What is Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS)?

Visual Thinking Strategies

 Roosevelt has just completed a three year, school-wide partnership program with the Museum of Arts & Culture using Visual Thinking Strategies. Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) is a research-based teaching method that fosters a student's analytical skills, creativity, and communication skills through group discussion using visual images. The Second Grade Teaching Team will continue to use VTS with support from the museum.

The VTS method is based on thirty years of research by Abigail Housen. It has been field-tested with students from various demographics, a myriad of cultures, and those who academically. According to Housen, VTS is a student-centered, research-based method that uses art to foster a student's ability to observe, think, listen, and communicate. VTS teaches students how to value one’s own ideas and to listen to and build on the insights of others. 

"Art affords an ideal environment for [fostering critical and creative thinking]. It provides an object of collective attention—something concrete for a classroom to observe and experience, provoking thoughts and feelings while at the same time generating simultaneous and distinctive meanings.”

-Abigail Housen, from Art Viewing and Aesthetic Development

VTS Educational Video