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Chef School 2 FALL 2016-17

Chef 2 Daily Activities/Assignments/Instructions

Thurs, 9/22:
Assignment:  Begin "Safety/Sanitation" ppt.  Will finish next week.
Lab:  Orange Julius (blender safety)

Fri, 9/23 (1-6):
Lab:  Banana Ice Cream.  (Healthy alternatives, food processor how-to and safety)

Tues, 9/27:
Knife Skills/Safety
Lab:  Bruschetta

Do not work below this line - teacher information

Previous Class Information Below - FALL, 2015


Wed 9/9:
Intro and Get Acquainted

Thurs 9/10:

Fri 9/11:
Utensils/Tools - keep for now
Measurement - finish next week

Mon 9/14:
Cooking at Home due Wed - just your plan for approval
Library - Chef Bios
Set Up Composition Books

Wed, 9/16:
Finish, check and turn in "Utensils" worksheets
Finish, check and turn in "Measurements" worksheets.  Demonstrate measuring skills to teacher.
Begin "Safety/Sanitation Food Workers" notesheet.  To be continued in future classes.

Fri, 9/18:
"Shake Down" lab acclimation.   Make single-serve "Brownie in a Mug" dessert.
Watch "Safety in the Kitchen"
Tape "Reflection worksheet" into Comp Book on page 10.  Answer reflection questions.

Mon, 9/21:
Cowboy Cookies - practice lab to review terms, equipment, lab procedures.

Wed, 9/23: tentative
Practice Lab:  Orange Julius (care of blender, lab management)
Begin Microwave Unit/Mother Sauces -Bechamel (mornay):
    Pre-test,  teacher information,  lab instructions for Monday.

Fri, 9/25 (early release):
Microwave/Bechamel (mornay)/Table Setting Basic - review.  5 things you learned yesterday about microwave and bechemel that you didn't know before - put into Comp Book pg 15.

Mon, 9/28:
Lab:  Microwave Potatoes, Bechemel Sauce (Mornay),  garnish, table setting, food service

Wed, 9/30:
"Comfort Foods" definition and regional variations on cobblers.
Lab:  Peach Cobbler, whip cream.
How to peel a peach/blanching

Mon, 10/5
Lab:  Irish Soda Bread for Wednesday.
Test:  Microwave Cooking/Bechemel/Mornay Sauce, Tablesetting


Pre-Quiz:  Professional omelets for a crowd, egg cookery, quickbreads
Review Egg Cookery concepts
Demo:  2 fold omelets for a crowd - how to make multiple custom omelets quickly for large numbers (2-fold, w water, for a crowd, in a bowl/ladel)

Wed, 10/7:
Lab:  Omelets for a Crowd, Irish Soda Bread, Plating/Garnishing
Review Egg Cookery, quickbreads

Reminder:  "Cooking at Home 1" due October 30.

Fri, 10/9:
Healthy Desserts:  Banana Ice Cream (banana, dark chocolate, strawberry and cream), using the Food Processor

Mon. 10/12: (Equipment/Appliances - multiple use,  yeast, uniformity, time management)
Lab:  Food Processor Pizza

Wed. 10/14: Testing Day:  short periods
Register for Tech Prep in library computer lab
Summary:  "Interesting Food Facts" - 3 paragraphs w sources,  to be presented Friday or Monday.  Due today, printed..

Fri. 10/16: (convenience foods when time is limited;  turning out onto a plate - upside down recipes)
Lab:  Caramel Pull-a-Parts

Tues. 10/20: (regional cooking;  chocolate, custard in a double boiler;  uniformity, neatness of presentation)
Reminder:  Leadership Pts, Cooking at Home due 10/30 (2 weeks)
Reminder:  Advisory Dinner Helpers 10/28
Lab: Nanaimo Bars

Monday, 10/26:
"Interesting Food Facts" sharing (if time)
Review Yeast information - put in Comp Book
Blue Ribbon Award - Uniformity of Nanaimo Bars
"How to Cut Up a Chicken " - videos, notesheet for Comp Book, possible demo
      Safety/Sanitation with poultry, "dredge", oven-fry/bake.
How to make a proper salad.
How to cook pasta correctly.

Wednesday, 10/28:
Remind About Tonight - helpers at CTE Advisory Meeting
Cut up Chickens, safety-sanitation with poultry, "dredge", oven-fry/bake.
Prep salad ingredients for Caesar Pasta Salad.

Friday, 10/30:
Warm chicken, combine salad ingredients.
Set tables for a dinner meal, then enjoy.

Mon, Nov 2:
Review chicken principles, salad principles
Pastry:  single pie crust, double.  Make pie crust today.

