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Assignments - Criminal Justice

Note: This page lists assignments for both Semester 2 Criminal Justice classes. CJ2 class assignments are listed below the CJ1 assignmements.

CJ 1 (5th Period):

Assignment Due Friday - February 7th ATBOC: Criminal Law "What Is The Appropriate Charge?" Answers to these 11 story questions require the RCW Chapter Number (Example: 9A.56.050), the name of the crime itself (Theft Third Degree) and a copy-paste or handwritten exerpt from the statute that satifies the case facts, and the level of crime (Whether Class A,B,C or GM, Misdemeanor). If turned in completed and receives a minimum grade of 90% will receive an addtional 5%.

Assignment Due Tuesday March 25th ATBOC: Coaches Who Prey:

Option A: Write an essay that is 750-1000 words using 3 different research references that are from publications 2008 and newer. You may not use the Seattle Times article! This resource only serves to educate you that you will take your research to a deeper level.

Option B: Create Powerpoint 5 minute class presentation, with a minimum of 8 slides each containing a graphic that creates visual impact of the point(s) you are making. Presentation must include an educational pamphlet/handout for your targeted audience that is high school coaches, athletes, and parents. Grade multiplier 1.1

Option C: Produce an educational video of 5 minutes in duration. Include an educational pamphlet/handout for your targeted audience. Grade Multiplier 1.2

All presentations must include:

Three articles (since 2008) of incidents of coach-athlete abuse. One such article may be from this State and the other two must be from 2 other States.

Interview of a cuurently active high school or club coach (male or female).

Description of the current problem of coach-athlete abuse

Victim signs and symptoms

Solutions & safeguards

Remember your target audience...educate but do not offend!

All presentations will be graded on Content (60%), Expression/Grammar (20%) and Impact (20%)

Tip: Rehearse your presentation...do not stumble through it for the first time in front of class. 20% of your grade depends on it!

Assignment Due April 14th:

Working in your assigned pairs, prepare a short skit that recreates the facts of the case associated with your assigned Supreme Court Decision. You will us your skit as a basis for interpreting the Court's final decision that you will explain to the class at the conclusion of your skit. We will begin the skits on Friday, April 4th.

Study the "Miranda Packet" and know the basic reasoning behind each of the the cases outlined in the packet. No need to study the packet over the break (unless you wish to do so :-) ) however upon our return, we will be moving fast amd furious!

Assignment Due ATBOC Tuesday - April 22nd:

Assemble a "Miranda Ruling & You" Poster according to your assigned topic area. Your poster must include:

A "man on the street" explanation of the Miranda v. Arizona Supreme Court Ruling

Three quotes from your peers when asked what they knew about the Miranda Warnings

A section dedicated to identifying common misconceptions concerning the Miranda Warnings (this might be a good place to explain Salinas v. Texas...just sayin :-)

A minimum of three court rulings interpreted by you as if you are explaining them to your peers..examples of practical situations they could experience will help them understand. Include the name of the case i.e, Salinas v. Texas 2013.

Three "copy-paste" images of police interacting with citizens in scenarios where Miranda Warnings would be "in play."

Important!!!! Next week is Paperless Week and this assignment is due on Tuesday. Plan accordingly. You will not be able to print from my classroom printer!

Rubric Elements:

Professional "Courtroom Ready" appearance

Correct explanation of the Miranda v. Arizona Ruling in your own words

3 quotes from friends you interviewed about their understanding of the Miranda Rights

Clarity and accuracy of 3 (minimum) Supreme Court Decisions in your assigned area i.e., voluntariness, length of interrogation, etc.

3 photos (minimum) are logically organized to enhance the presentation...random, seemingly unrelated photo's will not get you any points!

CJ 2: Assignment Due February 14th ATBOC: Locate a report or news article that details a prison riot that occurred outside the State of WA but in the United States some time during the past 10 years. This report should be detailed enough so as to explain why the inmates rioted. In addition, conduct your own research and prepare a list that expalins in brief paragraph form the reasons why prison riots occur in general. This summary should be no more than a page but should list at least five different causes of prison riots in the United States. Extra Credit! Include an account of a prison riot in the State of Washington within the past 5 years.

Assignment Due March 7th ATBOC: Prison Collage: Using a poster that I will provide, you will create an overarching message about prison or being imprisoned. You will describe your message and specify your intended target audience in a one minute presentation to the class that is organized, coherent, thoughful, and reflects your independent research that led to your final product. This one minute is important and represents 20% of the grade. Shallow and unresearched remarks about your poster collage will lower your grade dramatically so do not take this minute lightly! Other requirements: No larger than 22 x 28 10 labelelled adjectives 2 independent sources/websites as resources (you may not use my class videos as a rererence) You must clearly define your target audience for which you have produced your collage No unused white space anywhere on the poster's surface!

Use 2 independent sources/websites as resources (you may not use my class videos as a rererence)

You must clearly define your target audience for which you have produced your collage

No unused white space anywhere on the poster's surface

Assignment Due Monday, March 24th ATBOC:

Short Essay - "Crooked Cops"

Using the yellow handout - "Causes of Police Corruption", the video "Cops On Trial," and presentation from our guest speaker, prepare a typewritten essay (500-600 words minimum) that summarizes your understanding of the current state of police ethics. You should refer to a minimum of three categories of causes from the handout and discuss "us vs. them" mentality and the "police code of silence." as part of your overall reflection.

Assignment Due Wednesday, April 2nd

Each of you will present your OJ Simpson Trial Opening Statements in front of the class. Your statements should contain sufficient content so as to allow for a 2-3 minute presentation. Your statements must address a minimum of 5 critical evidence items, real or circumstantial, that you think (now in hindsight of having reviewed the entire case) should help the jury understand your "map" toward a conviction/acquittal. This assignment is worth 30 points, 10 points of which will be based on how much or how little you read your statement. Read word for word = 0 points. Present entirely without use of a script or note cards = 10. The remaining 20 points will be based on the depth of your reasoning behind using the 5 points of evidence you deemed most compelling.

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