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Assignments - Criminal Justice

The "March Madness" of Gun Control Debates

Beginning October 28th we will launch the debate competition that is framed by the statement "We Must Become A Nation of Tighter Gun Restrictions."

Each student must be prepared to argue either side of the debate.

Each team must have an opening statement limited to 1 minute.

Your grade improves largely on two factors: 1) advancing through each round to the final championship and 2) effective participation throughout each round that requires a minimum of four points of argument to address the opposition that advances the debate.

Extra credit points assigned to quiz/test scores are available for those who dress in a business attire while competing in the debate...a point for each round.

Gun Law Pamphlet: Assignment Due November 6th.

Recreate a public education pamphlet much like the one handed out in class from www.opencarry.org. Make sure to rewrite the essential text of the laws of the State of Washington to be more understood by the "guy on the street." Include the followimg statutes: 9.41.050, 9.41.230, 9.41.250, 9.41.270, 9.41.280, 9.41.300 and one additional statute that you think supports the overall education message of your pamphlet.

A) Summarize the law in your own words while referencing the statute title

B) Use responsible images as necessary

C) Limit the white space

D) Answer the following: Who can be denied a CCW in the State of WA?

E) Define "Open Carry" in your pamphlet

Coaches Who Prey: Then and Now

Explain how high school aged athletes become vulnerable to abuse. What are the factors (according to this article) most common among victims? Cite a reference from the article to support your conclusion.

Explain how an abusive coach might go unreported or undetected for years at a time. Cite a reference from the article to support your conclusion.

What safety measures should every student/athlete know to protect themselves from a predator? Cite a reference from the article to support your conclusion.

Do you think this article is current news or old news? What is the current state of abusive coaches in youth sports today? Find and summarize an independent study or analysis conducted since this article was published to support your conclusion.

• Name of article/Date/
• Where/when published
• Author(s)
• Summary of research or conclusion of the article (relevant statistics)

Typewritten answers are due on Friday, November 20th. Print them before coming to class.

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