Wed, Nov 4:
Make pumpkin pies, snickerdoodle pies

Fri, Nov 6: sub
Serve pies, whipping cream.

Mon, Nov 9:
Intro to How to Make Sushi
Prep rice for sushi on Friday

Wed, Nov 11: holiday - Veteran's Day

Friday, Nov 13 

Mon, Nov 16:
prep Pie Dough for double crust apple pie
prep stuffing for Cornish hens
prep carrots for Wednesday

Wed, Nov 18:
Cornish hens, stuffing, potatoes/carrots
Apple Pie

Fri, Nov 20:
Set tables, enjoy hens and pie

Mon, Nov 23:

Nov 30
Eggs Benedict

Wed. Dec 2:
Cream Pies

Fri. Dec 4:
Make Meringue and serve pies

Mon. Dec 7:

Wed. Dec 9:
Espresso Caramels
Cut and wrap caramels from Mon.

Fri. Dec 11: 25 minutes periods - Early Dismissal
Wrap and package caramels

Mon, Dec 14:
Meat:  Cuts, Appropriate Cooking Methods for cuts, Doneness.
Lab:  Steak - Broiling Guidelines
         Chop Salad

Wed, Dec 16
Meat/Protein:  Doneness/Pork, egg meals
Lab: Egg Brunch Casserole.  

Fri, Dec 18:
Computer Lab - Interesting Facts
Select a seafood recipe for week after break.

- Winter Break - 
Jan 4: Seafood (Protein)
Choose new groups
Cooking at Home due 1/15 (Fri)
Pan-fried Fish/Baked healthy fries

Jan 6:
Seafood: different recipe for each group
Jan 8:

Yeast:  Make 30-min Parmesan Italian Breadsticks

Jan 11:

Homemade Pasta from scratch

Jan 13:

Fettucini Chicken Alfredo

Jan 15:
Cooking at Home Due!!

Jan 20: (Shaping, pastry)
Fortune Cookies

Jan 22:  (Roux, Binders, Appeal)

Swedish Meatballs/Noodles/Gravy

Jan 25:

Leadership Points Due!!

Chicken Florentine, Straw Julius

Jan 27:

"The Hundred Foot Journey" - Michelin Ratings, Gastro Cuisine, Culinary Training/Passion

Coming Up:

History of Cooking


CHEF 2 SEMESTER 1, FALL 2014-2015

Wed, Sept 3 - 1st day - 1/6 Day:

  • Intro to Chef 2
  • Get Acquainted Questionnaire - due today
  • Get Acquainted Activity - using questionnaire, introduce another person to the class.

Thurs, Sept 4 - 1/6 Day:

  • Class Expectations - parent signature due Friday.
  • Hand out Leadership Points, "Cooking at Home" forms - explain how each works.

Friday, Sept 6 - 1/6 Day:  Libarary

  • "Meet the Chef 2 Chefs" - Given 12 questions, answer 8 out of 12.  Be sure to use full sentences, explain, describe and tell "why" you answered as you did, check grammar and spelling.  Leave space to add a picture of you next week. Add some clip art to enhance your page.  Print and turn in today.  If absent, go to Chef 2 handouts to find assignment.  Finish as homework and bring in on Tuesday.

Tuesday, Sept 9:
1)  Turn in signature slip if you didn't on Friday
2)  Take Photos for "Meet the Chefs"
3)  Turn in parent signature slip if you haven't already.
4)  Remember to bring your $10 fee - pay at office, show receipt to Mrs. Smith
5)  Consider getting your Food Worker's Permit - show card to Mrs. Smith
6)  Measurement Review due today.
7)  Begin "Safety and Sanitation" ppt - will finish Thursday.
8) "Cooking at Home" Approval due Friday

Thursday, Sept 11:

1)  see above for due dates so far.
2)  Finish "Safety and Sanitation" ppt - due today.
3)  Behavior Styles - What is your Style when working with others?
4)  "Kitchen Safety" - video
5)  "COoking at Home" approval due Friday.

Friday, Sept 12:  1-6 Day
1)  Cooking at Home approval due today.  Turn in to tray.
2)  Quiz:  Measurement 28pts.
3)  Cowboy Cookies - Analyze recipe and "draw" the steps so you can visualize them.  Should have at least 10.

Tues, Sept 16:
1)  Return Cooking at Home approvals - correct and return by Thurs if not yet approved.
2)  Finish Lab Equipment Assignment and turn in to tray if you haven't already.
3)  Room Procedures/Tour
4)  Make Cowboy Cookies - follow task assignments, get teacher approval for clean up.

