a question.


Get acquainted activity - birth order.
"The Gathering" - due 2/19 
References - should be done.
Resume Draft 1 - should be in - will be returned after mid-winter break

Thurs 2/11:
Mrs. Smith return.  Introductions
Class Expectations - have parent sign and return by 2/19 for 5 pts.
Timeline - get paper from teacher.  Do a timeline of how you would like your life to unfold between ages 17-18 and at least 80.  Due tomorrow.

Fri 2/12: (early dismissal - short periods)
Turn in Timeline - if absent, go to "handouts" for suggested list of life events.
Log on to Naviance - look around site.  (Go to MDHS, scroll down on right, click on Naviance button).
Register into Personal Finance in Moodle. (Go to Edmonds SD, Depts, Career/Technical Education, scroll down to Moodle button, log in with school un/pw, enroll using code pfp6s2.           Create a test page save in documents and upload to Moodle 1.1 title "test.name"

Thurs 2/18
-Make folder in "documents" titled "Personal Finance".  File everything for PFinance class in this folder.  If it has a number, file it as (example) 1.1Assignmentyourname.  Move everything you've done so far for PF into this folder (resume, references).
-Class Expectations, The Gathering assignment due Friday (tomorrow).
-Create a "test" document again.  Save it as "1.1testname".  Upload to Moodle.  Check comments at bottom of task page to see if it uploaded.
-Right Brain/Left Brain hard copy exercise (if absent, find in basket).  Also do online RBLB exercise (see handouts).
-Revise/Correct References - due today.
-Revise/Correct resumes (to be completed tomorrow).

Fri 2/19:
Revise and correct resume. Show teacher before printing.  Print and turn in.

Tues, 2/23: AT resumes

Make any remaining corrections to references and resumes - points given as soon as you have earned a "star".

Go to teacher website - handouts - do Right Brain Left Brain assessment - show completed screen to teacher.

Log in to Naviance.  Do Career Interest Profiler before you leave class if you haven't done so already.

Thurs, 2/25:
Take "How You Work in Groups" - behavior style assessment.  if absent, hard copy in basket in classroom - ask another student how to do it.  Then turn into P6 tray.

Register for Tech Prep credit.  Go Career and Tech Ed website (start on ESD home page, then departments) > scroll down and on the right, click Tech Prep button.  log in if you already have an account, if not - then click on students and create an account.  Then follow steps to register until you get a screen that says it is completed.  If you earn a B or above in the class, you will earn 3 Edmonds CC credits which may transfer at a later date.   This is approximately a $300 value for free.  5 extra credit points for registering.  Let me know if you can't complete and I will provide assistance.

Make corrections to references and resumes - return TODAY! in the tray.

Fri, 2/26:.
Do 1.2 Career Interest Profiler (if absent, go to handouts to print out a hard copy).  Then access your Naviance account and use your CIP results to answer. (Note:  juniors don't have access to CIProfiler in Naviance - select careers/job possibilities by googling careers - see teacher for further instruction).

Do 1.7 "Job Selection".  (if absent, go to handouts "1.7 Job Selection" to print out a hard copy). This will guide you in selecting an appropriate job to use for your Mock Interview documents.

If time, Begin "Road Trip" assignment  - do as much as you can - turn what you have finished into the tray before you leave class.  (hard copy - if absent, ask teacher for it upon your return).  

Tues, 3/1:

  • Make resume corrections. Turn back in TODAY!
  • Finish assignment from Friday.
  • Teacher instruction for Cover Letter.  Handed out blue example - if absent, will be in basket in classroom.  We will create the cover letter on Thursday.
  • If you haven't registered for Tech Prep,  do so today or tomorrow - let me know if you can't get in.

 Thurs, 3/3:

  • Final corrections to references, resume due Friday.  Not taken after 3/4.  If final draft not turned in, half credit given.
  • Create and turn in Cover Letter, using "example" as a guide.  Center, use power words, appropriate business format, remember to sign.  Due today.Fri, 3/4:
     Corrections to Cover Letter.   Due today.

Tues, 3/8: tentative

  • Assignment (hard copy):  "Company Cheat Sheet" - it's always good to research the company you are applying to.  Look up company info in preparation for your mock interview on March 24.
  • Hand out U2 Vocabulary
  • Begin U2 Paychecks and Taxes - PPT - xcr 
  • Finish cover letter and other document corrections.

Thurs, 3/10:

  • Finish U2 Powerpoint - (xcredit - page 1 only, rest will be hard copy) - upload to Moodle today.
  • Watch "How People Are Paid".  Take notes on vocabulary sheet if desired.
  • U2 Worksheet (2nd half of powerpoint). - teacher will give hard copy - absent students get from basket in classroom.  Due today. 

Fri, 3/11:

  • Do 2.2 "How Taxes Work" - pull form up from Moodle.  Can do in pairs if desired.  Upload to Moodle with both names in File Name.   Will Finish Tuesday (but won't take very much time - if you aren't very far, do some as homework prior to class).

Tues, 3/15:

  • Interview Prep:  shake hands, eye contact, etiquette.  Ppt "Ace the Interview" - no assign.
  • Review and finish 2.2 "Understanding Taxes" - upload to moodle with both names in file name if you did it in pairs. Due by 11:55 tonite.  If absent, finish and print hard copy, turn in upon return.
  • "Frequently Asked Questions" (highlight 15 and answer, then select 3-5 questions to prepare on last page) - upload to Moodle by Fri at 11:55pm

Thurs, 3/17:

  • prep for Mock Interviews - print clean documents, folder.
  • Review 2.2 Understanding Taxes - make corrections to your original document so you have the correct answers to study for test next week. (Friday).
  • Practice Tax Return (Bianca Khan) - 5pts for completing along w/teacher instruction. 5 pts.

Fri, 3/18: (Early Dismissal)

  • "1.2 Frequently Asked Questions", uploaded to Moodle 20 pts.  See instructions on Tues 3/15.  Note:  Due Date extended to Sunday 3/20 11:55pm. If absent, assignment still due sunday night since assignment was given and started on Tuesday with initial due date of 3/18.
  • Test next Friday U2.
Tues, 3/22:
  • $1000 bill - what percentage of your income goes to Federal Taxes? excused if absent, but get notes from another student about percentages.
  • Tax Scenario (not the practice example) - due today - 20 pts. (absent, get from basket)

  • Begin U3? - to be announced.

Thurs, 3/24:  MOCK INTERVIEWS!!  Very important that you are present and prepared - You need your clean cover letter, resume, references in a folder.  You need to be dressed appropriately - 1 step up from the way you would dress on the job.

If absent, ask teacher for make-up instructions.

Class Assignment:  

  • Thank You letters - rough out while you are waiting for interview.  Must be in business-format.  1 try only - no revision opportunity - what you write will be mailed.  1 pt off for each error (hopefully none! : )  This will be due end period Friday after you tweak to reference comments on evaluation sheet.

