Welcome to Second Grade at Roosevelt!
This page will answer questions commonly asked by students and parents. If there is a question you have that is not listed, please feel free to contact your child's teacher either by phone or e-mail. We will be happy to answer it for you and add it to this page.
The Second Grade Teaching Team
  1. What is the best way I can communicate with my child's teacher?
  2. What is a Roosevelt Communication Folder?
  3. What if I need to change my child's daily departure plan?
  4. How are birthday invitations handled?
  5. Would it be possible to send birthday snacks to school?
  6. Homework?
  7. How can I volunteer?
  8. How do I report an absence?
  9. What are Box Tops 4 Education and e-Scrip on-line mall?

What is the best way I can communicate with my child's teacher?

Before and after school, we are very busy taking care of the day’s preparations and making sure the students are heading home in a safe and timely manner. If you would like to speak with us, please leave a message on our voice mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Call 354-4040 and the office staff will connect you. You may also e-mail any questions or concerns (marissas@spokaneschools.org or melissao@spokaneschools.org)Please include your child's name in any correspondences you have with your child's teacher.
We feel it is absolutely essential that we maintain effective communication with parents. We will send home a letter each Monday with will contain information about special events, reminder notices, and weekly curriculum. You will find this and other important communication in your child’s Roosevelt Folder or on this website. Also included in this letter will be optional homework ideas that you can do at home to reinforce skills being taught at school.
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What is a Roosevelt Communication Folder?

The purpose of this folder is to serve as a "two-way" communication vehicle between home and school. This folder needs to be returned with your child each day. Please make sure to go through the folder with your child daily. Informative information from the school or classroom will be sent home periodically. The folder is labeled on each side with "Stay at Home" and "Return to School" for your convenience.
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What if I need to change my child's daily departure plan?

If there's a change in your child's daily departure plan (for example, not going home on a bus, leaving with grandparent,...), we are asking that you send a note informing us of the change in your child's Roosevelt folder. You can also call the office @ 354-4040 and leave a message. We want to ensure the safety of your child.
Please Note: We are not allowed to make changes in transportation without written or verbal permission from a parent. Without parental permission for a change, a child will be put on his/her regular bus.
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How are birthday invitations handled?

Birthdays are special for both the child having the party as well as for those attending the party. If you are having a party and are unable to invite the class, we are asking you to drop off the invites to the office. We will discretely send the invitations home with those invited. This will help alleviate hurt feelings.
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Would it be possible to send birthday snacks to school?

We look forward to clelebrating every child's birthday either on the actual day or as close to the actual date as possible.
Due to new dietary guidelines, we are encouraging families to send alternatives to birthday snacks. Party favors make for healthier options.
Summer birthdays will be recognized in June.
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Second Grade Homework
The purpose of homework is to practice skills and content that is familiar to students. Research shows that practicing a skill in which a student is unfamiliar is not only inefficient, but might also serve to habituate errors or misconceptions. Practice should be easy so students will get better and faster at that skill. Therefore, I encourage second graders do some sort of academic activity after school for 20-30 minutes a day to facilitate mastery of skills.

What that looks like from child to child may be very different for another (one child may be working on getting better with math using websites, another may practice spelling words, and yet another may be working on learning letter sounds/names). ALL of these activities are acceptable and helpful for your child. Sending home a worksheet (that is the same for each child) does not meet the wide range of ability and interest levels in the classrooms. I also want to recognize that I have many families that are busy with extracurricular activities and that these students have worked HARD all day at school already.

I will see the effects of homework practice in your child’s daily work at school. Please use our second grade website for resources and ideas to work with your child. (i.e. English Language Arts has ideas on what you can do to help your child in fluency, word work, and a comprehension guide. In addition, the on-line resource section has a variety of sites you can access from a computer, android, or smartphone.)
Students can log onto Spelling City to practice weekly word lists.
Also, students can always practice handwriting. Current research indicates that focusing on handwriting can narrow the achievement gap. I am offering options for you and your child on how to spend 15-20 minutes of “homework time”. Please contact me if you have any questions/concerns.
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How can I volunteer?

Roosevelt offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities. Our volunteer coordinator will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Call 354-4040 to be connected. Some classroom volunteer opportunities include; field trip chaperones, Field Day, Teddy Trek, clerical and art prep, to name a few.
*Note: Washington State requires every volunteer to fill out forms prior to volunteering. Forms are available in the school's office.
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How do I report an absence?

If your child will not be attending school on a particular day, it is important that you call the 24-hour attendance line at 354-4079. Leave your child’s name, room number or teacher, and the reason for the absence.
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What are Box Tops 4 Education and e-Scrip on-line mall?

Box Tops 4 Education and e-Scrip are two ways in which you can help earn cash for Roosevelt and your child's classroom.Collection sheets can be downloaded from http://www.boxtops4education. Simply attach a Box Tops to the collection sheet and return it in your child's Roosevelt Communication Folder. We will be sending sheets home periodically for your convenience. For every completed collection sheet, your child will earn "10 stars" in their folder!
e-Scrip on-line mall is another way to support Roosevelt every tie you shop. Click on the Roosevelt Elementary Spokane Washington to the left of this page and find the link for more info.
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