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Manifest Destiny Learning Goals

Mon 4/24: Finish Chapter 17 Presentations
Tue 4/25: Manifest Destiny crossword with partner
Wed 4/26: Manifest Destiny Trivia
Thu 4/27: High School Counselors return
Fri 4/28: Manifest Destiny Test (see learning goals above)
Mon 4/17: Chapter 16 modified Cornell Notes: Reasons they came. Hardships they faced. Legacies they left.
Tue 4/18: Continue working on Chapter 16 Notes
Wed: 4/19: Chapter 17 Mexicano's Contributions to the West. Small group work
Thu: 4/20: Continue working on Chapter 17
Fri 4/21: Video: History of US "Westward"

Mon 4/10: Roots Episode 3
Tue 4/11: Roots Episode 3
Wed 4/12: Manifest Destiny
Thu 4/13: Manifest Destiny
Fri 4/14: Manifest Destiny