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Assignments - Forensics




Construct a sequential photo array/lineup that will satisfy the “best practices” we have studied in class. 

ü  The line-up should be organized in a three-ring binder

ü  Cover Sheet (Name, Police Forensics Period #, Police Photo Line-up, Suspect #)

ü  6 photos:  suspect photo and five “fillers” or distracters

As discussed in class, avoid these errors as they will affect your grade:

·         Fuzzy photo’s

·         Photo’s too small – 8.5 x 11 preferably

·         Varying necklines

·         Different  background and lighting

·         Facial expressions that create the potential for “bias”

·         Handwritten photo numbers

·         Photoshop

·         Photo’s downloaded from Internet

Rubric (70 points Total):

v  10 points for organization and general appearance (includes cover sheet)

v  60 points for photo line-up (10 points each for photograph)

Alternative Assignment:

Without use of a script, you will role play a police training sergeant who must instruct a class of rookies on conducting a proper police photo line-up interview.  As part of your “class,” you must stage a mock interview using two other students in class to role play a victim/witness and interviewer.  You should be able to accomplish these objectives within a 10minute “class”

Rubric (70 points): 

v  40 points:  Outlines and explains all required procedures that must be taken in an interview.  Explains why these steps must be taken.

v  20 points:  Typed script and lesson plan (cannot use my handouts!)

v  10 points: Organizes role play that will allow for key learning objectives to be portrayed and explained to the class.  

DUE Date:  November 5th, 2015

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