Spring is here...

Homework Due 3/15...How do animals help people?  Write one paragraph and cite your source.  Make sure you learn something new.  Share your paragraph with your group.

When will the rhododendrons bloom?

How will the Mariners do this year?

Can you write an expository paragraph?  

What does expository mean?
     The word expository is built on the Latin root -pos- meaning "to put" or "to place".  The Latin prefix -ex- means "out" or "from".  Exposition means "to put out" in the sense of "to make public".  The suffix -ory- makes an adjective.

Do you know the Unit 2 Vocabulary Words?
reflection, compare, contrast, inference, prediction, communication (verbal/nonverbal), synthesize
Literary Terms?
expository writing, topic sentence, commentary, supporting details, novel, subplot, setting, literary analysis, stanza, introduction, hook, thesis statement, conclusion, nonfiction, fiction, imagery, textual evidence

Smarter Balanced Testing is coming in May.  Have you visited the website and taken any practice questions?  I recommend it.