Thurs, Sept 18:
Pre-Lesson Questions
Lesson:  Microwave Cooking Concepts,  The "Mother Sauces" - How to make Béchamel/Mornay (Roux)
Post Lesson Questions due today.
Lab:  Baked Potatoes, Cheese Sauce (Béchamel/Mornay) from scratch, basic tablesetting

Fri, Sept 19:
Notesheets to review yesterday's lessons.
Basic vs More formal Tablesetting

Tues, Sept 23:
Lab:  Nanaimo Bars (Regional Cooking, Cooking for an Audience, Double Boilers, Timing)
Video:  Kitchen Safety

Thursday, Sept 25:
Cut up Nanaimo Bars into uniform pieces for CTE Advisory Dinner - cooking for an audience
Garnish - how to, purpose
Egg Cookery - cook French omelets for large numbers of people quickly, garnish for appealing presentation
    -  review assessment
    -  demo
    -  market order
Cut up bananas for future healthy cooking experience
Study time for Measuring re-take quiz tomorrow.

Fri, Sept 26: 1/2 day - 25 min periods
Measurement Re-take Quiz
Quickbread Video: Irish Soda Bread - to go with omelets on Tuesday..

Tues, Sept 30:  (Cook for a Crowd, Time Management of Multiple Recipes/Activities, Tablesetting, Garnish)
Lab:  Garnished Omelets for a group and Quickbread side (Irish Soda Bread)

Thurs, Oct 2:
Homemade Pasta - from scratch - no machine.

Fri, Oct 3: Homecoming - Assembly Day)
Fettuccini Chicken Alfredo using homemade pasta.  
Accompaniment:  30 Minute Parmesan Breadsticks

Tues, Oct 7:  (How to properly cook pasta; time management for multi-part meals; yeast review;  reading and following recipe steps all the way through before starting; tablesetting; garnishing)
Lab:  Fettuccini Chicken Alfredo
Accompaniment:  30 Minute Parmesan Breadsticks

Thurs, Oct 9: (What is comfort food?  Regional Food - Southern;  difference between crisps, cobblers, betties, kuchens, pie crust; how to properly whip cream, "cutting fat into dry ingredients")
Lab:  Peach Cobbler
Review/Post Assessments:  Egg Cookery, Pasta

Fri, Oct 10: (Healthy Alternatives, Fruit)
Lab:  Banana Ice Cream - vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free
Reminders:  Cooking at Home due 10/31
                     Leadership Points due 1st week of Nov.

Tues, Oct 14: (Poultry - Cutting Up, Oven-frying, Prep potatoes, Eggs - hard boil, Knife Skills Slice/Dice, Time Management w cooling periods)
How to Cut Up Poultry - videos and demo
How to Boil Potatoes and Hard-boil Eggs - Prep potatoes and eggs today.
Lab Worksheet due ?   to be announced

Thurs, Oct 16:  (Earthquake/Evac Drill 9am)  
Cut up chickens, assemble potato salad, put chicken in ovens (to be eaten tomorrow)

Fri, Oct 17: (Table Setting/Service, sharing food with others)
Set tables appropriately for this meal, serve chicken/potato salad, sit together and enjoy!
Start Worksheet/Notes for next week.  Keep for next week.

Tues, Oct 21:  Intro to Eggs Benedict:  
Hollandaise (French "Mother Sauce") - how to separate eggs;  How to Poach Eggs;  Upscale recipes;  Time Management and Time Prioritizing;  Garnishing.

Thurs, Oct 23:  Prepare Eggs Benedict
Turn in notes

Fri, Oct 24:  No School - Teacher Day

Tues, Oct 28:  Beef/Pork;  Cultural Foods;  Methods to prepare meatballs/binding agents;  Browning; How to Make Bread Crumbs from scratch,  Food cost economy;  Complimentary tastes/textures.
Make breadcrumbs, Prep Meatballs.  
Make applesauce?  if time.

Thurs, Oct 30:  (How to Properly Cook Rice)
Make rice,  heat up meatballs.  
Set table, sit as a group.  

Fri, Oct 31: Halloween
"Cookie Friday"

Tues, Nov 4: Time Management/Make Ahead Foods/Convenience - selecting appropriate for time
Reminder:  Leadership Points due FRiday!!!!!!!
Lab:  Prep "Apple-Cinnamon French Toast" to be baked and eaten on Thurs.  Needs to chill overnight.
Lab:  Convenience: "Easy Apple Dumplings"  eat today.

Thurs, Nov 6:  Make Ahead
Lab:  Heat and Serve "Apple -Cinnamon French Toast"  Set table for a purpose - dessert.  Serve/enjoy.
Lab:  Prep "Impossible Bacon Pie" - Make ahead and convenience - makes it's own crust.

