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Fashion Design Spring 2015

Daily Activities and Assignments are listed below....if absent, check while you are gone and clarify when you return.

Feb 1st to 9:  Substitute

Project Runway Part 1
Color Wheel - begin
Into to Elements of Design
Video Notes:  Careers in Fashion Industry

Feb 11:
Class Expectations - have signed and return for pts by 2/19 (fri)
Finish Color Wheel

Feb 12: early release

Thurs.  Feb 18:
Video Notes:  Principles of Design
Find examples of each principle and sub-principle from magazines.

Fri. Feb 19:  
Continue finding principles examples.  Start to Label and glue onto paper.

Tues, Feb 23:

Continue working on your examples of Principles of Design.  Will finish on Thursday. Should have most examples by today and be glueing and labelling.  There will be about half the period on Thursday to finish.

Thurs. Feb 25:
Finish Principles of Design.  Staple all pages on top of the Pink Notesheet. Turn in to the tray.  Due today.

Bradford, Sierra, Rekik present Fashion Era Powerpoints.

Possible.....Look at Grammy Fashions?  Oscars on Sunday.
Project Runway Part 2?

Fri, Feb 26:
Hand stitching - hem stitch.

Tues, Mar1:1st Day - Sketching Fashion Designs - croquis.  Almost got through croqui segments.

Fashion 2 - watch "Draping" video Less1-4.

Thurs, Mar3

Fashion 1 & 2:  Analyze Principles of Design in fashions from both the
Oscars and Grammy's 2016.  Staple both sheets and turn in today.  If absent, get assignment sheets in basket in classroom.

Fashion 1:  Continue sketching - add arms, hands, then "round off" fashion figure.
Fashion 2:  Start draping figure.  If absent, get notes from basket.

Fri, Mar 4
Fashion 1:  Day 3 sketching.  Fold half sheet and quarter sheet and draw proportional crocquis on each to practice different sizes.  Turn in original stick sketches, your crocqui with notes  and your white and pink folded crocquis.

Tues, Mar 8:
Draw 4 more "croquis" in different sizes on lined paper.  
Watch "Elements of Design" video twice: 1st time, just watch; 2nd time, take notes on Elements of Design Notesheet.  
Fashion 2:  Continue draping process.

Thurs, Mar10:  
Draw examples of Elements of Design.  Line: Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, Curved.  due today

Fashion 2:  Continue draping.

Fri, Mar 11:
Hand Stitching - precision, accuracy, tension.  Diagonal and Cross-stitch.

Tues, Mar 15:
Draw crocqui examples of Shape: Symmetrical, Asymmetrical;  Texture: Smooth, Rough, one other example;  Color: warm, cool.  (4 drawings total and 3 magazine cut-out examples of texture).  

Thurs, Mar 17
:  New Topics:   Color - Emotion of Color, Impact of Color on Body Type, Impact of Color Schemes on a garment. Personal color palette/season - what looks best on you?  If absent, get materials in absent basket.

Color Personality - highlight 5 descriptive words in each color with the appropriate color marker or pencil.

Color Analysis Worksheet (yellow hard copy) - Video notes + discussion answers.  Use "Color Cues" notesheets to determine your color season/palette.  Complete today but keep in binder.

Fri, Mar 18:  Early Dismissal
Draping colors to determine season.  Demonstration.

Tues, Mar 22
Group Activity:  Drape colors - confirm your color season using the actual color drapes in front of a mirror.  

Assignment:  Using the handout from last Thurs ("Color Cues"), fill out the assignment on seasons (if absent, get hard copy from absent basket in classroom) and cut out 5 examples of clothing in your season and glue to bottom of paper. Be sure to choose clothing items that would be fairly close to your face.  (i.e., a purse would not be so wouldn't bring out your face and natural coloring). Due today.  

Begin video on "The Power of Color".  Start taking notes on notesheet "Elements of Color" (get from absent basket) - if absent, get notes from another classmate.  We only watched first 8 min so will finish on Thursday.

