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Assignments - Criminal Justice

Due Tuesday September 16th ATBOC

Research Teen DUI Prevention Programs on-line and come to class with a short description of the program you think will work. Your "program" must be from another State than Washington. You should document the following and bring to class: Name of Program, City/State of Origin, How Does it Work?, Was it Successful?

Criminal Justice Assignment #1
Riots & Community Policing: Making Sense of the First two Weeks of This Class
Paper/Socratic Seminar Due - September 26th

Students have a choice of writing a short (750 words minimum) reaction paper or participating in a Socratic Seminar on this subject. Both the paper and seminar must reflect additional research outside the classroom material provided by Mr. Krieble. At a minimum, two additional news articles or similar references must be incorporated into your paper/seminar notes.

The essential components of either assignment include the following:
• “Community Policing: Building Relationships”
• “What Caused the Ferguson Riots…”
• UC Irvine Riots/Pepper Spray Video
• Seattle Times: Four Seattle-area Families Share Concerns
• SARA worksheet
• Sammamish IDEA Project Flyer
• Officer Hall’s Presentation
• Class Discussion
• Two additional articles re: Ferguson Riots

20% Organization: Thesis paragraph, 3-5 paragraphs that reflect essential content/position, conclusion
70% Clarity of Ideas summarizing the essential components
10% Spelling

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