Mr. Krieble

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About The Teacher

NAME: Mr. Chuck Krieble aka: 'Mr. K'

SCHOOL: Skyline High School - Room 1302

CLASS: Criminal Justice & Police Forensics

SCHOOL PHONE/Email: 425.837.7875 krieblec@issaquah.wednet.edu

About The Teacher

2014-15 will be my 11th year at Skyline High School.  I was tardy for my 
first class back on 2004...32 students sitting patiently in their seats 
waiting for the teacher to arrive...not a great start :-)

With that said, you should expect that I will have a sense of humor about 
most things and what few hot buttons I may have, are pretty easy to figure 

I tend to be a bit "down" if the Seattle Sounders lose but annoyingly "up" 
the rest of the time...especially first period...hopefully you are a morning 

OK...the word is out that I coach Varsity Women's Soccer at Eastlake High 
School.  No need for hate here fellow Spartans...just love the game and those 
who play it!

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