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Mock Trial Club



Congratulations to newly elected President Sunny Tomar,Vice-President Tianna 
Cooper, and Secretary Emily Tang!

Plan Ahead! 2015-16 Awards Luncheon at Uncle Si's Pizza on Eastlake Sammamish Pkwy
Saturday - April 30th at 4:00. Cost per attendee is being negotiated. Expect $10-$12.


Road Trip #1 on October 1st headed to Wenatchee for practice trial and tryout continuation.
Road Trip #2 in mid-December headed to Port Townsend for first scrimmage against PTHS with 
2016-17 case. (Tentative).
Road Trip #3 in early February to Federal Courthouse in Seattle for scrimmage with Seattle Prep.
Road Trip #4 in mid-February to Bellingham for scrimmage with Meridian HS.

In the very near future:

We will begin this spring working on a scrimmage trial to prepare for the next YMCA competition. 
Before the competition trial materials are released later in October we will develop our attorneys 
and witnesses (new and returning) with a scrimmage vs. Wenatchee High School. The scrimmage 
case will be released at the spring awards luncheon.

The latest news:

A second election for VP Position # 2 will be held after spring break.
Campaign Speeches for Vice President:


Hello! My name is Katie Mangold and I am running for Vice President of Mock 
Trial. I have been a dedicated member for two years now and have been an 
attorney for those two years. Mock Trial has really helped me grow as a 
person and helped me overcome my fear of public speaking. Mock Trial is one 
of those clubs that build character and to see how people have improved over 
the years is amazing. I have made some incredible friends thanks to this 
club. As for my qualifications, I am the current VP of French Club and am a 
very responsible leader. I am very organized and coordinative. I love working 
in groups to help make a club the best it can be. I really hope to use my 
experience and skills to help make this club the best it can be next year!


Hello! My name is Stella Qiu and I would like to be your next vice president 
year. I have been a member of Mock Trial club for the past two years, and 
during this time I have been blessed with the privilege of seeing how much we 
have grown as a team. I remember joining the club as a shy little sophomore 
knowing nothing about mock trial or how the club operated. I am so proud at 
how far myself and all of you guys have come since then-going from a group of 
barely acquainted people struggling to figure out the case to where we are 
now- a family of attorneys and witnesses that not only has been to state 
twice but also placed first in the district competition. As VP, I want to put 
in my full effort to give every member the opportunity to make a meaningful 
contribution, whether they have been in the club for years like me or if they 
are joining as new members. I truly care about mock trial club and all its 
members, and I want nothing more than to make next year the best year ever!


Although I've only had the privilege of being a part of Mock Trial for one 
year, I have found a new passion that I hope to share with current and new 
members during my senior year. Since I competed on A Team as both an attorney 
and a witness, I feel that I am well equipped to offer guidance to anyone in 
the club, an important characteristic of a Vice President. My experience on 
the executive board of Key Club, as a second-year member and state champion 
in DECA, and in Mock Trial has taught me organizational, leadership, and time 
management skills which I hope to use to improve our club as your Vice 
President. I feel incredibly lucky to have found such an intelligent, caring 
family in Mock Trial, and can't wait for the year to come. Thank you for your 

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