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Child Development 2011-2012

Wed. 9/7:
Class Expectations - signature slip due Friday, 9/8

Thurs. 9/8:
Get Acquainted - Common Denominators/Introductions

Friday, 9/9:
Childhood Memories

Monday, 9/12
Brainstorm "Children's Issues"
Introduce Baby Simulators/permission agreements/alternate assignment
History of Childhood - article and ws

Wed, 9/14:
Review History of Childhood article/ws
Video:  Why Parents do What They Do?  20th Century  + ws

Friday, 9/16:
Sign up to take Baby Simulators home
"Types of Families" + ws

Monday, 9/19:
Baby Simulator Demo
Finish "Types of Families"
Notes:  Healthy Pregnancy w/s
Empathy Belly Demo

Wednesday, 9/21:
Video:  "The Miracle of Life" - conception, pre-natal, birth

Friday, 9/23: 1-6 periods
Addicted babies:  drug-addicted,  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Effect

Monday, 9/26: 1-6 periods
Video Questions;  "I Am Your Child:  The First Years Last Forever"

Wednesday, 9/28:
Turn in Packet #1 of work tomorrow
Video Notes:  "20/20 Shaken Baby Syndrome"
Video Notes:  "Have a Plan"

Thursday, 9/29:  1-6 Homecoming short periods
Turn in Packet #1

Monday, 10/3:
Birth Order Activity/Powerpoint - no assignment
Hemisphericity:  Right Brain, Left Brain Assessment

Wednesday, 10/5:
Return corrected packets.
Create (in pairs) 1 test question per notesheets 3-10. Turn in.
DVD's/Notes:  Brainy Baby:  Right Brain, Left Brain

Friday, 10/7:
Genetics/Heredity notes/powerpoint
Review for Test next Monday?

Monday, 10/10:
Finish Behavior Styles Assessment - Read results, Watch video describing styles.
Finish Genetics/heredity notes/powerpoint

Wednesday, 10/12:
Finish Genetics/heredity notes/powerpoint (P5)
Gene-o-Gram activity
"Twins" video - environment or heredity?
Sign up for birth defect for report next week

Friday, 10/14:
Video: "Designer Babies" + video questions

Monday, 10/17:
Computer Lab in Library:  Assignment: Research Birth Defect and prepare to present required information on Wednesday when called on - MUST have materials and be ready or will earn a "0".  Plenty of time provided today incomputer lab to complete research. 

Wednesday, 10/19:
Present "Birth Defect Report" to class when called. - lots of prep time on Monday, so if not ready, opportunity is lost.
Take notes for each birth defect and turn in today (P5)

Friday, 10/21:  Teacher Day - no school

Monday, 10/24:
Finish Birth Defect reports, turn in notes for daily participation points.
Finish watching "Designer Babies" and turn in Video Questions
Start Theorists - "Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs" and "Erickson's Eight Tasks" - we will finish Erickson on Wed.

Wednesday, 10/26:
Finish Theorists - Erickson's Eight Tasks.
Complete self-assessment of personal development. (P5 did this)
P5 Begin "Educating Peter"

Friday, 10/28:
P3 complete self-assessment of personal development
Discuss personal fable
P3 - Begin "Educating Peter"
P5 - Finish "Educating Peter"

Monday 10/31:

Wednesday, 11/2:
P3 - Finish "Educating Peter"

Friday, 11/4:
Research your group project age group.  Decide who does what parts of the presentation, take notes on physical, social/emotional, and intellectual development.

Monday, 11/7:
Work in groups on project preparation.

Wednesday, 11/9:
Finish project preparation.

Monday, 11/14:
Group Presentations - must be ready!

Wednesday, 11/16:
Group Presentations - must be ready!

Friday, 11/18:
Toys - Product Recall (research 3, bring paper Monday to share at least one of your recalled toys)

Monday, 11/21:
Toy Product Recall - share
Squash Book - Gratitude to someone who helped you meet Maslow/Ericksons needs/tasks

Monday, 11/28:
Multiple Intelligences assessment, pie chart, reflection - due today.

Wednesday, 11/30:
   Ppt: "Toys: Favorite Toys" - notesheet
   Begin:  "Toys: What Makes a Good One?" - notesheet
Friday, 12/2:
      Toy Story - video notes

Monday, 12/5
Fruit Loop Activity - groups of 3
Continue Ppt:  "Play"  (combination ppt and lecture notesheet)

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