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Dear Parent,
Re:  7th Period Courtroom Law Class - Fall Semester 2015

I am excited that your student has registered for my 7th period class that 
will begin in September when school begins next fall.   If this is the first 
you have heard of this then please know this is an optional class and 
students earn a semester credit upon its completion.  I have spoken with your 
student and outlined the benefits of taking the class that includes 
participation in District and State mock courtroom trial competition that 
occurs in February and March.
The full calendar for the class have yet to be established although the 
general plan is that the class will meet on Friday afternoons after school, 
perhaps a Wednesday morning or two (beginning at 7:00 - yikes!) and  Saturday 
mornings beginning at 9:00 or 10:00 AM.  What makes this class different is 
that there will be “classes” in the form of 2.5 hour practice trials that 
will begin in December, twice in January and again in early February (some 
after school and some on Saturdays) before we take the students to their 
first mock trial competition in late February, usually at the Federal Way 
Courthouse.   By now you see that we will accumulate the required minimum of 
75 course hours in a non-conventional manner...the hours will accumulate over 
the course of 7 months as opposed to a traditional semester calendar.   
Hopefully, all goes well enough and the class will qualify as a team for the 
State Competition held late March in Olympia!!
There will be fees for this class.   District Competition Fees have been $50 
in the past and if we qualify…State Competition Fees (this includes 
transportation, registration, meals and lodging) which are approximately 
$200.  Email me with any questions you may have.

Chuck Krieble
Skyline High School

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