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Assignments - Criminal Justice

Anti-Hate Message Assignment - 50 Points - Due Thursday, September 24th ATBOC

Your choice for medium of expression...Power Point, Poster, Tri-fold etc.

Elements Graded will include:

Main Message Clarity 5 Points

Accurate Information (Cite Source) 15 Points

Images 10 points

RCW Used Effectively 15 points

Neatness/Effort 5 points

Celebrity Crime Assignment: - 20 points - Due ATBOC, Tuesday September 29th

Search the web for non-homicide crime(s) committed by a celebrity (athlete, rock star, actor, etc.) within the past 10 years. You may need to search more than one news source that documents the full detail of the crime(s) they committed to get sufficient information to complete this assignment. Analyze the facts of the crime they committed and explain how the facts are associated with the RCW statute for that crime to include the mental state (knowledge, intent, etc.), the harmful act and the outcome. In other words, explain why the crime committed would be a certain crime according to the RCW. You must do this for two separate crimes. You will have time in class on Monday to work on this. The assignment must be type-written.

Fairy Tale Crime(s) Assignment:

Based on the list of fairy tales we discussed in class, find an on-line version of the fairy tale to use a basis for this assignment. Identify three different crimes and insert into the document the applicable RCW code, name of the crime, the applicable "law" as written in the statute, and the layman's intetrpretation of what the fairy tale character did to commit this crime. These four components are required for each of the three crimes. If your fairy tale has only one or two crimes, select another fairy tale and find the additional crime(s) therein to complete this assignment. You may also identify your three crimes on a separate sheet of paper but be clear on explaining what event in the story you are interpreting. This typed assigmnment is due when you walk in to class on Friday, October 2nd.

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