U.S History

Test Corrections
Class Syllabus

Writing in Social Studies

Civil War Learning Goals
Gettysburg Address

Mon 6/19: Roots
Tues 6/20: Roots
Wed 6/21: Civil War Final Test
Thu 6/22: Civil War Trivia
Frid 6/23: Yearbooks and Talent Show
Mon 6/12:  Last day to work on Civil War Adobe Sparks project
Tue 6/13: Projects presented in class
Wed 6/14: Projects presented in class
Thu 6/15: Essential Learning Write
Mon 6/5:  Chapter 22 Test.  Start Research Project.  Choose Topic
Tue 6/6: Research  Project is on Student Dashboard
Wed 6/7: Research
Thu: 6/8: Intro to Adobe Sparks
Fri 6/9: Work on movie with Adobe Sparks
Tue 5/30: Chapter 22 Reconstruction
Wed 5/31: Civil War statues in New Orleans.
Thu 6/1: National Identity and the Civil War
Fri 6/2: Review for last chapter test.  Chapter 22 test and notes due on Monday 6/5

Ms Boe's Awesome Mind Blowing Slide Show
Mon 5/22:  SBAC Math test in the Morning
                    Periods 1,2,3 work on Chapter 21 Google Sheets
Tue 5/23:  MSP Science test in the Morning
                     Periods 4, 5, 6 Crash Course Civil War and Kahoot
Wed 5/24: Gettysburg Address Pre Seminar  ALL CLASSES
Thu 5/25: Gettysburg Address Seminar  ALL CLASSES
Fri 5/26: Chapter 21 Test ALL CLASSES
Mon 5/15:  Chapter 20 Test All Classes
Tue: 5/16:  SBAC Testing in the morning
                  Periods 4,5,6 Start Chapter 21 The Civil War
Wed 5/17:  SBAC Testing in the morning
                  Periods 1,2,3 Start Chapter 21 The Civil War
Thu 5/18: SBAC Testing in the morning
                   Periods 4,5,6 Continue Chapter 21
Fri   5/19:  All Classes.  Regular Schedule. History of US "The Civil War"
Mon 5/8: Civil War Kick Off- Pre Assessment, Learning Goals, Gettysburg Address
Tue 5/9: Work on Chapter 20
Wed 5/10: Was John Brown a mis-guided fanatic?
Thu 5/11: John Brown Writing Prompt
Fri 5/12: History of US "Division"
Mon 5/1: Chapter 18 An Era of Reform. Read Chapter. Start hand out. Group work.
Tue 5/2: Chapter 18 An Era of Reform. Finish hand out. Connect to today.Group work.
Wed 5/3: Early Release. No regular classes
Thu 5/4: Chapter 19 African Americans in Mid Century. Group work.
Fri 5/5: Chapter 19 African Americans in Mid Century. Group work.
Mon 4/24: Finish Chapter 17 Presentations
Tue 4/25: Manifest Destiny crossword with partner
Wed 4/26: Manifest Destiny Trivia
Thu 4/27: High School Counselors return
Fri 4/28: Manifest Destiny Test (see learning goals above)
Mon 4/17: Chapter 16 modified Cornell Notes: Reasons they came. Hardships they faced. Legacies they left.
Tue 4/18: Continue working on Chapter 16 Notes
Wed: 4/19: Chapter 17 Mexicano's Contributions to the West. Small group work
Thu: 4/20: Continue working on Chapter 17
Fri 4/21: Video: History of US "Westward"

Mon 4/10: Roots Episode 3
Tue 4/11: Roots Episode 3
Wed 4/12: Manifest Destiny
Thu 4/13: Manifest Destiny
Fri 4/14: Manifest Destiny