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Assignments - Forensics

Weeks of December 5th:

Monday & Tuesday:

Analyze the policy from Redmond PD and the KCSO do establish uniformity with NIJ recommendations for photo lineup procedures.Craft a letter/email to the Chief of Police that provides the information necessary to comply with the NIJ.

Wednesday: Draft of final analysis is due. We will peer edit this.

Thursday: Final analysis and letter is due.

Friday: Police Officer memory Test

REMINDER: How are you doing on the photo montage assignment due December 16th?

Week of December 12th

Monday - Forensics File Video "Paintball" Intro of Impression Evidence

Tuesday - Forensics Professor on Shoewear Evidence Collection; prep for lab

Wednesday - Journal Writing for P1 & Lab for P5

Thursday - P5 Excavates castings

Friday Lab for P1& Journal writing for P5: Photo Line-ups DUE TODAY!

December 19 & 20:

Monday - Journal entry "Don't Tread On Me" is due today including pronate and supinate question as follows:

Don’t Tread on Me

Develop further your understanding of imprint/impression evidence.  Explain the process of collecting tire/shoe impression evidence using the terms below. Underline each term in your explanation.

class characteristics

individual characteristics

imprint - 2D

indent/impression - 3D

casting - dental stone


gel lifter

tread pattern

Q. 1 After reading the “Pronate & Supinate” handout, predict or explain how shoe imprint evidence is suggestive of the walking/gait characteristics of the suspect.

Journal entry: "Step Up"

After producing the inked imprint of your shoe in class, measure and identify 6 class characteristics and 6 individual characteristics of the tread pattern. Summarize your tread analysis in 12 separate and descriptive statements to include length, width (toe box, arch, heel box), shapes, patterns, logos, absence of tread wear, etc. Include among the 12 statements, 2 angle measurements.

Tuesday: Register for Tech Prep College credits and complete journal entry.

Week of January 9th:

Someone Stepped In It!

Classes through Friday will complete a "show imprint whodunnit."

Students must identify the "suspect" in the shoe imprint data base using imprints from the crime scene and 3D casting from the ground outside the crime scene to make a courtroom ready display. Due Friday at the end of class.

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