Fri, Nov 7:  (End of Quarter) Make Ahead/Convenience
Turn in Leadership Points
Lab:  Heat and serve "Impossible Bacon Pie" - make ahead and convenience.
Set table for a dessert.
Draw and color a 3 food meal.  Turn in  - due today. 
Thurs, Nov 13: (Pastry - single, unbaked crust/Custard; Garnishing/Decorating)
Lab:  Pumpkin Pie - Prep

Fri, Nov 14: Meal Planning incorporating 5 primary "appeals".
Serve - Pumpkin Pie, Whip Cream
Make pie crust dough disks to freeze for double crust pie lab in future.
Bake off leftover dough - "snacks" - cinn/sugar pie crust
Turn in request for new groups

Tues, Nov18:
Cornish Hens/Stuffing Prep

Thurs, Nov 20:  (Poultry, Sauces-Gravy, Healthy Veg Options)
Cornish Hens/Stuffing/Mashed Potatoes/Gravy/Spaghetti Squash

Fri, Nov 21:  Meal Planning w Appeal
"Meals w Appeal"  - analyze your drawing from last week,  then draw a new meal incorporating all of the appeals.  due today.

Tuesday,  Nov. 25
Lab:  Holiday Cookies - refrigerator, new recipes

Thanksgiving Break - Happy Turkey Day!   
Tuesday, Dec 2:  Baking - presentation

 Prep:  2crust Pies:  Apple Pie Prep - serve on Thurs.

Thurs, Dec 4:  (Cooking with Sugar - stages, temperatures)
Serve Pies
Prepare Caramels

Fri, Dec 5:  (Food as Gifts)
"Cooking at Home Plan" due today (need recipe and parent signature)
Cut, wrap, package Caramels

Tues, Dec 9: (Cultural Food, types of rice, how to make Sushi/California Rolls):
Lab: Prep Rice
Intro to Sushi - How to..examples

Thurs. Dec 11: (Cultural Food, Garnishing/Presentation):
Prepare and serve sushi/California Rolls

Fri, Dec. 12: (short periods 25 min):
Blue Ribbon Awards!
Review Sushi (P1 - worksheet 1-15)

Tues: Dec 16: (Convenience - Melting Chocolate, Food as Gifts)
Peppermint Bark

Thurs, Dec 18: (Intro to Ganache Process, Multi-Step Recipes, Holiday Presentation)
Lab: Various Jelly Roll Cakes

Fri, Dec 19:  Go to Computer Lab
Gingerbread House Tour/Vote - Chef 1
Report:  Interesting Food Topic to share next Tues.  Due today.

Winter Break

Tues, Jan 6:  (Convenience)

Reminder:  Cooking at Home due Th Jan 15.
Finish Sushi Worksheet - turn in today.  
Lab:  Easy Apple Dumplings

Thurs, Jan 8: (Cooking/Organizing for large numbers;  Review: yeast dough, knife skills, cooking meat, saute/brown):
Lab:  Team Pizza 

Fri, Jan 9:
Present "Interesting Food Topic Facts" from Dec 19
Intro:  How to make meringue(s);  Cream Pies/Single Crust from scratch

Tues, Jan 13:  Review:  Pastry - Single Crust Cooked, Eggs/Meringue, Cooking Terms/Techniques
Lab:  Cream Pies (Vanilla, Banana, Lemon Meringue)
Sign up for Tech Prep.

Thurs, Jan 15:  Pan-Fry (alt to deep fry), Seafood Techniques, Dredge, Healthy Alternatives (baked fries)
Lab:  Fish and Chips (Baked Fries)
Reminder:  Register for Tech Prep

Fri, Jan 16:  
Review cream pies, pan-fry/baked fries.  
Finish Presentations - P4 "Interesting Facts"
Demo/Practice - Fortune Cookies

Tues, Jan 20:
Lab:  Fortune Cookies

Thurs, Jan 22:  (Meals w Appeal; Knife Skills; Presentation - shells; Fruit Punch w real fruit; Time Management - division of work/teamwork; Tablesetting)
Lab:  Taco Salad with Baked Shell Bowls, Faux Churros, Fruit Faux Sangria
Leadership Pts due
Exit Slip:  "Meals With Appeal"

Fri, Jan 23:  no 2, 4, 6

Mon, Jan 26:  1-6

Tues, Jan 27:  2, 4, 6 - Finals in 2, 6   (Last day for P2)

Thurs, Jan 29:  P3/4 - Finals 3/4  Early Dism

Coming Up:
Mozzarella video?



 Fri, Jan 31: Logical Equipment Organization for Efficiency
"Equipment - Where does everything belong?" worksheet.  Due today to tray.

