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Assignments - Forensics


February 28th: "Forensics On Trial" Video

March 1st : Quiz on Shaky Forensics article (Popular Mechanics)


March 1st: Bone ID Quiz #3

March 2nd-3rd: Work in class to produce "Anthropology Fiction" Due March 10th


Students will type a fictional story that incorporates 10 bones/sutures (minimum) and other such references found in this section of study (60 points). The paper should be 600-1000 words minimum and include 4 graphics/pictures (of bones) to enhance the story line (20 points). The reader should be further educated on the setting or backdrop where the story takes place...inform the reader of some relevant, nice- to-know facts related to your story line (landmarks in Seattle, environmental concerns in the Amazon jungle, etc.) (20 points) The grading focus on this assignment is based on your ability to educate and inform the novice reader of forensic anthropology and associated terms. Will they learn about the location, function, purpose, etc. of each bone you list in your story?

Additional: Story must also contain information that helps the novice reader understand height estimation formula and identification of race and gender.

Ideas for the story lines include but are not limited to the following:

• Anthropologist who becomes lost in the Amazon jungle and discovers a lost civilization
• Anthropologist/astronaut who discovers “human-like” life forms on another planet
• Anthropologist who helps in solving a police “cold case” that takes place in the City of Seattle (somewhat like an episode of “Bones” as seen on TV)
• Anthropologist/sports physician who conducts a 10 year study of injuries in professional sports and is reporting his/her findings to the American Medical Association
• Anthropologist who uncovers shocking genetics research that could save/harm mankind
• Rewrite an episode of CSI (Las Vegas, New York, Miami…)
Typed story due Monday, March 10th ATBOC.

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