    Begin U3 Banking Powerpoint.  xcredit 5 points.  Finished up to "Debit Cards" slide. Will finish Friday or Tues.

Fri, 3/25:

  • Teacher will return Mock Interview Evaluations.  Turn in thank you letters to be mailed.  Due today.
  • Test postponed to Tuesday.  However, "Tax Return 1040EZ Scenario Quiz" today - 10 points - must be correct - 1 time only (this is the same as the activity we did on Tues but with new scenarios)

Tues, 3/29:

  • Test U2 - 42 pts 
  • Begin U3: Banking - finish Ppt 3.1 xcr, upload to Moodle.  If absent, complete, print and turn in to tray in clasroom.
  • Begin practice worksheet on check documents - endorsements, deposit slips, checks.  Did not finish.  Keep until after break.  If absent, copies are in the absent basket.  
  • We pulled up the "check register" from Moodle Unit 3 Project.  Put name on it, added beginning balance of $637.20 and saved to documents.  Thursday will pull it up from documents and continue with assignment.   If you just pull up from Moodle and don't save to documents, you will be working on a "read only" copy and will lose your work.  

 Thurs, 3/31:  (sub)

  • Input checking transactions into Check Register (pulled up from your documents after saving from Moodle).   Leave 3 rows blank in between each month.  Do all four months and upload to Moodle for points.   If class doesn't finish today, will finish Friday.  We will balance and reconcile with bank statements next week.  Hard copies available to do by hand if you prefer or if there is a computer glitch.

Fri, 4/1: (sub)

  • Finish inputting checking transactions.  Upload to Moodle Unit 3 Project by Friday pm for points.  If absent, will need to get transaction sheet and catch up upon return.


 Tues, April 12:

  • Finish "Writing Checks & Deposits" practice 
  • Teacher explanation of  "How A Check Travels Before It Is Cashed"
  • Using the transactions you input into your register last week, the next step is to balance your register with the monthly bank statements.  You do this using Register, Bank Statements and Checking Reconciliation sheet (hard copies will be provided in class).  You must "balance" each month (meaning your total agrees with bank total) before going on to the next.  Each month must balance before you can earn points (in real life, you must balance or you haven't completed the process).

Thurs, April 14:

  • Continue balancing your Register with Bank Statement using Reconciliation Worksheet.  Due today.  When finished, name register "register2name" and upload to Moodle 3.1.  Turn Reconciliation worksheet in to turn-in tray in classroom. If you did a hard copy register, turn in to tray with your worksheet. 

    Friday, April 15:
  • Watch first half of "Michelle Brown Story" on ID Theft.  Complete video question sheet - keep until next Tuesday when we will finish the video.

Tues, April 19:

  • 1st half - continue working on Checking Reconciliation (U3 Project) - check Moodle task page (bottom) for teacher comments on registers, etc. Due BY this Friday!
  • 2nd half - watch 2nd half of video - still need to finish tomorrow - Video questions will be due at end of tomorrow.
Thurs, April 21:

  • Watch conclusion of Michelle Brown Story - turn in video notes.
  • Look over Unit 3 Vocabulary - TEST next THURS 4/28. Study 3.1 Powerpoint, U3 Project, 3.2 Bank Comparisions (today's assignment)
  • Go to Teacher Website - Handouts, scroll to U3 3.2 - save document to your documents (or you will lose your work - read only copy) and bring it up from there to work on.  Begin today - due by Mon pm 11:55 uploaded to 3.2 in Moodle.  No more time to do this in class - it's homework.

Fri, 4/22:
Speaker:  Kaila Roper, Connexions - "Myths of HIV".  Turn in speaker evaluation for 10 pts.  If absent, go to "Handouts" and find makeup for "Myths of HIV".  Turn in within a week.

Tuesday, Apr 26:
Finish 3.2 - upload to Moodle

Thurs, Apr 28:
Test U3 - Banking
U4 Credit Intro:  Prom and Net Worth - if absent, get handouts from basket. 5 pts each

Fri, Apr 29:
4.1 PPt - Credit.  NOT xcredit, it is required.  10 pts.  Will finish on Tuesday.

Tues, May 3
Finish 4.1 - PPt - Credit.  Due today 10 pts (Not xcredit).  
4.2 Credit Scenario Packet. Due Thursday (30 pts) - finish as homework, no time allotted in class on Thurs.

Thurs, May 5:
Review main concepts of 4.2.
Topic: "How to Select Credit Cards - Where to Look for Complete Disclosure Information (Schumer Box).
Do  "4.6 Comparing Credit Cards" - do with a partner.  Due today, upload to 4.6 with both names on assignment. If absent, complete and print and turn in to P6 turn-in tray.
Quick Powerpoint Lesson on "PayDay Loans" - no assignment attached.

Fri, May 6:
It is important to know the factors that affect the size of your car payment, the total interest paid over the life of a loan, and the total cost of the car.   Assignment:  Go to teacher website, "U4 4.7 Comparing Car Loans" (do  NOT pull up from Moodle - link is incorrect).  Upload to Moodle 4.7.  (the website will do most of the math - hover over the chart to get the interest information).  Calculate the last box in each scenario yourself.

Tues, May 10:

Teacher presentation:  Credit Ratings/Score - Credit Bureaus - What are they and how do they work?

Assignment:  4.5 Credit Report Example (hard copy - if absent, will be in absent basket or, can access on teacher website under "handouts" (DO NOT use the one in Moodle, this assignment has been updated).  Due today in class. 

Thurs, May 12:

4.9 Debt Management activity - get hc from absent basket (or go to "handouts" on teacher website - not moodle - form has been updated).

4.10 Bankruptcy - assignment on teacher website.  Do on a piece of notebook paper.  Use 4.10 Moodle Task Page for information on different types of bankruptcy.

Fri, 5/13:  Teacher Day - No school

Mon, 5/16: 1-6 day Regular schedule
Review for U4 Credit Test on Thursday.

Tues, 5/17: LArrival for Seniors - 12:57 to 1:50 (53 minutes)
Intro to U7 - Savings and Investments.   If absent, get U6 packet in absent basket.
Set up account in "How the Market Works" - buy $10,000 in stock (at least 10 stocks in different types of companies.  Do not go over $10,000.  Fill in worksheet in absent basket.

Thurs, 5/19: LArrival for Seniors - 12:57 to 1:50 (53 minutes)
U4 Credit Test.

Tues, 5/24: Regular schedule 
Check "how the market works" - it should have updated.  Get to $10,000 purchase.  Can start to buy and sell (do so before 1pm when market closes on East Coast. Bring your paper back on Tuesday.  If absent, your paper is in the absent basket.
Video:  "A Penny Saved"
Newspaper Charts

Thurs, 5/26: regular schedule
Finish Newspaper Assignment (Market Analysis).  Will need to get from teacher if you were absent (ask, it isn't in the absent basket this time)
Unit 6 - Risk Pyramid Notes

Fri, 5/27: 1-6
Rule of 72/Dividend Income (last page of yellow U6 packet), 20 points. 

