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Assignments - Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice 2

By Monday February 2nd, read pages 1-13 in the book that you were assigned today, Convicting The Innocent. Be prepared to participate fully in a class discussion by answering the following questions:

What is meant by the sentence found on page 6:

"What we have not been able to know, however, is whether there are systemic failures that cause wrongful convictions."

Select a particular paragraph in this chapter that made a significant impression upon you and explain to the class why?

By Friday February 13th, read pages 45-83 - "Eyewitness Misidentification"

Be prepared to discuss in class the three "Biggest Ideas" from this chapter.

Also by Friday February 13th, research a credible web site that explains the essential tenants of Social Learning Theory. Be prepared to discuss how theory relates to any case studies you might be aware of.

Serial Killers Explained: This assignment is is due ATBOC on Wednesday February 23rd.

Quiz Friday the 13th on the intro chapter to Convicting the Innocent.

Criminal Justice 1

By Tuesday February 10th, bring a print-out of a news article to class that decribes an incident of Coach-Athlete abuse (within the past 5 years) in a context that we have discussed in class. This article should outline this crime occurring in another State than Washington. DO  NOT  plan on printing this article on my printer in the classroom!

By Wednesday February 11th, read the article "Coaches Who Prey" that can be found on-line. Be prepared to discuss patterns of behaviors among the abusers featured in this article.

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