U.S History

Test Corrections
Class Syllabus

Writing in Social Studies

3rd Quarter Learning Goals


Mon 3/27:  CBA Presentations
Tue 3/28:   CBA Presentations
Wed 3/29:  CBA Presentations
Thu 3/30:  HS counselors in all social studies classes. Paperwork will be sent home.
Fri 3/31:  Constitution Trivia
Mon 3/20: Classroom Based Assessment.  Constitutional Issue. Introduced.
Tue  3/21: Work on CBA         Assignment is in your Student Dashboard
Wed 3/22: Work on CBA         All groups need to be ready to present on Monday 3/27
Thu 3/23: Work on CBA
Fri 3/24: Work on CBA
Mon 3/13: Notes on Amendments 11-27
Tue 3/14: Amendment 2nd or 8th a closer look
Wed 3/15: Amendment 2nd or 8th a closer look
Thu 3/16: Review for Test
Fri 3/17: Constitution Test 50 multiple choice, true, false, matching and ONE ESSAY QUESTION

Mon 3/6:  Work on Chapter 10 Cornell Notes
Tue 3/7:   Work on Chapter 10 Cornell Notes
Wed 3/8:  Bill of Rights Sort
Thu 3/9:  1st Amendment
Fri 3/10:  1st Amdendment

Mon 2/27: Constituion Packet
Tue 2/28: Constiution Packet
Wed 3/1: Early Release
Thu 3/2: Chapter 9 test and notes are due
Fri 3/3: Start Bill of Rights
Wed: Preamble
Thu: Preamble
Fri: Government Videos
Mon 2/13:  Chapter 8 Review (in Hapara Worspace)
Tue 2/14: "Creating a Constitution" or HS Counselors for 5th and 6th
Wed 2/15: Chapter 8 Test and Notes due
Thu 2/16: Start Chapter 9 "The Constitution"
Fri 2/17: Work on Chapter 9 Notes
Mon Feb 6: Cornell Notes Chapter 8 SNOW DAY
Tue Feb 7: Cornell Notes Chapter 8 SNOW DAY
Wed Feb 8:  Chapter 8 Notes
Thu Feb 9: Ms. Boelts from the HS returns to talk about HS and Beyond
Fri Feb 10: Chapter 8 Notes  (Chapter 8 Test moved to 2/15)
Monday Jan 30: Roots Episode 2
Tuesday Jan 31:Roots Episode 2
Wednesday Feb1: Early Release
                             Google Slide Revolution Project
Thursday Feb 2: Constitutional Convention Simulation
Friday Feb 3: Constitutional Convention Simulation