Tues, 5/31: seniors gone (SKD)
Stock Classifications Worksheet
Test U6 on Tuesday

Thurs, 6/2:
Stock Classifications Worksheet - due today - use msnmoney website for info
Tentative: Review vocabulary

Reminder:  Test U6 on Tuesday

Tues, 6/7:  LA for Seniors 1:01 to 1:50 (49 minutes)
U6 Test

Begin Insurance: PPt, Scenarios
Tentative:  Roommates, negotiating with others (often originates with financial issues)
Tentative: Landord-Tenant Laws
Tentative: Personal Budget

Thurs, 6/9:

Insurance:  Ppt/Scenarios
2nd half of class:  Begin Simulation - Final Activity - IMPORTANT TO BE IN CLASS FROM NOW ON!

Fri, 6/10: 1-6 (no more AT after this week)
Work on Simulation - Final Activity

Tues, 6/14:  P6 Senior Final (2 hrs)  NO MORE Achievement Time
Finish Simulation - Final Activity

Thurs. 6/16:  Last Day Srs (90 min class 11:30 to 1:05), Special Schedule - Senior Send-off Assembly  1:10 to 1:50
Seniors finish simulation if not finished on Tuesday.
5 Juniors - finish simulation.
Tentative:  "Sicko" - video Health Insurance.

Fri, 6/17:  P6 FINAL for juniors  (12:00 to 1:50 - 1hr, 50min)

no test - course final tests and activities took place while seniors were here.

video:  "The Card Game" or "Debt-Slapped"

Tues, 6/21:  Regular Schedule for Juniors w no AT (11:58-1:50)

Wed, 6/22:  ED class 9:55 to 10:20

**Information below reflects activity for FALL 2015 semester, not semester 2.

Wed 9/9:
Class Expectations P4 will do tomorrow

Thurs, 9/10:
P4 Class Expectations
Log on to computers
Register into Moodle
Purple characteristics hard copy-then write elevator speech named 1.1aElevYour Name, upload to Moodle (P4 did not get to this).

Fri, 9/11:
P4 Learn to upload to Moodle,  
Parent signature slip due
"The Gathering" - all periods - turn in Mon/Tues - final due date Wed/Thurs  (P4 start Tuesday)

Mon/Tues, 9/14-15)
P4 Gathering - due Fri
Hemisphericity - hard copy and on-line - keep
Behavior Styles - turn in 
"Dream Life" Timeline - will finish Wed/Thurs

Wed/Thurs, 9/16-17:
Create Timeline - Your Dream Life.  If absent, get paper from teacher on Mon/Tues next week.  See "handouts" on website for "Timeline List" of suggested life events.

Create account in "Naviance" (MHS homepg, click on Naviance box on right side, log in using your original, default username and password.  Do the "Career Interest Profiler".  Will continue on Friday with an assignment.

http://howthemarketworks, Sign Up (remember your password, hard for teacher to access for you later).  As you go through the account process, when you get to 2nd screen, select "10K".  Select $10,000 worth of stocks and purchase.  Will continue on Friday with an assignment.  

Fri, 9/18:
Using "Naviance" and "How the Market Works" sites, complete the hardcopy worksheet handed out in class.  Due same day (unless substitute runs out of time, then due Mon/Tues). Ask for worksheet in class next week.

Mon/Tues 9/21-22 (Fire Drill 9 am Tues):
Check Skyward - most scores posted now.
A few people still need to enroll in Moodle and upld a test document to 1.1.
Those who didn't finish Friday - a few minutes to finish "How the Market Works" ws
Teacher Present: "Types of Post-Secondary" education
Go to Naviance - find 3-5 schools you are interested in - "add to your list"
Scholarship Powerpoint

Wed/Thurs 9/23-24:
1. Assignment Due Today: Scholarship Search (hard copy) - turn in today.
2. Naviance - "Colleges Interested In" - add any colleges your are interested in.
3. Naviance - "National Scholarship Search" - input data into "Profile" to come up with list of National Scholarships to apply for - you will continue inputting over the next week or so until finished.
4. Naviance - "Resume" - go to "about me" - click on resume and start inputting your personal data into each category - you will continue inputting over the next week or so until finished. Use "Gathering" information.
5. Assignment Due end of Friday:  Work in pairs, go to teacher website, "Personal Finance - Handouts".  Find "1.4 Student Loan Search" - use this one (NOT THE ONE ON MOODLE 1.4).  Go to 1.4 Moodle for resources and to upload the assignment when finished.  Due Friday, 9/25.     Name file:  1.4 both names Loan Search

Fri 9/25 (half day - 30 min periods):
P1,2,4 - Work on 1.4 Student Loan Search.  If not finished, will get 15 minutes more (that's all!) on Monday.  Due uploaded to Moodle 1.4 Monday.
Continue uploading and adding information to Naviance:  colleges, careers, resume, national scholarships.

Mon/Tues 9/28-29:
Finish and upload 1.4 Student Loan Search
On Stock List (hard copy from last week), add up total value of your stock and turn back in.
Begin 1.7 Job Application - access form on Moodle 1.7 - SAVE IMMEDIATELY as "1.7 Job Application" to your documents, then pull up from your documents to work on it (or YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR WORK),  fill in every answer, proof.  1 point off for each error - qualilty should be excellent as if you were really applying for a job. Print and turn in to tray.  Due Wed/Thurs 9/30-10/1.  

Wed/Thurs 9/30-Oct 1:
1.7 Job Application... Due before you leave class.  See instructions listed above for 9/28-29.
Begin inputting your employment info to Resume in Naviance ("About Me" tab)

Fri, 10/2:
Powerpoint Notes - "You're Hired" 1.6 in Moodle (pull up student notesheet from 1.6, complete and upload to 1.6 task page.  Due today.  (If absent, have 1 week to turn in - will need to print and turn in to tray in classroom as Moodle will close at 11:55pm tonight).

Mon/Tues 10/5-6:

  • P1 - Make template (heading) for employment documents and save to your personal finance folder for the future.
  • "How to write a good objective" - write one into Naviance that tells how you will benefit the company.
  • What are Power Words, why do you need to use them? and where do you find them?
  • "Company Cheat Sheet" - based on the job you chose for your application, find a company that you would find that job/career in.  Fill out the CCS.  It is always important to research the company you are applying to so you know how to field answers and what it does/is looking for.  Due today in class (hc) - can be found in "Handouts" on website.
  • If time, complete your resume in Naviance, proof, replace weak words with power words

 Wed/Thurs 10/7-8:

  • P2,4 Make template (heading) for employment documents and save to your personal finance folder for the future.
  • Turn in printed resume (Due today), P1, 2 start Cover Letter and References (not due today)
                                                               P4 start Reference List (turn in if finished, but not due today)

Friday, 10/9: 
Complete Cover Letter - due today for P2 and 4,  work on Reference Lists (not due today).   Correct and return resumes today or next week.

