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Assignments - Forensics


February 8-15

Wednesday: 3 D Shoe Impression Casting Lab

After completing the lab...Your next journal entry is titled "Don’t Tread on Me"

Explain the process of collecting tire/shoe impression evidence using the terms below. Underline each term in your explanation.

class characteristics

individual characteristics

imprint - 2D

indent/impression - 3D

casting - dental stone


gel lifter

tread pattern

Homicide On The Hill Case Investigation:

Your analysis and courtroom display are due on February 15th ATEOC

Students must identify the "suspect" in the shoe imprint data base using imprints from the crime scene and 3D casting from the ground outside the crime scene to make a courtroom ready display.


February 8-14:

Wednesday: Apply height estimation formulas using worksheet during class

Thursday: Bone ID Quiz #2

Friday: Bone Measurement/Height Prediction Lab

Monday: Bone Measurement/Height Prediction Lab II

Tuesday: Bone ID Lab

Wednesday: Bone ID Quiz #3

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