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Assignments - Forensics

September 4th

Who killed the Otzi the Iceman and Why?

After watching this video, you are asked to consider the evidence uncovered (literally) by scientists that points to this unsolved murder. Prepare some notes at home tonight that may help you organize your thoughts as you will be writing a short story in your journals (during class) tomorrow. What can you add to what scientists already speculate actually occurred? Use the following vocabulary terms in the writing of your short story and underline these terms when used in their appropriate context: autopsy, excavate, skeleton, homicide, investigation, forensic evidence.

October 6th

Fingerprint Analysis “Who Dunnit?”

Assignment Due: ATBOC Friday - October 10th

A theft and vandalism occurred in Mr. Krieble’s classroom over the past weekend. The suspects entered the storage rooms at the back of the class and what they did not damage, they stole prompting the Sammamish PD to respond and investigate. The officers on scene collected eight fingerprints left behind by the suspects and believing they are persons from a previous years’ class asked that the prints be examined for possible identification to any one of the 5 print cards downloaded from Mr. Krieble’s database. The cameras in the hallway have enabled the police to narrow the possible suspects identified to the 5 print cards provided.

Your task is to search the database samples (packet) to possibly identify the suspect(s) who committed this crime.
Who do the fingerprints belong to? One suspect, two, three, all?

Your 8 conclusions/sentences should be typed in a one page report using the following example format:
• “Suspect print #14 can be identified to the right ring finger of Database Card #1234.”
• Suspect print #9 cannot be identified as belonging to any of the 5 suspects in the database provided.

If you have made a successful identification, you will be required to produce a “courtroom ready display” that compares a minimum of 12 total and 4 different minutia that correspond in both the database print and the print found at the crime scene.

8 conclusions resulting from an analysis of the crime scene prints = 8 pts each (64 points)
Courtroom Display: Correct analysis/comparison of minutia (24 points), Correct format and professional appearance (12 points)

Assignment Due December 17th


Construct a sequential photo array/lineup that will satisfy the “best practices” we have studied in class.
 The line-up should be organized in a three-ring binder
 Cover Sheet (Name, Police Forensics Period #, Police Photo Line-up, Suspect #)
 6 photos: suspect photo and five “fillers” or distracters
As discussed in class, avoid these errors as they will affect your grade:
• Fuzzy photo’s
• Photo’s too small – 8.5 x 11 preferably
• Varying necklines
• Different background and lighting
• Facial expressions that create the potential for “bias”
• Handwritten photo numbers
• Photoshop
• Photo’s downloaded from Internet
Rubric (70 points Total):
 10 points for organization and general appearance (includes cover sheet)
 60 points for photo line-up (10 points each for photograph)
Alternative Assignment:
Without use of a script, you will role play a police training sergeant who must instruct a class of rookies on conducting a proper police photo line-up interview. As part of your “class,” you must stage a mock interview using two other students in class to role play a victim/witness and interviewer. You should be able to accomplish these objectives within a 10-15 minute “class”
Rubric (70 points):
 40 points: Outlines and explains all required procedures that must be taken in an interview. Explains why these steps must be taken.
 20 points: Typed script and lesson plan (cannot use my handouts!)
 10 points: Organizes role play that will allow for key learning objectives to be portrayed and explained to the class.

Typed Forensics Definitions/Vocabulary Quiz Due December 19th

Eye Witness Lineup Procedures

For each of the terms listed below, look up their definition on line and "copy-paste" the applicable interpretation of that term as it relates to this unit of study. Remember the example of "staple" that I used in class...use the definition as it is used in this chapter/unit. Additionally, copy-paste a sentence from the chapter OR create your own sentence that aligns with the definition. There are 18 terms meaning 36 total typed sentences are required. Rumor has is that systemic and infallible do not appear in the chapter. Hmmm...I say. How about extra points for producing a sentence on your own that uses these terms to support the content of this chapter?






double blind













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