Mon, 10/12-13:
Register for Tech Prep credit.  See teacher if absent.
References due today.
Correct resumes, cover letters, staple to previous drafts then turn back in.
Teacher verbal review of how to answer "Frequently Asked Questions" to your best advantage.

Wed. 10/14-15:
Correct documents again, staple to previous drafts, then turn back in.
1.11 XCredit Ppt "Ace the Interview" - upload to Moodle.
1.12 "Frequently Asked Questions" - follow instructions at top, answer, be sure to scroll further at bottom and answer last page "Questions to Ask Interviewer".  Due uploaded to Moodle by Friday, 11;55 PM.

Fri, 10/16:
Correct documents: Resume, Cover Letter, References - all of these should have been turned in at least once by now.  This is the last day to work on these documents in class.  Those not done need to stay for AT. 

1.12 "Frequent Asked Questions" follow instructions at top, answer, be sure to scroll further at bottom and answer last page "Questions to Ask Interviewer".  Due uploaded to Moodle by Friday, 11:55pm. (Per 1 extended to Monday, 10/19).

Mon/Tues, Oct 19-20:
Begin Unit 2:  Income and Taxes:  Ppt. xc
Unit 2 Vocabulary Sheet
Video:  "How People are Paid"
"Reading Pay Stubs" - hc 

Wed, Oct 21: 1-6
****Reminder:  Next Mon/Tues, Oct 26/27 is the last time you will be able to turn in corrected drafts of your documents.
$1000 Bill Assignment - due today.  If absent, you are excused from this assignment.

Thurs, Oct 22:  2,4,6 Homecoming
P 2/4 - Video:  "How People Are Paid"

Mon/Tues, Oct 26/27
Return papers:  Correct and return "Reading Pay Stubs"
P1 Video "How People Are Paid"
Review Vocabulary terms so far.
Moodle 2.2:  Tax Time Worksheet - due Wed/Thurs, uploaded to Moodle.

Wed/Thurs Oct 28/29:
Finish 2.2 upload to Moodle - due today.
2.3 Practice Tax Return (hard copy) - 5 pts for participating and filling out.

Fri, Oct 30:
2.3 Tax Return Scenarios (hard copies)  (everyone gets a different one).  Substitute will check you off when it is correct and keep it
If absent, get from teacher on Mon/Tues..

Mon/Tues, Nov 2/3:
Parent letters due 11/9 - try to bring as soon as possible
Review 2.2Tax Time Worksheet
Review for test on Friday, 11/6
Begin Banking Unit 3 - do 3.1 Powerpoint - REQUIRED, not optional this time.  upload to Moodle
Go to teacher website - "Handouts" and pull up 3.2 Banking Comparisons w/s - save immediately to your
         documents.   On Wed/Thurs, pull up from your documents and complete, uploading to Moodle 3.2. 

Wed/Thurs, Nov 4/5:
1st half of class:  Bring up 3.2 Banking Comparisons from your documents from Mon/Tues.  Complete and
      upload to Moodle 3.2.  Due today. P2 had internet issues - can finish Tues.
Last half of class:  Video:  "Identity Theft - the Michelle Brown Story"
Remember, test tomorrow on Unit 2 - Income/Taxes

Fri, Nov 6:
Test Unit 2.  
If time, will continue with "Identity Theft - The Michelle Brown Story"
NOTE from Mrs. Smith:  internet issues on Thurs.  P2 can complete and upload 3.2 on Tues.  If internet up today, work on assignment after test, if internet not available, wait until Tues.  

Mon/Tues, Nov 9/10:

Review 3.2 Bank Comparisons (P2 upload today if internet wasn't available on Thurs/Fri last week)
P4 Begin "Check Writing Exercise"

Thurs/Fri, Nov 12/13:
Tax Return Test 10 pts (if absent, see teacher)
P1,2 Begin "Check Writing Exercise".  P4 left off at "Writing Checks".
P1 Begin "Balancing Your Account" - input 1st month of register transactions, following balancing instructions.

Mon, Nov 16 P1:
Finish Check Writing Exercise and turn in to tray (hc)
Continue working on "Balancing Your Checking Account" - when Jan is balanced, move on to the next month, etc.

Tues/Wed,  Nov 17/18:
Mock Interviews 11/17-18: 
   Come dressed as you would dress in the job itself or maybe 1 step up from that (you want to look like you went to          some trouble to look nice).
   Print a clean copy of your Cover Letter (sign it), Resume and Reference List.  Your documents should not have          any staple holes, folds, bent corners, smudges, etc.
   Suggest you look at the "Frequently Asked Questions" to prepare (and, remember to have at least 2 questions
         prepared to ask your interviewer), put your documents in folder and hand to your interviewer.
   Please be on time as we will start right away.
****If absent, see teacher website ("handouts") for make-up instructions - Unit 1 Mock Interview Make-up and U1 Mock Interview Evaluation Sheet.  Follow instructions precisely - bring all signatures/photos, etc.

Thurs/Fri Nov 19/20: 
Write Thank You Letter to interviewers - Due today 20 pts -1pt each error
Continue working on Check Writing Exercise (if absent, will need to get papers from teacher - instructions on page
       2 of yellow sheets)
Continue "Balancing a Bank Account" (if time) (if absent, you will need to get papers from teacher).

Mon/Tues Nov 22/23:
Finish Unit 3 Project: "Balancing a Bank Account".   Due today.  To turn in, give tan Reconciliation Worksheet to teacher and upload Check Register to U3 - Project.

Thanksgiving Break

Monday/Tues Nov 30/Dec 1
U3 Project:  If you didn't finish last week, you have had holiday break to finish.  Turn in when you arrive in class on
         Mon/Tues Nov30/Dec1 - last day this will be accepted is Wed/Thurs Dec 9/10.
Pregnancy Resource Center "Myths of HIV" this Friday.  Turn in your parent signature today.
Teacher review for U3 test on Wed/Thurs.  For additional study, look at your: 
         Vocabulary Sheet 
         3.1 Ppt
         3.2 Bank Comparison worksheet
         Checking Reconciliation Project
P1 Unit 4.1 Ppt - NOT extra credit - everyone needs to do.  Upload to 4.1 today.
P1,2,4 - Video:  "Debt-Slapped" - if absent, go to handouts, U4 Credit Video and watch on your own computer.
        P1 turn in Video Notes - 10 facts from the video.

Wed/Thurs Dec 2/3:
p 2/4 - U3 Test.
P2,4 - Finish Debt Slapped 
P2,4 - do 4.1 Ppt (required, not extra credit) - due today upload to Moodle
(if time) Net Worth Statement/Prom.  Do not need to turn in.
(if time) 4.2 Credit Scenarios Packet - upload to Moodle 
P2,4 - Assignment - bring flash drive with your name on it.

Fri, Dec 4:
Speaker:  Pregnancy Resource Center "Myths of HIV".  Kaila Roper.  Turn in speaker evaluation for 10 participation points.

