Clearance Forms

Below you will find links to many of the forms needed for students to compete at WMS. The entire folder is available in the office. The links below are meant to help families that are gathering the necessary forms and physical during the summer months when the WMS office is closed.

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Athletic Participation Fee

To be eligible to participate in the interscholastic sports program, all student-atheltes are required to pay a participation fee during the clearance process before each season . The Board of Directors have currently set the participation fee at $60 per season.

The participation fee may be waived, with approval from the principal, for students enrolled in the free or reduced lunch program. For students requesting a waiver due to documented financial hardship, a reduced fee or waiver may be granted by the principal.

Sports Physical Exam:

Physical examinations are required for all interscholastic sports participants, including the

activities of drill/dance/cheer squads. Verfication of a physical examination must be submitted,

at the time of clearance, on a form provided by the District and signed by a medical professional

licensed to perform physical examinations. Certification for participation will be valid for a 

13-month period from the date of the examination.

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Athletic Registration Form:

Each year students and parents are required to provide information related to residence, insurance coverage and permission to participate. The "Athletic Registration" forms must be complete and returned annually during the established clearance period.

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Medical Travel Card:

Injuries and illness may occur at practices or games when parents/guardians are not immediately available. The "Medical Travel Card" provides school staff with information directly related to health conditions, parent/guardian notification process, along with choices of physicians and hospitals. This form must be completed, signed and returned during the clearance period for each season.

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Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information and Acknowledgement:

Washington state law and District policy require all parents/guardians and athletes to read the information regarding the signs/symptoms and the serious consequences of both concussions and sudden cardiac arrest . After reading this important information, both athletes and parents/guardians are required by Washington state law to sign and return the Concussion and Suddent Cardiac Arrest Acknowledgment Form prior to the first day of participation.

Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Sheet