Thurs, 3/24: (if absent, get handouts from absent basket in classroom)

  • Finish video and video notes "Elements of Color" - teacher will fill in any blanks verbally about color.
  • Complete Color Schemes worksheet examples "Fashion Design - Color Schemes" -  staple to video notes.  Use as a resource for assignment below.

Fri, 3/25:
  • Draw a crocqui for each color scheme. Make a new wheel for each color scheme. Cut it out with the label, glue it next to your crocqui, then add clothing in the correct combination of colors - wheel and clothing sketch colors should match. Glue the label and wheel next to your design. Put a title on each page "COLOR SCHEMES". Due Tues, end of class. 

Tues, 3/29:
  • Continue with Friday's assignment.  Add your "goal" for each drawing - what was your intent in terms of what this design would communicate? Get as much finished as you can - should have about 6 done when you arrive on Thursday.

    Thurs, Mar 31:
  • When finished with all 9, be sure each is labeled, a matching wheel is glued on next to each design, and a goal is stated.  Staple your designs in order and attach a scoring slip. Staple Elements Wheels/Bars and Elements Notes. 

Fri, Apr 1:  End Quarter 3.

  • Watched Project Runway All Stars - resort wear out of varied types of fabrics.


Tues, Apr 12:

  • Tentative - may change:  Begin learning sewing machines.
  • Fashion 2 - How to read a pattern - see Mrs Smith's Pinterest folder "Fashion Design Class MDH".  Refresh sewing on machines.

Thurs, Apr 14: substitute


  • select a fashion designer, create a powerpoint following guidelines given out in class.  Due end of class Friday.
  • Fashion 2 - Cut out pattern tissues, Start to lay out on fabric.


Fri, Apr 15:


  • Finish Designer Powerpoints
  • Fashion 2 - read about patterns, continue laying out on fabric.

Tues, Apr 19:
  • Continue learning sewing machines.  Learn to thread, watch videos on my website (handouts) and use instruction book to learn how to wind bobbin and pull thread up.  Start stitching on paper to practice.


Fri, Apr 20:

  • Continue with Sewing Machines - Practice stitching for accuracy, measurement, straight lines, curved lines, pivot, etc. - using packet.  Do 1 page at a time - get teacher signature before moving ahead.

    Tues, Apr 26:
    Continue with Sewing Machines  should be at least half done with the 4 paper examples.

    Thurs, Apr 28:
    Should be finishing today with Pages 1-4 stitching practice.  Turn in to tray.  Stay for AT if not finished.

    Fri, April 29:

 Show and explain how commercial patterns/envelopes look and work.
Assignment:  Get 1.25yds woven fabric by 5/10! to start shorts project. Handed out paper with requirements.  If absent, get yours from "absent basket".

Tues, May 3:

Seams and seam finishes: ZigZag edges, pink and faux serged edge finishes. Sew 5/8in seam joining 2 pieces of fabric, right sides together. 
Basic pressing techniques:  Press seam as sewn, then open and press again (using steam to get a crisp, sharp seam).

Thurs, May 5:
Continue with seam finishes and seams/pressing.

Friday, May 6:
Watch "Project Runway - All Stars Finale".  If absent, google Lifetime Project Runway AllStars and watch the Finale for this season.  
Assignment:     Answer the following and put in the turn-in tray upon your       return.

  •       What is the Challenge Description?"
  •       What Elements and Principles do you see examples of?  Try to       name at least 5.
  •       What designer's line would you have chosen?  Why?

Remember 1.25yd woven fabric for shorts (washed/dried) due Tuesday.

Tues, May 10:

Watch end of Project Runway All Stars Finale - Critiques and Winner.  Turn in  notes today. Postponed 'til Thurs.
Remember: fabric is due today - we are starting today.
Lay out shorts pattern pieces on fabric and cut out after teacher approval.  If time, mark wrong sides, front and back.

Thurs, May 12:

Cut out shorts if you didn't have fabric or pattern on Tuesday.  Be sure to mark "Front/Back" before removing pattern pieces.

If shorts were cut out on Tues., start following directions on instruction sheet - 1st step, zig zag around all four pieces at "EDGE" of fabric pieces.