Mon Dec 7 (P1):
P1 - U3 Test
Net Worth Statement/Property,
4.6 Credit Card Comparison. (due Wed, 12/9).
Tim Clue Video on Debt.

Tues 12/8 (P2/4):
4.6 Credit Card Comparison.  Due today.
Prom - "Plan Ahead" activity. Turn in to tray - 5 pts

Wed 12/9:
P1 - Finish 4.6 Credit Card comparison, upload to Mooodle
Begin 4.2 Credit Scenarios Packet

Thurs, 12/10:
4.2 Credit Scenarios Packet - Due today

Fri. 12 11: (early dismissal - short periods)
P1 Finish 4.2 Credit Scenarios Packet
P2/4: PPt: Pay Day Loans - no assignment

Mon/Tues, 12/14-15: (if absent, these assignments are on website under handouts - however, teacher led credit ratings lesson is not on website)
4.7 Loan Payment Calculator (hard copy assignment, do in pairs, turn in to tray)
Teacher Led Lesson:  Credit Ratings/Reports
P1 4.5 Sample Credit Report (hard copy assignment, do in pairs, turn in to tray)

Wed/Thurs, 12/16-17
: (if absent these assignments are hard copies in basket in classroom or on this website under "handouts")
P4 - Finish and upload 4.6 Credit Card Comparison (started a few days ago)
P2/4 - 4.5 Sample Credit Report (hard copy assignment - do in pairs, due today in tray) (if ab, see handouts)
All - 4.9 Debt Management Activity (hard copy assignment - do in pairs, due today in tray) (if ab, see handouts)
P2/4 4.10 Bankruptcy Assignment - on notebook paper.  If absent, see website handouts.

Fri, 12 /18:
P1 - Holiday Music Performance - Great Hall
P2/4 - Test Review "Bazinga" Unit 4 Credit Test on Wed/Th after break. (P4 d/n review?)

Winter Break

Mon/Tues, 1/4-5:
P1 - Reviewed for test last week (U4 57 points - test Wed/Thurs)  
P2/4 Review if didn't finish Friday before break
Intro:  Savings and Investment - Unit 6 - no assignment, teacher intro
Begin Unit 6 Savings and Investing - Start with Credit Vocabulary sheet/Pyramid (if ab, get hc from class basket)
Videos: "Stock Market Basics" (P2/4 only part-way through - finish Thursday)
Assignment:  "Tracking Stocks" - P1 started, finish on Wed.  P2/4 did not get to this.

Wed/Thurs 1/6
U4 Test - credit 57pts
U6 Intro - "Risk Pyramid"
P1 - Finish "Tracking Stocks"
P2/4 - Do "Tracking Stocks" - finish Friday

Fri 1/8:
P1 started Rule of 72 assignment.  Finish Monday
P2/4 finish "Tracking Stocks" - turn in (P4 started today)
Intro - Risk Pyramid - teacher notes based on pyramid/vocab handout

Mon/Tues 1/11-12:
P2/4 finish notes - Risk Pyramid
P4 finish video (.08 min on)
Watch Video:  "A Penny Saved"
Assignment:  "Rule of 72/Dividend Income"

Wed/Thurs 1/13-14:  (Assembly)
Assignment: Stock Classifications - analyze to categorize the 10 you have chosen in Tracking Stocks.- will finish Friday.  If absent, assignment handout is in the absent basket in classroom.

Fri, 1/15:
Finish U6 Stock Classifications - due today.
Review for U6 test to be done on Tues/Wed next week.
U7   7.1 Insurance PPt notes (if time)

Mon 1/18 - holiday

Tues/Wed 1/19-20:
Test - U6 Savings/Investments 
P4 U7 Insurance Begin 7.1 Ppt Insurance.
P2 begin final activity

Thurs 1/21: (Full Periods) (periods 2 4,6)
Beginning of Class P2 FINAL ACTIVITY "Life in..."  VERY IMPORTANT TO BE IN CLASS!!
P4 Finish 7.1 Ppt Insurance upload to Moodle - (optional, xcr 5 pts)
2nd half of class:  P4 FINAL ACTIVITY - Begin "Life in..."  VERY IMPORTANT TO BE IN CLASS!!
Posters, Introduction and Instructions for activity

Fri, 1/22 (full periods)  (Periods 1,3,5)
P1 finish and upload 7.1 Ppt Insurance to Moodle (optional, xcr 5 pts)
P1 U7 Insurance Case Studies (get hc from absent basket when return - use ppt to answer)
P1 - begin FINAL ACTIVITY - last half class.
Posters, Introduction and Instructions to Activity

Mon 1/25/16:  (1,3,5 full periods)

Tues 1/26/16:  FINALS P2 and P6 (85 minutes): periods 2,4,6
P2 Finish Final Activity - last day of class.  Due today.
P4 Work on final Activity - one more day of class

Wed 1/27/16:  FINALS P1 and P5 (85 minutes): Periods 1,3,5
P1 Finish FINAL ACTIVITY - last day of class.  Due today.

Thurs 1/28/16;  FINALS P3 and P4 - EARLY DISMISSAL - no announcements
P4 - Finish FINAL ACTIVITY - last day of class - due today


Mon/Tues, Feb 2/3:
Intro to Personal Finance - Class Expectations - Parent Signature slip due Friday, 2/6
Access WOIS Account
Enroll in Moodle
Access Digital Locker - make folder titled "Personal Folder" - you will file all your work by task # in this folder. 
1.1 Skills Assessment Reflection (find under Unit 1, Task 1.1 in Moodle):  use reflection assignment in tandem with
      WOIS assessments.  Due today, uploaded to Moodle, Tasks 1.1 (see bottom of task page to start process).

Wed/Thurs, Feb 4/5:
"Finding Your Place" activity - purple hard copy stapled to yellow hard copy due end of class. 
1.2 Interest Profiler - use in tandem with assessment in Moodle, due day of class, uploaded to Moodle.
"The Gathering" - hard copy assignment due Mon/Tues - be legible, thorough (zips, area codes, etc.). If absent, go to teacher website, it is in list of "Personal Finance - Handouts".  Print and bring on Monday.

Fri, Feb 6:
Parent Signatures due today.
Begin "Tracking Stocks" continuing activity (if absent, go to "handouts", U6 Tracking Stocks and print assignment -   select 8 stocks, look up ticker, industry and current price. Choose how much you want to buy of each stock, then total in right hand column.  Adjust amount purchased until you have spent as close to $10,000 (total spent for entire portfolio for all 8 stocks together - not $10,000 for each). 

Mon/Tues, Feb 9/10:
Bring "The Gathering" information sheet to class today, completed, turn in to tray.

Right Brain, Left Brain Assessment - get hard copy from teacher.  Go to teacher website - LINKS, scroll down for
30 second RB/LB assessment.  Do not need to turn in. Lesson:  Consistency between your personal style and attributes should be consistent with your choice of career for maximum satisfaction.

