Mr. Krieble

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About The Teacher

NAME: Mr. Chuck Krieble aka: 'Mr. K'

SCHOOL: Skyline High School - Room 1302

CLASS: Criminal Justice & Police Forensics

SCHOOL PHONE/Email: 425.837.7875 krieblec@issaquah.wednet.edu

About The Teacher

2014-15 will be my 11th year at Skyline High School.  I was tardy for my 
first class back on 2004...32 students sitting patiently in their seats 
waiting for the teacher to arrive...not a great start :-)

With that said, you should expect that I will have a sense of humor about 
most things and what few hot buttons I may have, are pretty easy to figure 

I tend to be a bit "down" if the Seattle Sounders lose but annoyingly "up" 
the rest of the time...especially first period...hopefully you are a morning 

Likes:  Sounders, Scrabble, students who are up on current events, gas below 
$3.95, classic rock and bad puns.

Dislikes: Disrespect via cell phone, interrupting others while they are 
contributing to the class, uncovered sneezes and coughs, dealing with dress 
code issues, gangsta rap, cilantro and students who forget to bring a pencil 
or pen to class...really??   

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