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Assignments - Criminal Justice

For those of you struggling to gain access to "Street Law" from home, try this:

You should not be asked to type in a password for ConnectEd. Once you log into ClassLink and click the ConnectEd icon it should take you directly into the ConnectEd site.


Since you are being asked for a password, there are a few things that might be causing this.


1.       Make sure you have installed the extension for ClassLink for your browser.

2.       Check to make sure there is not another password saved for ConnectEd in your ClassLink profile.


Instructions for completing these tasks can be found at: http://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/docs/default-source/district/edtechstudents/managing-passwords-in-classlink.pdf?sfvrsn=2

IP Step 3 Due March 27th (50 points):

A typed "abstract" of your project consisting of a minimum of 300 words that summarizes the central focus of your project is due this date. This should summarize a further analysis of at least three references you have read and the interview(s) you have conducted so far. At least two citations from each of your three references should be included in this abstract. A clear theme or direction your project is taking should be evident from this abstract. Finally, you should list the next step(s) you will be taking to solidify your project i.e., addtional research, interviews, etc. This phase of the project preceeds a draft of your final project paper (50 points) that should be in the range of 750-1000 words due April 21st. Note! Several of you have yet to achieve 51 points at this stage of the project...you may recover this grade but you must demonstrate convincing proof that your project is undergoing continual refinement. If you choose to discount or ignore the feedback from your rubric feedback sheets, you are setting yourself up for limited success on the final parts of your project.

Mock Trial Dates!

I have set aside May 9th, 11th,15th, 16th, and 17th for the mock trial. Jury deliberations will be the 17th.

May 18th - Times write (essay) in computer lab.

IP Final Step Due June 2nd:

The final step in this journey requires that you complete the following:

Schedule with me ASAP a date to present your IP to the class. The last day of presentations will be Friday, June 2nd. Confirm with me what your project, in its final form, will look like. We will in effect "contract" what we agreed would be the final manifestation of your research. With only a few exceptions, each of you will be submitting a typed research paper (minimum of 750-100 words) that reflects the steps taken on your IP, from concept paragraph to summary of research references.

The body of this paper complete with effective transitions between sections is graded as follows: Content/Expression/Quality of research = 90%, oral presentation to class = 5%, project summary sheet (artifact) = 5%. When you submit your final paper/project to me, attach the IP Rubric and all notes I have shared with you over the course of the project.

Dates selected so far:

May 12th - Hannah, Daylen, Sophia

May 19th - Maddie

May 22nd - Campbell

May 23rd - Mag

May 24 - Annika, Michael G.

May 25th - ?

May 26th - Jonah

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