1.3 Career Research - due today uploaded to Moodle:
Go to teacher website this time for assignment form (instead of Moodle task page) ...go to "Personal Finance - Handouts, then scroll down to "U1 1.3 Career Research"
Then go to Moodle 1.3 for instructions (use Interest Profiler results in WOIS again).  *Note:  You will be choosing an entry level or skilled job to use for the rest of your Career Acquisition documents (mock interview, resume, cover letter, application, etc.) so choose wisely, something that you will enjoy working with for the next few weeks. This entry level position should ideally be a stepping-stone to moving up into your desires professional career of choice.

Wed/Thurs, Feb 11/12:
Finish "Types of Post HS Education and Training Institutions" - public/private, tech, comm college, univ, in/out of state. No assignment, teacher presenting

1.4 Student Loan Web Search - everyone answers a question from the worksheet and presents to the class along with a "poster/picture" to add a visual to the explanation.  Everyone fills out 1.4 Student Loan Web Search while students are presenting answers to the questions (if absent, will need to do on your own using resources listed on assignment or on the 1.4Task page in Moodle).   NOTE:  DO NOT use the worksheet on the Moodle Task Page - go to my teacher website < handouts<scroll down to use U1 1.4Student Loan Web Search rev 2 12 15.

Powerpoint:  "Financial Aid"  - no assignment.

Fri, Feb 13:  Early Release 1-6
"Tracking Stocks" handout - Check your stocks on msnmoney.com.  Write down the price per share for today's date.  Then multiply the new price by number of shares purchased last week and put in what it is worth today.  Also write in how much each stock is up or down.  Do this for all 8.

Mon, Feb 16/17:  No School

Wed/Thurs, Feb 18/19:
Return "The Gathering" and discuss being complete, thorough and why it is so important for career acquisition.

Scholarship Assignment (hard copy available on teacher website in "handouts") - find a scholarship that you
could apply for, fill out as much of the assignment as you can given the info on the scholarship (all scholarships 
are different and criteria, requirements and info available will vary.).  due today in class.

Graduation Requirement:  1.5 High School and Beyond Plan - Reflect on your 4 years at Meadowdale - credit will 
be given based on thoughtful, reflective answers (not just 1 sentence, brief answers).  Due today uploaded to         Moodle. 

Behavior Styles Assessment:  What is your style working with others?  It is important to understand this so you can understand co-workers, bosses, etc., and select a profession that uses your style to the best advantage.  Working outside your style is possible, but usually not as comfortable.  Turn in by end of period.  If absent, get hard copy from absent tray in classroom. Note:  P2 did not have time to do this assignment on 2/19.

Fri, Feb 20:
Elevator Speech and 1.7 Job Application.  Assignment on teacher website in "handouts" folder.  Due today to Moodle.

Mon/Tues, Feb 23/24:
Review and now PRINT Job Applications.  25pts - 1 pt off for each error (so proof carefully and have another person or too proof also).
P5 started 1.6 PPt "You're Hired" - optional - 5 extra credit points.  Will finish Wed.
P2 did "Behavior Styles Assessment" today.

Wed/Thurs, Feb 25/26:  Fire and Evacuation Drill 9am end of 2nd period.
1)  1.6 Ppt "You're Hired" - notes optional - 5 extra credit points.  Upload to Moodle today.
Create "Template for Professional Documents" - same to Dig. Locker
2)  Intro to resumes - teacher instruction
3)  Create resume in required format - due Friday - do NOT upld to Moodle.  Print and turn in.

Fri, Feb 27:
Work on 1st resume draft.  Due today for 10 "On-Time" points.  Follow format exactly, proof and have at least one other person proof also before printing.  Print a hard copy (do NOT upload to Moodle) and put in tray.

Mon/Tues, Mar 2/3:
Teacher returns draft 1 resumes.  Make corrections, proof, print and attach new draft on top of old one and turn in to tray.  
Take a look at Moodle 1.8 - Cover Letters. Teacher introduces what Cover Letter is and why it is important.  Will do drafts on Wednesday.

Wed/Thurs, Mar 4/5:
Correct resume drafts, attach to previous drafts, turn in to tray.
Create Cover Letter, turn in to tray.  Due today for 10 On-Time points.
If there is time left, create Reference List - due Friday 3/6 for On-Time points, but can turn in early.

Fri, Mar 6:
References due today (1.10) - hard copy to tray
Correct resume if you haven't yet received a star.
Review Cover Letter for spacing, spellcheck, grammar, etc. and turn back in - they haven't been graded yet, just  
       checked in yesterday for On-time points.

Mon/Tues, Mar 9/10:
Handed out Parent Letter regarding Sexual Health dates April 15/16, Friday, May 8.  Please sign and return by
    Friday, April 1.
Correct Resumes, Cover Letters, References.  1st part of class.
1.11 Xcr Ppt - "Acing the Interview

Wed/Thurs, Mar 11/12:
Finish Ppt "Acing the Interview - XCr, upload to Moodle - due today
1.12 "Frequently Asked Questions" - choose 20 + 3-5 at end, upload to Moodle today.

Friday, Mar 13 (early release):  see below if absent:
Check Stocks and buy  $10,000 worth in "How the Stock Market Works".  Follow these instructions:
     Get out yellow stock sheet from previous work in class.
     Go to:  www.howthemarketworks.com
     Create an account (uncheck 2nd box if you don't want promotional products sent to you).
     Go to My portfolio, Trade Now....purchase stocks up to spending $10,000.  
     You will now be able to pretend "buy and sell/trade" the investments in your portfolio.
     DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR YELLOW STOCKSHEET - we will use it later in the semester in U7.

Mon/Tues, Mar 16/17:
P5 and 6:
Intro to Unit 2 - Income and Taxes
Video:  "How People Get Paid"
Intro Ppt:  2.1 xcr upload today.
Hard Copy:  "Reading Paystubs" - get copy from absent basket in classroom - will have name on it. Due today in tray.

P2:  Pilot Test:  Precision Exam (1/2pt extra credit for every correct answer)

Wed/Thurs, Mar 18/19:
P5 and 6 - Tax Time Worksheet 2.2 - do in pairs, upload to moodle.
$1000 Bill - Your Paycheck minus taxes, savings, expenses, sales tax, what's left?

P2:  Intro to U2 - Income and Taxes, Video: "How People Get Paid", Intro Ppt 2.1xc upld today, Hard Copy "Reading Paystubs" - due today to tray.   P2 won't be doing $1000 Bill assignment.

Fri, Mar 20:
Check your stock portfolio on www.howthemarketworks.com.  If you want to change your portolio, you can
     sell some stocks, then buy some new ones with the proceeds.  If you like your portfolio, keep it the same.
P5: Practice Tax Return 1040EZ - do as a class, turn in. (hard copy - get from basket in classroom if absent) - 10 pts
P6: Practice Tax Return 1040EZ - do as a class, will finish on Tuesday 3/23 - (get hard copy from basket in      classroom if absent) - 10 pts

Mon/Tues, Mar 23/24:
Prep for Interviews Wed and Thurs.  Discuss wardrobe, evaluation sheets, documents (print clean ones).  Practice
       Frequently Asked Questions (see comments for your answers in Moodle 1.12) - discuss "oddball questions".
Tax Return 1040EZ - do your own - turn in today (hard copy - get from basket in classroom if absent) - 25 pts when         correct.