Tues, Feb 4: Food Safety/Sanitation
Measurement Review - return, correct errors and return for recovery points - due today.
Finish Safety/Sanitation Ppt - due today.
Room Tour/Procedures for Thurs.

 Thurs, Feb 5:  Reading Recipes, Basic Terms
Cookie Lab Review/Skills for recipe reading. 
Lab 1:  Cowboy Cookies

ues, Feb 11:  Regional/Cultural Foods, Precision/Uniformity, Quick/Efficient Proccesses
Lab:  Fortune Cookies for class
Finish correcting Measurement worksheeet

Thurs, Feb 13:  Uniformity/Packaging, Adding Celebratory Features
Lab:  Fortune Cookies for MHS - uniformity, packaging

Thurs, Feb 20: Microwave Concepts, The Mother Sauces #1 - Bechamel, Tablesetting/Presentation
Lab:  Microwave Concepts, Basic White Sauce (baked potatoes, basic cheese sauce from scratch, tablesetting)

Fri, Feb 21: Up-Scale Gourmet Ingredients (quail, fois gras, etc.)/Up-scale Presentation
Update and correct Pre-TEst for Microwave, Basic White Sauce, tablesetting - turn back in to tray today.
Video:  1st half of Finale of "The Taste"

Tues, 2/25:  Double Crust Fruit Pies/Presentation Variations
Pre-Quiz:  Pie and Pastry Pre-Quiz
Basics of Making Pies and Pie Crusts.
Video Demos:  Apple Pie w lattice/decorative top crust
Lab:  Mix crust dough and put in frig for Thurs.
Video:  "Last half of "The Taste" - if time.

Thurs, 2/27: (Cooking with Fruit)
Lab:  Apple Pies - double crust, basic pie crust

Fri, 2/28: (Creating Volume and "soft peaks" with appropriate tools)
Lab:  Warm and serve Pies/Whip Cream
Turn in completed registration materials. Due Tuesday.

Tues, 3/4: (Cultural Cooking, Quickbreads)
Pre-Quiz:  French Omelets for a Crowd; Quickbread Rev, TSetting, Garnish options
Lab:  Make Irish Soda Bread for Thursday.

Thurs, 3/6:  (Egg Cookery, French Omelets for Large Groups, Quickbreads, Cultural Foods, Garnish/Plating, Uniformity/Precision)
Lab:  French Omelets for a Crowd, Irish Soda Bread, OJulius

Fri, 3/7: 
Make corrections to Pre-Quiz on Omelets, Quickbreads, TSet, Garnishing
P6:  Finish "The Taste"

Tues, 3/11:  (Preparing Food Efficienty for Large Groups - Teamwork/Division of Tasks for Efficiency, Working w/Others - employability skills)
"Team" Pizza - making food for large groups - dividing up the labor.
Individual pizzas.  Groups divided into dough, veggies/fruit, cheese/sauce. 
Individual Evaluation due today to tray.

Thurs, 3/13:  Regional Food, "Comfort" Food, Variations for Convenience, Variations on Cobblers - regional versions (crisp, crumble, grunts, pandowdy, slumps, buckles, pan dowdy, sonker, betty/brown betty)
Lab: Peach Cobbler, Whipped Cream - "comfort food", fruit.
"Peach Cobbler Individual Evaluation" due today to tray.
"Cobblers and Variations of" worksheet due today to tray

Fri, 3/14:  (Using Convenience Foods for Saving Time)
Lab: Easy Apple Dumplings

Tues, 3/18:  (Up-Scale Egg Presentation/Cookery;  The Mother Sauces #2 - Hollandaise, Garnish/Plate, Uniformity, Tablesetting)
How to make Eggs Benedict (lab for Thurs). How to tell if an egg is fresh.
Video and Instruction:  "How to Poach Eggs"
Video and instruction:  "How to Make Hollandaise Sauce" - double boiler, emulsification
How to Garnish and Plate Eggs Benedict;  Uniformity; Tablesetting

Thurs, 3/20:
Lab:  Eggs Benedict

Fri, 3/21:  No School, Teacher Day

Tues, 3/25:
Correct Pie/Pastry Pre-Assessments
Correct Peach Cobbler/Whip Cream Pre-Assessments

Thurs, 3/27:  (Regional Cooking, Multi-layer Recipes, Recognize Time Requirements of a Recipe (w chill, etc.), Adjust Recipes to Consider special needs, i.e. allergies)
Lab:  Nanaimo Bars
Leadership Pts due today

Cooking at Home due today

Fri, 3/28:  End of Quarter (Fruit Composition, Healthy Snacks)
Lab:  Banana Ice Cream

Tues, 4/1: (Poultry Parts - How to Cut Up,  Knife Skills: dice-sm,med,lg), Recognize Time Requirements/Management/Planning of a Recipe (w/chill), Egg Cookery, Boil Veggies,  Bake/Oven-Fry Chicken - doneness):
Prep for Thurs Lab:  Cut Up Chicken, Boil Potatoes, Hard Boil Eggs, Prep Flour Coating (dredge) for Chicken

Thurs, 4/3:  (Presentation/Garnish, Tablesetting)
Lab:  Oven Fried Chicken, Potato Salad. 

