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Assignments - Forensics

Police Forensics II


Due 3/17 or 3/18 but no later!

Find an article that decribes an act of fraud, particularly those involving forged documents such as checks, contracts, and other such legal documents occurring in another State than Washington. Be prepared to explain how the facts of your article would be interpreted under the Revised Code of Washington Laws (Title 9A. 60) that we discussed in class today.

Who wrote Questioned Document #1?

Analyze the questioned document (Q. 1) and compare to the "known samples" provided in your packet. Form a conclusion on who wrote the document and justify your findings with a minimum of three and a maximum of five qualitive methods. Be very decript, using the example outlined during class to justify your conclusion. Extra Credit will be given for adding a quantitative/metric based analysis to support your conclusion. Your conclusion must be typed and ready to hand in when you walk in to class on Monday, March 23rd..

Blood Spatter Analysis as of March 26th

Remain current on the handouts distributed in class which thus far include:

  • Text pages 203-208
  • Universal Blood and Body Fluid Precautions
  • Blood Patter Analysis Tutorial
  • Blood Spatter - "How Stuff Works" - on-line resource.
  • Glossary of Key Terms

Following class lecture and reading of the materials, your table group will be responsible for producing six questions that should be asked of the forensic expert who testifies at either the Ziegler or Backhouse trial(s) detailed in your text. Blood spatter terminology should be incorprated into each question. Your questions should be framed so as to question/challenge the expert on his/her findings at the scene of the crime.

Blood spatter labs (hieght, surface, and angle) will begin next week.

Quiz on Blood Spatter Evidence/Terms will be Wednesday April 22nd:

Bring to class a typed copy of your response to the short essay supplmental question/prompt:

Write a sample expert witness statement that would summarize your testimony at a criminal trial where blood spatter evidence either supports or refutes the State's case. Make up any case facts/scenario you wish to construct your testimony. If you were testifying in court, what would the court records later show that you stated on the record? Your statement, worth 25% of your overall test grade, should be a minimum of 300 words and must incorprate the following:

  • Lab results from class (blood drops from height/surfaces and blood drops at angles)
  • Five (minimum) blood spatter related terms used in correct context
  • 2 graphics (either copy-paste or sketched) that support your findings and testimony.

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