Wed/Thurs, Mar 25/26:
Mock Interviews.  Be on time, dress appropriately, have documents ready in folder. IF ABSENT, you need to make up this assignment by April 3 (instructions say 2 weeks, but because of Spring Break and end of 3rd quarter, needs to be next Friday.)

3.1 Ppt on Banking - NOT extra credit - worth 10 points.  due today.

Test U2 next Wednesday April 1.

Friday, Mar 27:
Teacher will return Interview Evaluations.  
Write Thank You Letter to interviewer.  This should be a letter in business format/spacing, no errors, addressed to your interviewer (no address for them (we don't share their private info), just "Dear Ms or Mr _____").  Thank your interviewer for taking the time to come to MDH and assist, as well as reference the interview and what you learned, etc.  25 Points possible, 1 point off for every error. 1 time only, no drafts.  These will actually be mailed asap to the actual interviewers.  
Due today.  

If absent, see make-up instructions for interview in "handouts", then write this after your make-up interview. Example is available in Moodle, "Unit 1 Project - Interview and Thank You Letter"

Mon/Tues, Mar 30/31:
Final draft of Thank You Letter.
Review for Test U2 on Wed/Thurs, April 1/2.  
Parent Signature slip due April 1/2.

Wed/Thurs, April 1/2:
Parent Signature slip due today!!!!!!
Test U2 - 50 pts, multiple choice.
Continue with U3 Banking - Review Ppt 
Begin 3.2 Banking Comparisons (pull up from my website, not moodle - there is a revised version there - save immediately to your digital locker so you aren't working with a "read only" copy)

Fri, Apr 3:  End of Quarter 3!   Spring Break tomorrow.
Tax Return Quiz today.  15 pts.
3.2 Banking Comparisons - upload to Moodle - whatever you have finished for 10on-time points.
Parent Signature Slips

Monday/Tues, April 13/14:
Review 3.2 Banking Comparisons
Review U2 Test
Intro to Writing Checks/Deposits - due today (hard copy - if absent, get from basket in class).
Video:  "Washing Checks"

Mock Interviews P5 on 3/25; P2 and 6 on 3/26
Wed/Thurs April 15/16: Planned Parenthood presentation on Sexual Health
Fri, May 8: Pregnancy Resource Center "Myths of HIV"

Wed/Thurs, Apr 15/16:
Speaker:  Healthy Youth Act - Becky George of Planned Parenthood, Sexual Health - STD's/Birth Control
Speaker Evaluation/Participation due today 10 pts.

Fri, April 17:
P2 and 6 - Video "Washing Checks"
Intro to "How Checking Works" when writing paper checks/how a check moves through the system until it
         is"cleared". - Teacher led.
Begin Unit 3 Project - Banking Reconciliation (combination hard copy and on-line...Do NOT follow instructions in
         Moodle - we will be doing it a little differently and in class).

Mon/Tues, April 20/21:
Assugnment:  U3 Project:  Banking Reconciliation Assignment.  Due Wed/Thurs 46 pts.   Today, input Register Transactions,  Balance at least through January....but try to get through February.

Wed/Thurs, April 22/23:
Finish U3 Checking Reconciliation Assignment 46 pts.  Upload register to Moodle U3 Project.  Turn paper copy of Reconciliation Worksheet in to Mrs. S

Fri, April 24:
U3 Test Next Friday
Video:  ATM Fraud  
Begin U4 Credit - Prom/Net Worth

Mon/Tues, April 27/28:
U3 Test on Fri 5/1
4.1 Ppt  - Credit upload for 5 xcr pts  due today.
begin "Debt-Slapped"

Wed/Thurs, April 29/30:
XCr ASsignment - 15pts - "Credit Interview w Adult" hard copy filled out by student as adult is interviewed, turned in with adult signature and contact email or phone.  DUE Friday,  5/8/15.
Finish "Debt-Slapped"
4.2 Credit Scenarios - 30 pts due today uploaded to Moodle.
Review for U3 Test on Friday

Fri, May 1:
Register for Tech Prep credit
U3 Test - 28pts.
P5 check stock profit/loss

Mon/Tues, May 4/5:
P5 - 4.6 Credit Card Comparisons - due today uploaded to Moodle.
P5 - begin 4.7 Car Loan Calculator - finish Wed.
P2/6 - ID Theft - video notes due at end of video (hard copy)

Wed/Thurs, May 6/7:
P5 - Finish 4.7 Car Loan Calculator - pull up from Ms. Smith's website "handouts", save to DLocker, upload to moodle.
P5 - Begin ID Theft - video notes due at end of video (hard copy)

P2/6 - Finish Video Notes - due end of video (hard copy)
P2/6 - 4.6 Credit Card Comparisons - due today uploaded to Moodle
P2/6 - 4.7 Car Loan Calculator - pull up from Ms Smith's website "handouts", save to DLocker, upload to Moodle.

Fri 5/8:  Speaker: Pregnancy Resource Center HIV/AIDS - Healthy Youth Act Presenation.  Speaker Evaluation due end of period.  If absent, go to Ms. Smith's website for make-up assignment.

XCredit  - 4.3  Interview w Adult - Due today - 15 pts., signed with contact info.

Mon/Tues, 5/11-12:
P5 - Finish ID Theft Video - turn in video notes.
Intro - Credit Ratings and Credit Score - Information provided by teacher.
P2 and 6 - 4.5 Credit Example (analyze a credit report).  Upload to Moodle - due today.

Wed/Thurs 5/13-14:
P5 - YouTube - infrared pin access
Teacher Present:  "Strategies to Pay Down Debt" , then do assignment 4.9 - due today.
update "Track Spending" - did not stamp though.
"Payday Loan Ppt" - teacher present, no assignment attached.
"Bankruptcy" - teacher present, no assignment attached.

Fri, 5/15 - No School - Teacher Day

Mon 5/18 1-6 Day
P5 - Credit Example Analysis - did not get to this.
sStamp "Tracking Spending 10 pts
Video "The Card Game" - 1st half only - do not need to turn in video notes

Tues/Wed 5/19-20 late start 
Review end of "The Card Game" - "stealth pricing", etc.
Review for test on U4 test on Thursday (P2/6) and Friday (P5)
Handed out Unit 6 Packet/Vocab for "Savings/Investment"
P2 - Video:  "A Penny Saved" (P5, P6 did not have time)

Thurs/Fri 5/21-22 Late Start
U4 Credit Test - 57 pts.
P5, P6 - "A Penny Saved"
Introduce U6 - why save, start retirement early, concept of "time"
Begin Risk Pyramid - Teacher will present

Tues/Wed 5/26-27: Tues P2/6 = sub
P5/6 finish "A Penny Saved" (sub P6 did not)
P2 and 6:  6.1 powerpt "Savings/Investing" - Required, NOT extra credit.  Upload to Moodle by today.