Then continue following instructions.

Friday, 5/13: No school for students - teacher day.

Mon, 5/16: (1-6 regular schedule (flipped w Friday)
Work on shorts, boys cut out "jammers" pattern.
Everyone should be working on sewing shorts.

Tues, 5/17:
Work on shorts, boys cut out "jammers" pattern.  
Everyone should be working on sewing shorts.

Thurs, 5/19:
Continue working on shorts.

Fri, 5/20 (1,3,5 day)

Tues, 5/24: (regular 2,4,6 schedule)
Show how to match seams, clip seams, press/press open.
Show how to stitch inside seam, reinforce, trim.
Show how to stitch side seams.

Thurs, 5/26: (regular 2,4,6 schedule)
Continue working on shorts.  Should be over halfway finished at this point. When finished, using Scoring Guide, self-evaluate, then pin evaluation sheet to your shorts.

Fri, 5/27 (regular 1-6 schedule)
Continue working on shorts - DUE no later than 6/2.  Teacher will have room open next Tues and Thurs if you need more time.
If finished, begin Zipper Bag.  Ask teacher for instructions.

Tues, 5/31
(regular 2,4,6 schedule)
Finish shorts or make Zipper Bag.  Shorts due Thursday 6/2.
Stay after school today if need more time.

Thurs, 6/2 (regular 2,4,6 schedule)
Finish shorts - DUE TODAY.  Work on Zipper Bags.  
Stay after school today if need more time.

Fri, 6/3 (1,3,5 day)

Tues, 6/7:  (11:58-12:56 =58 min class)
Project:  Work on zipper bags.

Thurs, 6/9:  (regular 2,4,6 schedule)
Finish shorts, zipper bags and flowers.  Begin checking in sewing supplies and machines.

Fri, 6/10: (regular 1-6 schedule)
Finish checking in sewing supplies and machines.

Begin Designer reports

Tues, 6/14: ( regular 2,4,6 schedule, no AT) - SENIOR FINALS P4
Designer Reports 1st half

Drama Presentation - 2nd half

Thurs, 6/16: (2,4,6 assembly schedule) - 9:15-10:50 = 95 min class)
Finish Designer Reports

Begin Video:  The September Issue (Vogue magazine)

Fri, 6/17: (special schedule; P4 11:06-11:28 = 22min) no seniors

Finish Video.

Tues, 6/21: (2,4,6 regular schedule - no AT), no seniors
Video:  CoCo Chanel

Wed, 6/22: (1-6, early dismissal 8:55-9:20 = 25 min class)

Information below is for previous semester Sp 2015:


Check here for a review of what we have done each day.  If you are absent, try to check before you return.

Mon, Feb 2:
Course Introduction and Class Expectations - signature slip due Fri, Feb 6
Intro to Supplies:  Due: Fri, Feb 20
Get Acquainted Activity - "Introduce a Friend Through Fashion" - will finish presentations Wed.

Wed, Feb 4:
Finish "Introduce a Friend Through Fashion"
Computer:  Pinterest Boards:  "What do you Like, What don't you like?"
Check out some basic supplies, label drawers. 

Fri, Feb 6:
Beginning hand sewing: knots, pressing, threading, straight stitch.

Mon, Feb 9:
Continue basic stitches:  knot for double thread, double thread running stitch, backstitch, diagonal, cross-stitch.

Wed, Feb 11:
Finish samples:  finish cross-stitch, blanket.  Label all stitches and turn in next Wed, 2/18.  
Intro to Fashion Ppt:  fill out Ppt notes.  Will finish next week - keep your handout.

Fri, Feb 3:
Project Runway:  watch beginning part of All-Stars Finale.  Listen for Fashion Terminology and how they describe their lines and designs - their rationale for their decisions.

Mon, Feb 16:  Holiday

Wed, Feb 18:
Finish Project Runway Finale:  as above, listen to how designs and procedures and rationales are described.
Finish Intro Ppt.

Fri, Feb 20: (substitute)
Sewing supplies due today.
Make Color Wheel. Due today.

