ABC's of Roosevelt

Roosevelt is a PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Systems) School

What is School-wide PBIS?

PBIS is an approach for assisting school personnel in establishing and organizing behavior interventions, strategies, and expectations school -wide. These behavioral expectations are integrated into a continuum that facilitates academic and social behavior outcomes for every student. PBIS supports all students and ensures their success by being proactive. Roosevelt's goal is to create a positive school environment by defining strategies, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors.

Why is it so important to focus on teaching positive social behaviors?

Traditionally, school-wide discipline has been reactive to misbehavior by implementing punishment-based strategies.  Current research has shown that the use punishment, especially when it is used inconsistently and void of other positive strategies, is not effective. An important step of students' school experience, is to teach, model, and reinforce positive social expectations. "The purpose of school-wide PBIS is to establish a climate in which appropriate behavior is the norm."

What does this look like at Roosevelt?
Roosevelt has defined what these expectations look like for all locations around the school and each teacher will teach the expectations to their class. By being intentional and explicit about expectations has shown to increase appropriate behavior and students’ sense of security because they know what is expected of them at all times. Our classes will be reinforcing the ABCs of Roosevelt throughout the year.
The Roosevelt Promise
I will speak up instead of acting as a bystander.
I choose not to participate in teasing.
I forgive others if they make poor choices.
I model the ABC’s of Roosevelt.
I accept and celebrate others for their differences.
I include others in group situations.
I will talk to an adult when there is a big problem.
I am powerful in making a difference in my school.
By making the “Roosevelt Promise” to stand up against bad
behavior, we will be up-standers and put an end to the bullying.

ABC's of Roosevelt
Act safely
Be responsible
Care for self, other, materials, and property

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