Fri, 4/4:  (Convenience Products to save Time)
Lab:  Caramel Pull-a-parts

Spring Break

Tues, 4/15: (Cultural Cooking/Etiquette, Equipment, Cooking Starch, Knife Skills-julienne, Artistic/Creative Presentation, Time Management/Recognition of a Recipe, Intro to New Flavors/Seasonings)

Intro to "How to Cook Sticky Rice" for California Rolls.
Lab:  Prep Sticky Rice for Thursday.
Intro to "How to Prepare California Rolls/Sushi"

Thurs, 4/16:
Sushi/California Rolls
Assignment:  Leadership Point form handed out for this quarter - due 6/13/14.
Assignment:  "Cooking at Home" form handed out for this quarter - 1 required - approval due by 4/24.
                       Option:  Do 1 more "Cooking at Home - approval due by 5/20, due 6/10

Fri, 4/18: (Cultural Etiquette)
Finish Sushi Worksheet (including "Sushi Etiquette" section) - Due today - turn in to tray.

Tues, 4/22:
Lab:  Snickerdoodles

Thurs, 4/24:  (Broil, Pan-Fry, Bake;  Cooking with Protein - safety, temperature, equipment, vulnerable populations;  Shaping, seasoning, preserving juiciness;  Timing multiple parts of a meal;  Tablesetting; Healthy alternatives (bake vs fried potatoes).
"Cooking at Home2" approval due today.
Hamburgers, Baked Fries

Fri, 4/25: No School - Teacher Day

Tues, 4/29:  (Cultural Flavors/Spices, Healthy Alternatives to fat-fry, )
Lab:  Rice Krispy Treats;  Prep Homemade Taco Seasoning, Baked Taco Shells

Thurs, 5/1: (Cultural Foods, Beef, Foods from scratch, Healthy Alternatives, Puff Pastry)
Lab:  Cinco de Mayo (early) - Taco Salad in Shells, Homemade Salsa, Baked Churros (puff pastry), Fruit non-alc Sangria

Fri, 5/2: (Types of Thermometers, Calibration/Equipment)
Review the week's activities, return papers.
Check and re-stock kitchens.
Maverick/Edmonds Chef Competition Photos
Intro to Candy Thermometers (calibrating for accuracy)
Select fudge recipe.

Tues, 5/6:  (Cooking sugar - using a candy thermometer to reach correct stages for various types of candy)
Lab:  Fudge (choice of Chocolate, Vanilla, Orange Creamsicle, Penuche)

Thurs, 5/8: (Cooking sugar - using candy thermometer to reach correct stages for various types of candy; Food as Gifts):
Cut, serve/eat, or package fudge for gifts.
Lab:  Salted Caramels

Fri, 5/9: (Inexpensive Packaging, Uniformity)
Package/sample caramels
Sign Up for Senior Sports Banquet on 5/28 if you want to earn leadership points.

Tues, May 13:  (How to cook pasta):
"Cooking at Home" due today. Read instructions on form for how to turn in.
Lab: Mac & Cheese Buffet Prep

Thurs, May 15  (How to cook pasta, cheese varieties, choosing correct recipe for appropriate venue/event):
Lab:  Mac & Cheese Buffet - rate each recipe - turn in sheet to tray
Review Questions:  How to Cook Pasta

Fri, May 16:  No School, Teacher Day

Tues, 5/20:  "Cooking at Home2" (optional) approval due.  (Quickbreads - Quality Cooking for Others/Events)
Lab:  Muffin/scones - for Senior Project Presentation nite.

Thurs, 5/22:  Shorter Period - Sr. Project Presentations
(How to broil meat, meat cuts, how to know when meat is at correct doneness; Mashed potatoes.  Choosing correct equipment/tools for the purpose)
Lab:  Broiled  or Pan Seared Beef, Mashed Potatoes

Fri, 5/23: (New, varied and interesting topics of interest related to this class)
Computer Lab.  Finish Beef Worksheets, "3 interesting Facts" assignment - For instructions, go to teacher website, click on "single apple" icon, go to bottom of list for Assignment instructions as well as Beef Worksheet information.

