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Assignments - Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice 2

By Monday February 2nd, read pages 1-13 in the book that you were assigned today, Convicting The Innocent. Be prepared to participate fully in a class discussion by answering the following questions:

What is meant by the sentence found on page 6:

"What we have not been able to know, however, is whether there are systemic failures that cause wrongful convictions."

Select a particular paragraph in this chapter that made a significant impression upon you and explain to the class why?

By Friday February 13th, read pages 45-83 - "Eyewitness Misidentification"

Be prepared to discuss in class the three "Biggest Ideas" from this chapter.

Also by Friday February 13th, research a credible web site that explains the essential tenants of Social Learning Theory. Be prepared to discuss how theory relates to any case studies you might be aware of.

Serial Killers Explained: This assignment is is due ATBOC on Wednesday February 23rd.

Quiz Friday the 13th on the intro chapter to Convicting the Innocent.

Read: Chapter 4: Flawed Forensics by Friday March 6th. Be prepared to discuss the contents of this chapter during class. Expect to take a quiz on this information on Tuesday, March 10th.

Read Chapter 8: Exoneration by Tuesday March 17th.  

Due March 18th: Write your interpretation of an Injustice Rap/Poem...must contain a minimum of 16 lines and incorporate the terms "wrongful conviction" and "exoneration."

March 19th, Quiz on Chapter 8.

April 1st, Quiz on Chapter 9.

April 21st, Quiz on all assigned chapters (previous quizzes) from Convicting The Innocent.

April 22nd: After reading e-chapter 11, Jury Trial, begin researching "professional jury systems" on line and find a credible source(s) that outlines the advantages and disadvantages of such a system. Then, respond the the following prompt in your journal: "If a professional jury was hearing your trial for Assauilt-Domestic Violence (you slapped your boy/girl friend and were arrested) what would be the "profile" of the jury members you would most want to judge your innocence/guilt, or consider any mitigating circumstances in your sentencing? Consider age range, gender, occupational background, political affiliation, educational background, and marital status as you develop your jury profile. To supplement your jury member profile, find three citations from the e-chapter that support your response.

Due May 22nd ATBOC:

Typed definitions of the courtroom/trial terms AND the sentence that uses each term in a complete sentence...use the Mike Mean Mock Trial as the context for each of the sentences as applicable.

probable cause indict motion in-limine direct examination jurisdiction

burdon of proof impeach plaintiff perjury arraignment

allocution voir dire defendant verdict

alibi sequester testimony subpoena

Alford Plea affidavit cross-examination acquitted

Criminal Justice 1

By Tuesday February 10th, bring a print-out of a news article to class that decribes an incident of Coach-Athlete abuse (within the past 5 years) in a context that we have discussed in class. This article should outline this crime occurring in another State than Washington. DO  NOT  plan on printing this article on my printer in the classroom!

By Wednesday February 11th, read the article "Coaches Who Prey" that can be found on-line. Be prepared to discuss patterns of behaviors among the abusers featured in this article.

Due Monday, March 16th: Pre-Viewing Movie Questions for American History X.

Due Wednesday, March 18th: Bring in a news article of a police arrest or search, ruled by the court to be illegal. The case you bring in should have occurred outside the State of Washington within the past 10 years.

Due Tuesday, April 21st: After watching an episode of Law & Order (any season), identify and analyze an arrest, search, or seizure issue that is essential to the plot of the episode. You may want to Google the topic that will direct you to a specific episode of Law and Order before spending unnecessary time watching television! Write a brief summary of the legal issue(s) explored in the episode and be prepared to explain it to the rest of the class. Also, plan on taking the Unit Final on Arrest, Search, and Seizure by this date.

Due May 10th: Whether you opted for a written paper or discussion seminar on Serial Killers, this assignment will be due on/about this date. It is vital to your success on this assignment that you demonstrate full comprehension of the terms (see assignment sheet) associated with this unit. This will be determined on the quality of your participation and typed notes that you submit on the day of the seminar or the clarity and detail of these same terms in the written paper. Research outside of the class materials provided is encouraged!

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