Mon, Feb 23
InventoryP of assignments turned in, not turned in or late.
How to draw Fashion Figures.

Wed, Feb 25:
How to draw Fashion Figures - continued.

Fri, Feb 27:
Registration forms due to Mrs. Smith
Finish How to draw Fashion Figures with action - identify movement angles on photos.
Red Carpet Fashion Oscars 2015.
Men's Fashion Week - London 2015.

Mon, Mar 3:
Introduction to Sewing Machine - parts, threading, safety.

Wed, Mar 4:
Continue threading, bobbin winding, begin practice stitching.

Fri, Mar 6:
Machine Stitching - how to stitch evenly from the edge.

Mon, Mar 9:
Continue Practice Stitching:  1/4", 1/2" 5/8" from edge.  Zig Zag:  wide, narrow, long, short.

Wed, Mar 11:
Continue Practice Stitching Sheets:  go on to Pivot if time.
Pre-Assessment:  Elements and Principles of Design

Fri, Mar 13 (early release):
Get pieces for 1st stitching project (to be completed later next week).  Trace pattern pieces.

Mon, Mar 16:
Intro to Principles of Design as well as how to write critiques using professional vocabulary.
Write 1st critique.
"Have a Plan" activity.
Student researches vocabulary term, finds 2 images.  Put all in a word document, send to Mrs. Smith's email.

Wed, Mar 18:
Finish Machine Stitching Samples + Practice on piece of fabric - starting/stopping at the edge.
Review "Writing Fashion Critiques"
Announce:  "Fashion Industry Conference 2015" to be held Sat April 25 at Sanford-Brown College in Southcenter.  $15 registration fee due by April 1.  After that, fee is $25.  For more information search:  "Fashion Industry Conference 2015 Seattle".

Fri, Mar 20:
Beginning Sewing Project - Bunny Treat Bags (skills: cutting, stitch pieces together, marking, trimming, pressing, casing, turning, sharp points, threading through casing).  Those who haven't finished stitching lines need to do so.

Mar 23-27:
Make practice treat bag to learn skills involved.
Finish actual treat bags

March 30-April 3:
Finish up work that is unfinished - end of quarter is Friday

April 13:
Videos:  Elements and Principles of Design

Teacher shows images of examples of Elements and Principles.  Practice writing fashion descriptions using fashion vocabulary

April 15:
Continue working on "Elements and Principles" portfolio pages.  Take some home as homework.

April 17:
Continue working on "Elements and Principles" portfolio pages.  Take some home as homework.

April 20:
Work on Elements/Principles portfolio pages.  Should be writing descriptions by now.
Rest of week:  same 
Over the weekend - email your descriptions to Mrs. Smith

Mon, April 27:
few descriptions turned in. 
MUST email them tonight to Mrs. Smith.  No AT from now on.

Today:  Draw 4 fashion figures, add clothes.  Color in the first 4 color schemes on color wheels.  Then use those schemes and color in the clothing on the 4 figures.  Turn in these 2 sheets, plus the color wheel sheet with "x's" from last week.  Due today.

Wed, April 29:
Continue working on portfolio - have Mrs. Smith review your drafts.

Fri, May 1:
Remember to bring pillowcase fabric by Monday.
Draw 5 figures (croquis) and apply color schemes.  Due today

Mon, May 4:
Pillowcase fabric should be here byWednesday.
Draw last 2 figures and apply color schemes.  Due today. 9 Color Schemes + original Notesheet with x's.
Post Test 

Wed, May 6:
Pillowcase fabric should be here today.
Portfolios due - Elements and Principles.

Coming UP (tentative):
Your personal body type
Zipper Bag

Do not work below this line - Teacher Reference only...

Fri, 9/13:
Signature Slips Due
Finish notebook collageWed, 9/18:
Finish Color Wheel and post on the wall. 
Sewing Supplies Due today. Be sure to label with a permanent marker.

Fri, 9/20: no school, non-student day

Mon, 9/23:
Continue Sketching Practice - fold paper into 8sections, draw sketches on large spaces, then medium, then smaller - will finish Wednesday.

