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Assignments - Criminal Justice

Combining Culpability (Mens Rea), and Degree of Harm

Criminal Mistreatment:  RCW - 9A.42

Write/type a story (700-1000 words) that involves multiple characters, each responsible for committing one or more crimes as defined under this chapter.   There should be a clear set of facts that justify a criminal charge for Criminal Mistreatment in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Degree.  Pay close attention to the mental state and the type of harm caused so as to justify bodily injury, substantial bodily harm or great bodily harm as it relates to the deprivation of the “basic necessities of life.”  Your story should not entail a homicide scenario.  Underline those sections in the story line that underscore the mental state and harm caused (bodily injury, substantial v. great bodily harm).  Embed a graphic/photo that supports each of the four scenarios as if you were creating a short story for a peer. You may also construct the "poster option" for this assignment provided it incorporates the essential elements outlined above.

Assignment Due: Beginning of Class Wednesday, October 19th






Explain how high school aged athletes become vulnerable to abuse.  What are the factors (according to this article) most common among victims?  Cite a reference from the article to support your conclusion.

 Explain how an abusive coach might go unreported or undetected for years at a time.  Cite a reference from the article to support your conclusion.

 What safety measures should every student/athlete know to protect themselves from a predator?  Cite a reference from the article to support your conclusion.

 Do you think this article is current news or old news?  What is the current state of abusive coaches in youth sports today?  Find and summarize an independent study or analysis conducted since this article was published to support your conclusion.



Shakeshaft Study: Department of Education Study 2004


How does this study support, validate the CHP article?


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