Tues, 5/27: Regular length period  (Searing, Seafood, Dredge, 1/4in Julienne, Time-Efficient Cutting/Tools/Methods, Healthy alternatives to deep-fat frying):
Lab: Pan Seared Fish and Baked Fries

Thurs, 5/29: Regular length period (If absent, see make-up instructions): Post-Secondary Culinary Fields and Training Possibilities/Preparation/Other Fields
Speaker: Stephanie from Johnson and Wales University. 
See Website Chef 2 Handouts for Make-up Assignment.due Fri 6/6.

Tues, June 3: Short Periods - Testing Schedule (Special desserts, Springform pans (tools/equipment), Yeast Bread Review, Soup Prep (roux, sweat vegs, dice/chop review, storage/cooling)

Lab: Prep:   Cheesecake OR Soup in Bread Bowls (to be finished/eaten on Thursday)

Thurs, Jun 5: short Periods - Testing Schedule
Lab: Finish Soup and Bread Bowls or Cheesecake

Fri, June 6:  Last Day to Earn Leadership Pts "In class":
 Test Review - 80 pt Final (multiple choice) - see below for Final Testing Dates.

Tues, June 10: P4&6(sr finals)  -  Regular Class Schedule 
"Cooking at Home3" (optional) due today - No late work accepted.



Tues, 9/10:
Chef Bio Photos
Hand out Leadership Points
Finish Review Activity Worksheet - turn in today.
Food Worker Safety/Sanitation PowerPoint - Notes 1/2 today, 1/2 Thurs.
Practice Handwashing with Glo Germ

Thurs, 9/12:
Food Worker Safety/Sanitation PowerPoint - Notes due today
Video:  Kitchen Safety
Review changes in Kitchen Equipment Locations/New Procedures. - Projector

Fri, 9/13:
Demo:  Colorado Cowboy Cookies

Tues, 9/17:
New Groups.
Lab #1:  Colorado Cowboy Cookies, OJulius.   Sit down to eat as a group.

Thurs, 9/19:

Fri, 9/20:  Teacher Day - No School

Tues, 9/24:
Introduction to "Sauces".  Basics of Microwaving.
Lab:  White Sauce/Cheddar Cheese Sauce;  Microwave Baked Potatoes

Thurs, 9/26:
Regional cooking, Cooking for an Event, Basic skill:  double boiler/melting chocolate
Lab:  Nanaimo Bars (for CTE Advisory Kick-off Dessert)
Demo? Hollandaise Sauce/Poached Eggs for Eggs Benedict next week.

Fri, 9/27:
Cut up Nanaimo Bars - give Mrs. Smith the best dozen cut uniformly 1.5x1.5in - wrap and put in frig.

Tues, 10/1:  Homecoming Week
Safety/Sanitation worksheets returned for review - teacher gave numbers to concentrate on for test.
Review skills from last 2 weeks - Microwave, white/bechamel sauce, general, double boilers.
Test Fri or next Tues - will announce on Thurs.
How to Poach Eggs, make Hollandaise Sauce, plate and garnish for Eggs Benedict on Thurs.

Thurs, 10/3:  Homecoming Week
Eggs Benedict, OJ - plate and garnish, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce.

Fri, 10/4:  Homecoming Day - Very short classes
How to separate an egg, debrief Eggs Benedict Lab/photos

Tues, 10/8:
Team Pizza Activity - work together AS A CLASS to create a pizza buffet for individual pizzas.
Reading and Interpreting Instructions, Teamwork, Time Management
Individual Evaluation/Reflection due today.

Thurs, 10/10:
Lab:  Omelets (restaurant style - 3 folds, ladeled into pans), Muffins - substitutions (make buttermilk), topping, zest.
Individual Evaluation/Reflection due today.

Fri, 10/11:
Types of Thermometers, Candy Thermometers, How to cook and clean-up when cooking with sugar, melting chocolate.

Tues, 10/15: spec sched assembly - shorter periods
Lab: Fudge - Irish Caramel Vanilla, Chocolate (Alton Brown), Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fudge
Individual Evaluation/Reflection due today.

Thurs, 10/17:
Cut and sample fudge.
Lab:   "Peach Cobbler/Whip Cream" - (regional cooking, types of pastry, peel/pit/slice peaches, "blanche", using proper equipment at correct temperature)
Turn in Individual Lab Evaluation/questions.

Fri, 10/18:  Teacher day - no school

Tues, 10/22:
Correct/complete answers on Cobbler Evaluation from Thurs and turn in again.
"Poultry" - How to cut up a whole chicken, prep for "Oven Fried Chicken", "Potato Salad" to make Thurs.
Videos:  Julia Child, Martin Yan, Allrecipes.com
Lab:  Cut up chicken, boil potatoes - cool and store, hard boil eggs - cool and store, prep flour for dredge.
Individual Evaluation of today's work due Thursday.