Wed, 9/25:
Finish practicing sketches on different size spaces.
Practice sketching body angles - "eyeball" angles in photos of 20 figures (provided). Finish today all 7 lined sketches today.  Will be turning in binder for a grade check on Friday.

Fri, 9/27:
Binders in for Grade Check.
FMake Shabby Chic Raggy Edge Flower Embellishment?

Sat. 9/29:  Volunteer Opportunity:  "Project Linus" at Pacific Fabrics from 12 to 5pm.  Just show up and tell them you are interested in helping.

Mon, 9/30:
Fabric Basics - woven fabric grainlines/how to tear fabric.   Measurement.
Begin basic hand-stitches:  threading, knot, running stitches 1/2", 1/4".

Wed, Oct 2:
Continue Basic Hand-stitches:  1/8" running stitch, diagonal, cross, backstitch

Fri, Oct 4 (Homecoming) short period
continue stitches.

Mon, Oct 7
Begin "Elements of Design".
Video Notes: Principles of Design
Find example of "Line"

Wed, Oct 9:
Begin "Principles of Design"
Video Notes: Elements of Design.
Find examples of all four "Line" types. Find photo, sketch your own design for each. Title page and write a paragraph describing how line is obvious in this design.

Fri, Oct 11:
Revisit Dot-to-dot activity.
Continue with designs.

Mon, Oct 14:
Continue with designs/sketches for each element/principle.

Wed, Oct 16:  short period due to testing.
List of elements/principles required in fashion portfolio.
Project Runway - Finale Season 12, episode 13 - Finale Part 1.

Fri, Oct 18:  No School, Teacher Day

Mon, Oct 21
Showed images of all the elements and principles of design.
Continue working:  1 photo, 1 sketch, 1 paragraph describing each for each of the Elements & Principles listed.
Due Friday or possibly Monday.

Wed, Oct 23:
Continue working on elements and principles as described on Monday. 
Note:  Examples of all categories are now on this website under Handouts for reference.

Fri, Oct 25:

Continue as above - due end of class on Monday.

Mon, Oct 28:
Elements and Principles Portfolio Exampes due - extended through Friday, Nov 1.

Wed, Oct 30:

Fri, Nov 1:
Portfolios Due

Mon, Nov 4:
Continue with basic hand stitches - utilitarian and decorative

Wed, Nov 6:
Continue with more stitches:  herringbone, blanket, feather.

Fri, Nov 8:
Finish up stitch samplers.   Turn in by next Friday - finish as homework - no more in class time - will be moving on.  Label all stitches, make you have done a complete line of each.

Wed, Nov 13:
Stitches Due Friday - 10pts each stitch, 1 full line of each, labeled, stapled to sheet of  paper.
"Fashion Capitals" Slideshow Worksheet.  Trends, Fads, Style, Classics, etc.

Fri, Nov 15:
Stitches due - 10pts each.
Video:  "History of Fashion" - Write down 10 things you learn from slideshow.

Mon, Nov 18: Jr/Sr Assembly - short period 3
Video:  Color Analysis - Personal Color Palettes. 

Wed, Nov 20:
Drape colors.   Assignment - find 5 examples of colors that will look good on you.

Fri, Nov 22:
Finish Color Assignment - due today (if not finished get ext from teacher and bring finished at beginning of period on Monday)

Mon, Nov 25:
Color Schemes - Intro and begin assignment - Worksheet
Begin "Color Schemes" - color in circles and rectangles with appropriate colors

Mon, Dec 2:
 "Color Schemes" and find 1 photo/sketch example of each - mount on paper, label, turn in on Wednesday.

Wed, Dec 4:
"Color Emphasis"

Fri, Dec 6:
Begin "Get Acquainted with Machines"
Safety Information

Mon, Dec 9:
Parts of the Machine assignment - do not turn in yet.
How to get out, put away, bobbin cases, bobbins, etc.

Wed, Dec 11:
How to Thread Machines
How to Insert Bobbin Cases
How to begin stitching - practice on paper, then begin Page 1 - 1/4, 1/2, 5/8inch lines around paper.