P2/6 did not finish.  "Market Report Analysis" - do in pairs, hard copy turned in to box (need newspaper page copy to do this - get from teacher)  (Sub handed out w/s, but they did not get the Market Report to do it with).
P5:  ""Market Report Analysis" as described above.

Thurs/Fri 5/28-29: (Assembly Fri)
P6 Finish "A Penny Saved"
Teacher Intro: Pyramid, bottom of notesheet, Retirement, Bear/Bull Market, Exchanges/Indexes, diversification
P2/6 do "Market Report Analysis"?  hard copy get in classroom
P5 - Rule of 72/Dividends. Beta, "Tracking Spending".
Mon/Tues, 6/1-2 and Wed/Thurs 6/3-4:  Classes did different assignments due to changing schedules and absences.
"Am I Diversified?" Worksheet - blue hard copy in basket in classroom for those absent
Rule of 72/Dividend Income Worksheet - white hard copy in basket in classroom for those absent
"Classifications of Stocks" - discussion - on back of Risk Pyramid in blue notes packet.

Bring "Tracking Your Spending" booklet on Wed/Thurs - we have run out of time so it will not be a required assignment anymore - Offerred for 25 extra credit points = Booklet, Pie Chart, 3 Paragraph Summary.

Wed/Thurs 6/3-4:  

Do not work below this line - teacher reference only....
Fri, Nov 7:
Intro - Unit 4 - Identity Theft

Mon, Nov 10: (1,3,5)
U2 Test
Finish "Identity Theft"

Wed, Nov. 12: (1,3,5)
begin U3 Project - Checking Reconciliation

Friday, Nov 14 - 2,4,6 - No Personal Finance

Mon, Nov 17:
Unit 3 Checking Reconciliation

Wed, Nov 19:
Finish Unit Checking Reconciliation
P1 - begin "How to write Checks/Deposits/Endorsements"
P3 - worked all period on Reconciliation.

Fri, Nov 21:
U3 Project - Bank Reconciliation Due today, but was to be done as homework, will be doing other activities in class.
P1 - finish "How to Write Checks/Deposits/Endorsements"  Due today
P3 - Introduce and do "How to Write Checks/Deposits/Endorsements" - Finish Monday
Review Vocabulary.
Hand out "Tracking Your Spending" - track for 30 days - spot check in class to check if being kept up on daily basis.  Final reflection, graphs, etc. due after Winter Break.
Hand out Vocabulary for U4/ Prom Activity/Net Worth (Assets/Liabilities)
Possibly check "TYS" booklet

Wed, Dec 3:
Intro - U4 "Credit"
Begin U4 PPt - xcr 10 pts

Fri, Dec 5:
Finish U4 PPt - xcr 10 pts - upload to Moodle 4.1
Begin 4.2 "Credit Scenario Packet" - do #1 Bank Statement,  #2 Credit Reality Check - upload to Moodle (we will do the other parts on Monday so upload the whole thing, but only the first 2 parts will be completed).

Mon, Dec 8:
Review Test
Finish 4.2 "Credit Scenario Packet" and upload - Name File "Part 2)
Do 4.7 Car Loan Calculator (pull up from teacher website - PF Handouts) - upload to Moodle

Wed, Dec 10:
Analyze Credit Card Offers - group activity - participation
4.6 Credit Card Comparisons - upload to Moodle 

Fri, Dec 12: Short Periods (half day)
P1 - re-do 4.6 Car Loan Calculator with correct link and re-submit.
P1 and 3 - Pshychological Appeals of Credit Offers - teacher discussion

Mon, Dec 15:
Hand back papers.
Please print 4.7 Car Loan Calculators - 4 to a page (easier grading process)  was due last Friday. Review in class.
4.8 PayDay Loans Ppt - no assignment, just listen (very short ppt)
4.4 "Credit Rating and Credit Report" Ppt - 5 extra credit points - upload today to Moodle
4.5 Understanding and Ordering your Credit Report assignment.  Upload to Moodle by 7am Wed am.
Extra Credit Opportunity:  Print, fill out and mail "Request for Credit Report" - see Task page 4.5.  Earn 20 pts
     when it is returned.
Test U4 Friday.

Wed, Dec 17:
Topics:  4.10 Bankruptcy - Teacher will present explanations - no assignment
              4.9 Debt Management - How to Pay Down Debt (info not accurate on task page - access assignment
                    on teacher website - "Personal Finance - Handouts".  Due today.
Review for Test on Friday

Fri, Dec 19:
Test U4 Credit


Jan 5, 2015
Return U4 Credit Tests
Begin U6 Savings/Investments - Hand out Blue U6 Savings/Investment Packet (Vocab, Risk
Pyramid, Types of  Stocks)
     Intro to Stock Market Terms, Types of Retirement
Video:  "A Penny Saved"
Check Stock Prices for your Stock Portfolio
Announce:  Pregnancy Resource Center Speaker Friday, 1/9

Wed, Jan 7: 
Speaker:  Barry Smith,  Savings/Investment Pyramid

Jan 9, 2015:
Speaker:  Pregnancy Resource Center - Healthy Youth:  Myths of HIV

Jan 14, 2015:  Schedule Conflict - Cancelled.  
Speaker:  Planned Parenthood - Healthy Youth:  Birth Control, STI's/HIV

Mon, Jan 12:
Rule of 72/How to Figure Dividend Income - hard copy assignment.  Due today
Tracking Stock:  Analyze Portfolio (Growth vs Speculative vs Blue Chip vs Value vs Cyclical/Counter Cyclical) and turn in to tray - due today.

Wed, Jan 14:
Review for Test 
P1 - Dividend Income - due today - hard copy
P3 - Rule of 72/Dividend Income - due today - hard copy
Finish Tracking Your Spending.  Due today in class.

Fri, Jan 16:  Unit 7: Risk - Insurance
7.1 XCr Ppt - "Risk Management (Insurance) - Finish on Wed.

Mon, Jan 19: Holiday - No School

Wed, Jan 21:  Begin Final Activity? (P1 - may start P3 next session)
U6 Test - Savings/Investments
Finish Ppt - 7.1 - upload to Moodle 

Fri, Jan 23:  Final Activity
7.2 Family Scenarios - Insurance Risk Management.  Do in pairs. Turn in hard copy today.
Begin Final Project Activity.

Mon, Jan 26: Final Activity
Work on Final Activity - to be continued Wed.

Wed, Jan 28:  1,3,5 - Final in Period 1      Special Schedule:  ELECTIVES FAIR - Srs to Gym
Last Day Period 1 - Turn in Final Activity today
Period 3 - extra class period Final Activity due tomorrow.

Thurs, Jan 29:  3, 4 - Final in Period 3  (early dismissal)
Last Day Period 3 - Final Activity due today.

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