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Assignments - Forensics


Construct a sequential photo array/lineup that will satisfy the “best practices” we have studied in class. 

ü  The line-up should be organized in a three-ring binder

ü  Cover Sheet (Name, Police Forensics Period #, Police Photo Line-up, Suspect #)

ü  6 photos:  suspect photo and five “fillers” or distracters

As discussed in class, avoid these errors as they will affect your grade:

·         Fuzzy photo’s

·         Photo’s too small – 8.5 x 11 preferably

·         Varying necklines

·         Different  background and lighting

·         Facial expressions that create the potential for “bias”

·         Handwritten photo numbers

·         Photoshop

·         Photo’s downloaded from Internet

Rubric (70 points Total):

v  10 points for organization and general appearance (includes cover sheet)

v  60 points for photo line-up (10 points each for photograph)

Alternative Assignment:

Without use of a script, you will role play a police training sergeant who must instruct a class of rookies on conducting a proper police photo line-up interview.  As part of your “class,” you must stage a mock interview using two other students in class to role play a victim/witness and interviewer.  You should be able to accomplish these objectives within a 10minute “class”

Rubric (70 points): 

v  40 points:  Outlines and explains all required procedures that must be taken in an interview.  Explains why these steps must be taken.

v  20 points:  Typed script and lesson plan (cannot use my handouts!)

v  10 points: Organizes role play that will allow for key learning objectives to be portrayed and explained to the class.  

DUE Date:  TBA (Second Semester)

Forensics 2:

Due Monday: March 14th:

Interview with doctor who has attended a human death.

Typed questions and answers (5-7 minimum) due at the beginning of class.

Due Wednesday: March 16th:

Analysis of King County Medical Examiner's website (400-500 words/typed due ATBOC)


What qualifications, certifications, and/or accreditations does the KCME list on its site?

What are the most pressing public health (death) issues detailed on this site?

List/explain three aspects of this website that you found most interesting.

Due Monday March 21st ATBOC:

Write a short story in your journal that explains cause, manner, and mechanism of death. In addition, your story should "explain" livor, rigor, and algor mortis. Your story should contain sufficient facts necessary to solve a death scenrio problem where understanding the onset of the "mortis brothers" will explain what happened and when. Such factors as clothing, temperature, age, weight, etc. should be explained in your story. Consider the possibility that your story will serve as open notes for a future death scenario to solve!

Due April 8th ATBOC:

Blood Spatter Fiction Short Story:

Type a short story that will "educate" the reader on the 6 principles of blood spatter evidence as first established by Dr. Glaister in 1902. Refer to the text page 204 for these principles. The story you create (murder fiction, description of a hospital surgery, man v. animal drama...) must include all six principles and a photo image of the spatter evidence associated with each. Please...no gratuitous homicide depictions of mangled human beings. The Slemko website can be used for these as well other websites with tutorials can be used. The length of your story will de determined by the detail you feel necessary to adequately and effectively engage the reader in understanding the six principles.

The six principles should be further illustrated/described using evidence from the three labs (height, angles, texture) and with distinctions made between low, medium, and high impact spatter...each described on the class Blood Spatter Powerpoint.

Forensic Toxicology:

Locate an on-line news article that decribes a death cause by drug overdose. Summarize the article in one page and include the street name of the drug in question (slang). Then, query Google and/or a medical reference that explains the toxicological effects of ingesting this particular drug. No one at your table group should be reporting on the same drug. Additionally, do not report on heroin, meth, or alcohol rather let your research guide you toward lesser known or more clandestine forms of drugs that are causing death by overdose in our country.

Due ATBOC May 18th

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