Fri, Dec 13:
Continue machine practice
Hand out "Final Line" project instructions - read while not sewing.

Mon, Dec 16:
continue machine practice - be very accurate, review how to measure correct distance
How to Wind Bobbin
check in Fabric, mark for trimming

Wed, Dec 18:
Pillowcases - Teacher Demo.  Stitch/Turn.  Will finish on Friday.

Fri, Dec 20:
Snow Day - School Closed.  We will finish the pillowcases after break...for those of you who were using them as holiday gifts, I am so sorry...I guess they will now have to be belated gifts... I HAVE POSTED THE PILLOWCASE INSTRUCTIONS ON MY WEBSITE IN CASE YOU HAVE A MACHINE AND WANT TO MAKE NEW ONES AT HOME (I have revised the instructions a bit and have changed the part about pin direction - just pin perpendicular - forget about the "horizontal" direction - it's not necessary).

Mon, Jan 6:

Begin "Final Line"  Assignment
Finish Pillowcases by Wednesday

Wed, Jan 8:
Finish Pillowcases - Due today - 50 pts.

Fri, Jan 10:
Work on "Final Line" assignment
Those who aren't finished, turn in pillowcases.

Mon, Jan 13
Finish "Final Line" assignment - Turn in today 80 pts

Wed, Jan 15
"Final Line" Presentations

Fri, Jan 17:
"Final Line" Presentations

Wed, Jan 22:
Finish Presentations 
Final Assessment/Evaluation

Monday, 9/24:
2nd half - Review Red Carpet photos and analyze for use of Elements of Design (as a class).

Wednesday, 9/26:
Basics of Fabric/Textiles: Lengthwise/Crosswise/Bias(diagonal), selvage, raw edge processing fabric.
Basic hand stitching for use in construction, embellishment, repair, etc.

Wed, 10/3:
Put binder contents in order according to Table of Contents chart.  check off what is there.
Continue with basic hand stitching - check off on scoresheet and attach.  Re-do lines if they need improvement.

Fri, 10/5:
Finish hand stitching - take home for homework if need more time - due Monday. 

Mon 10/8:
Turn in hand stitching.

Mon 10/22
Video  "The Power of Color"
Jelly Beans/Starburst

Color Theory:  Aligning individual color palettes with fabric/design choices for the most flattering result. 
                         The personality/emotion/meaning of color in terms of mood, perception, attitudes
Assignment:  In pairs, determine the most flattering color choices for your own wardrobes. 

Wed, 10/24:
Test on Monday 
Experiment with fabric color collections.
Assignment:  Notesheet and Examples of each palette.  Due today.
Assignment for Sketchbook: 
      Title Page "My Personal Color Palette", d
      Describe your skin, hair and eyes,
      Briefly summarize your season.  Find 5 examples of clothing in your best colors. Mount on white or black
      paper. Due today.

Fri, 10/26:
Finish 5 examples and turn in today.

Mon, 10/29:
Watch Season 10 "Project Runway" semi-finale - using a theme to create a collection/line.  What is "cohesive"?
Begin to analyze the color wheel and color combinations, ex:  primary, secondary, etc. and how these combinations
    can be applied to design for specific effects and results.  Complete Notesheet of Color Terms/Combinations - do
    not turn in - will be your resource for "Color Schemes" assignment below.
Color in the 9 color scheme charts on "Color Schemes" assignment. 

Wed 10/31:
Cut color schemes apart, keeping labels.

Draw a "proportioned" "croqui" for each color scheme in your sketchbook, design clothing for it - color in  
appropriate color scheme (9 drawings total, 2-3 per pg if you desire). Do this on regular paper and then mount on black paper and glue label and sketch onto black paper.  Use colored pencils, not markers.
Finish Season 10 "Projet Runway" Finale.
Make Shabby Chic Raggy Edge Flower Embellishment.

Fri, 11/2
Finish Color Scheme sketches and mounting.  Turn in today if possible, Monday at latest.

