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Assignments - Criminal Justice

Due Tuesday September 16th ATBOC

Research Teen DUI Prevention Programs on-line and come to class with a short description of the program you think will work. Your "program" must be from another State than Washington. You should document the following and bring to class: Name of Program, City/State of Origin, How Does it Work?, Was it Successful?

Criminal Justice Assignment #1
Riots & Community Policing: Making Sense of the First two Weeks of This Class
Paper/Socratic Seminar Due - September 26th

Students have a choice of writing a short (750 words minimum) reaction paper or participating in a Socratic Seminar on this subject. Both the paper and seminar must reflect additional research outside the classroom material provided by Mr. Krieble. At a minimum, two additional news articles or similar references must be incorporated into your paper/seminar notes.

The essential components of either assignment include the following:
• “Community Policing: Building Relationships”
• “What Caused the Ferguson Riots…”
• UC Irvine Riots/Pepper Spray Video
• Seattle Times: Four Seattle-area Families Share Concerns
• SARA worksheet
• Sammamish IDEA Project Flyer
• Officer Hall’s Presentation
• Class Discussion
• Two additional articles re: Ferguson Riots

20% Organization: Thesis paragraph, 3-5 paragraphs that reflect essential content/position, conclusion
70% Clarity of Ideas summarizing the essential components
10% Spelling

Homework Assignment Due Friday, September 19th

"My Gift to My Friends: Teen DUI Prevention Program in Sammamish/Issaquah"

In one written paragraph explain your idea for a class project that can be accomplished this school year that will set in place a program to address Teen DUI in our area. Explain in your thesis, how the program would work, how much money or materials would be required, and how we could measure the success of the program. This paragraph is due ATBOC - at the beginning of class. Don't miss out on these easy homework points!

RCW Fairy Tale Crime Story
Assignment due Monday, October 6th.

Bedtime stories should not be so violent!
Write/type a modern day version of an assigned fairy tale story and insert the applicable RCW statute that would describe the crime(s) that occur. Your analysis of each crime should include language that effectively incorporates the vocabulary terms mens rea, actus reas, culpable, proximate cause and the applicable mental state according to Washington State Law. For each crime, state whether it is a misdemeanor or felony and explain why. What is the punishment for each crime in this State?

Note: There will be a "spot check" progress grade on this Friday (October 3rd) at the end of class.

Two methods of completing this assignment:

1. Type a story (500-1000 words) and embed your legal analysis into it.

2. Copy-paste graphics and images (draw if you are a good artist!) onto a poster board and show in sequence the major crimes occurring in your story. Type a post card sized summary of the criminal statutes that describe each event as outlined above. Consider this poster as an educational poster for the uninformed concerning Washington State Criminal Law.

Teen Dating Violence - Letter to Friend/Sibling

Assignment Due ATBOC Wednesday November 5th

Using the website www.breakthecycle.org as a basis of research and as the rubric for required content, type a letter to your best friend or younger sibling who is about to enter the difficult years associated with teen dating. The context of this letter is that you will be travelling abroad for three years and will not be physically available to be the older, more knowledgeable and experienced friend/brother/sister to help them along in times of need.

Focus your attention on building content in your letter that reflects the eleven “Warning Signs” and the six summaries (Summary in Brief) found in the Tween Dating Relationship Survey section of this website. As you organize your letter to contain rich and meaningful content, when you express any of the summaries and warning signs, cite them accordingly by indicating WS5 (example) as a warning sign and SB3 (example) as one of the summaries of the survey.

If your letter is directed at a male friend/sibling, you would likely address the negative/abusive behaviors most often attributed to the male half of a domestic relationship that should not be exhibited for a healthy relationship to exist…or ignored if they witness these occurring in the relationships of people they know.

Note: Extra credit points will be given to the extent that you also incorporate into this letter relevant elements (laws and definitions). found in the Revised Code of Washington, that we have considered in this unit.

Due Tuesday November 18th:

Coaches Who Prey


Explain how high school aged athletes become vulnerable to abuse. What are the factors (according to this article) most common among victims? Cite a reference from the article to support your conclusion.

Explain how an abusive coach might go unreported or undetected for years at a time. Cite a reference from the article to support your conclusion.

What safety measures should every student/athlete know to protect themselves from a predator? Cite a reference from the article to support your conclusion.

Do you think this article is current news or old news? What is the current state of abusive coaches in youth sports today? Find and summarize an independent study or analysis conducted since this article was published to support your conclusion.

• Name of article/Date/
• Where/when published
• Author(s)
• Summary of research or conclusion of the article (relevant statistics)

Due ATBOC Friday, December 5th

Police Probable Cause & Wrongful Arrest:

For the same State in which you located a news article related to coach/athlete abuse, find a news article that provides the details of a wrongful arrest by the police. The article you use for this assignment should detail the specific actions of the police that resulted in a court finding that they lacked probable cause to make an arrest. The arrest itself must have occurred within the past 10 years.

Possibe search terms would include: "false arrrest no probable cause," wrongful arrest no probable cause," etc. Print a copy of the article and bring it to class unless it exceeds three typewritten pages in which case you should attempt to "copy-paste" the relevent sections of the article that will satisfy the requirements for this assignment.

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