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Assignments - Forensics

Forensics 2: Second Semester

Assignment Due Tuesday February 11th ATBOC: Crime Scene Diagram of Prison Cell Homicide

Using the Power Point Lesson Plan found in Handouts, produce a courtroom display (poster) of this crime scene. The full diagram and legend must appear on one side of the poster. All lines should be drawn using a straight edge...colored pens will help distinguish objects and measurement lines from each other.

Assignment Due Friday, April 18th ATBOC:

Both classes will be assisting the Criminal Justice II class by enhancing the testimony of a key witness in their upcoming mock trial. You have been provided with the basic points of testimony of the witness Ben Stern who will testify to blood spatter evidence inside the victim's apartment. Your assignment is to supplement Stern's testimony while at the same time educating the jury on the nature of blood spatter evidence.

Type your enhanced affidavit to contain the following:

Differentiate between low, medium, and high velocity blood spatter

Explain or define blood spatter in general

Blood drop directionality

Cohesive properties of blood

Blood drops at angles

Blood swipes

Blood wipes

Copy-paste a minimum of four photos/images to attach with your affidavit that helps describe important aspects of your testimony

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