Mon 11/5:
Finish Color Scheme sketches and mounting.  Turn in by today at the latest.
Choose a designer, research using questions provided.  Create a 10-slide powerpoint with pictures.  To be presented next Monday.  Try to do today, can finish Wednesday if there isn't time.

Wed 11/7:
Continue preparing Designer Powerpoint Presentations.
Finish "Color Scheme" sketches if not yet done. 

Friday, 11/9:
Finish Designer PowerPoints - print small slides of powerpoint and turn in.

Wed, 11/14:
Designer Powerpoint Reports
Turn in notes on today's designer reports.
How to select patterns - pj's.  Look at patterns on line.

Friday, 11/16? depending on time:
Finish Powerpoint Designer Reports
Look for PJ Patterns and get them approved by teacher.
How to measure to determine pants size as well as other basic measurements.

Try to Purchase pattern and flannel/cotton by 11/26  (no fleece or knit - too thick and too challenging for 1st project)

Mon, 11/19:
Video:  CoCo Chanel - turn in notes by end of class

Wed, 11/20-11/27:  Thanksgiving Break

Monday, 11/26:
Begin Basics of sewing machines.  Learn machine, how to thread, wind bobbin, practice stitching/stitches.

Wednesday, 11/28:
Continue with machine
If time, pattern and fabric layout.

Mon, 12/3:
Learn sewing machines - begin paper stitching samples.

Wed, 12/5:
Paper Stitching Samples

Frid, 12/7:
Finish stitching samples.
Those finished, begin fabric seam sample.  How to lay out a pattern on fabric.

Mon. 12/10:
Lay out fabric/pattern

Wed. 12/12:
Finish laying out and cutting out fabric/pattern;  How to mark;  Begin sewing seams following pattern instructions.

Fri 12/14:
continue as above.

Mon. 12/17:
continue as above.

Wed. 12/19:
Teacher demo - how to turn, press, trim inner seam, prepare waistband.
continue as above - should be stitching zig zag and seams by now.

Friday. 12/21:
continue as above.  Stitch seams together.  Waistband/elastic.  Pants hems.
If finished, turn in with evaluation slip.

Winter Break

Mon Jan 7, 2013:
Turn in pj pants with evaluation scoresheet.
Finish pj pants.
If finished with pj pants, make fused card wallet.

Wed Jan 9, 2013:
Finish pj pants.
Make fused card wallet.

Fri Jan 11, 2013:
Project Runway All Stars? 

Wed. Jan 23 (P1,3,5) - Finals in P1,3,5:  Last Day of class.
Final Test on Elements/Principles of Design, Basics of Fabric/Patterns, basic stitching.

Future Events:
Body Styles/Proportions.  How to determine body style, how Elements/Principles allow a designer to emphasize or
              downplay characteristics of the body for the most flattering design.  "ectomorph, mesomorph, etc. " Assignment:  "Creating Illusion With Color"
Test:  Elements/Principles, Fabric basics, Sketching date to be announced.
Speaker:  Andee from The Art Institute
Design Activity:  Maverick Stampede to Fashion 
Sewing on buttons correctly
Video:  Why Buttons Have Shoes          
Video:  History of Fashion
w/s:  Match the decade with the fashion trends  - turn in  
Add at least 1 picture of an architectural design that could be used
in a fashion concept.
Embellish an item of your choice.
Introduction to Sewing Machines?
Th 12/3    Learn to use the machine
F 12/5      Practice machine stitching.
T 12/8     Finish machine practice, begin intro project
F 12/11    Work on snap bags
WEEK 18:
T 1/12   Measuring to Select the Correct Pattern Size - start looking at flannel/cotton for pj pants -
Machine Practice Stitching pgs 3, 4, 5, 6
Finish Machine Stitching pgs 3,4,5,6 - due today.
Semester 2
T 2/2    How fabric is made? Types of fabric?  Body Types?  Basic Seams.  TBD
Th 2/4   Get acquainted with your pattern.  
Begin laying out pj pants.
Create something out of recycled denim jeans.
Upcycle/Recycle something you already own but don't use often.
Embellishments:  flowers, prairie points, embroidery, decorative machine stitching.
T-shirt Upcycle.

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