Thurs, 10/24:
Lab:  Oven Fried Chicken, Traditional Potato Salad. 
Evaluations due for today and Tuesday.  P6 Corrections to last week's Peach Cobbler lab.

Fri, 10/25:
Handed out Study Sheet for last few lab experience/learning.  Test next Tuesday or Thursday.
Lab:  Italian Sodas - Costing Food:  "Planning for a Crowd" - to be continued next week.
Video:  Martin Yan - "How to Cut Up a Chicken in 18 seconds"

Tues, 10/29:
Test Thurs.
Lab:  Pumpkin Roll - Libby's Traditional

Thurs, 10/31:
Test today.
Serve Pumpkin Roll Cakes - how to serve in uniform style if in a catering/event situation/Tablesetting
Prep Bananas for tomorrow.

Fri, 11/1:
Healthy Alternatives:  One-Ingredient Healthy Banana Ice Cream (with variations if desired)
Fill out If Wishes Were Fishes..." food requests next quarter

Tues 11/5:
Review Test if time.
Introduction to Pastry/Pie Crusts - make crust, divide in two disks, store for Thurs.

Thurs 11/7:
Make apple pies - to be eaten tomorrow.

Fri, 11/8:
Serve and eat apple pies. 
Tues, 11/12:
Prepare 6 kinds of homemade and fancy Macaroni and Cheese to be served on Thursday in a buffet.

Thurs, 11/14:
Serve and rate the 6 Macaroni and Cheese recipes.  Which recipes would work best in which kinds of restaurants?
Review Basics of Cooking Pasta - Test on Tuesday.
Review for Pie and Pasta Test next Tuesday.

Tues 11/19:
Pie/Pasta Test (if time)
"Roasting", "Nutritional Options"
Intro - Cornish Hens and How to Stuff Poultry.
Intro - Spaghetti Squash - versatile substitution for pasta.
Lab:  Make stuffing, prep birds

Thurs, 11/21:
"Roasting":  How to Stuff, Truss, Plate Poultry Meal
Lab:  Cornish Hens, Spaghetti Squash
Stuff and Roast hens, make squash, plate and serve.

Fri, 11/22:
Tests: Pies/Pastry and Pasta  43 pts

Tues, 11/26:
Lab:  Convenience Foods - Caramel Pull-a-Parts
Review Questions:  Cornish Hens/Squash/Stuffing due today

Tues, Dec 3:
return tests, return Review Questions to correct and return.
Cooking Methods - roast, bake, broil, poach, simmer, etc.
Prep for Sushi - notesheets (sushi etiquette)
Prepare rice.

Thurs, Dec 5:
Sushi/California Rolls
(sushi etiquette)

Fri, Dec 6:
correct older notesheets - turn back in for points

Tues, Dec 10
Prep Soup and Bread Bowl dough

Thurs, Dec 12:
Soup and Bread Bowls
3 extra soups P6 for Empty Bowls Nite tonight

Fri, Dec 13:
Review sushi worksheets - due today.

Tues, Dec 15:
Prepare cookie dough to chill until Thurs.  
Prepare holiday candy/snacks for Friday.

Thurs, Dec. 19:
Bake cookies.  Each group gets to keep 1 dozen of both cookies and candy.  The rest goes onto trays to be 
served on Friday for Gingerbread House activity.

Fri, Dec 20:
Snow Day - No School

Tues, Jan 7:
WS - "Meat Cooking Techniques and Cuts"
Prepare Market Order for Thurs - Choose Meat, Starch Side and Healthy Side

Thurs, Jan 9
Lab:  Prepare Meat and sides. 

Fri, Jan 10:
Tech Prep - Mrs. Dittmar
Prep for next week - Seafood or Pasta.  Cooking Methods, Timing a Meal, Planning a balanced meal with appeal

Tues, Jan 14 (2,4,6):
Lab:  Desserts - Cream:  Chocolate Mousse, Cream Pies

Thurs, Jan 16 (2,4,6):
Lab:  Seafood Meal:  Salmon, Halibut, Cod - baked, panfried, broiled, or poached w Baked Fries, Salad, Veg side

Fri, Jan 17 (all classes:
Test on Tues (P6) and Thurs (P4):  Sushi, Cooking Meat, Measurement
Clean and close kitchens

Tues, Jan 21 (2,4,6)
Clean and close kitchens
Leadership Points Due P6
Test:  P2 and 6
Regular Class P4 - extra period

Thurs, Jan 23 (P2 (short period), 4 & Early Release
Leadership Points Due P4
Test: P4

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