8th Grade Language Arts

Fourth Quarter Book Log is due June 15. It must be signed by a parent or
guardian.  It is worth 10% of your final grade.

A reminder of how to write the statement of theme for your book is to complete this
sentence: The author believes that ...(write a universal truth that you found in the book.)

Fill out your Quarterly Book Log and GET YOUR PARENT TO SIGN IT. It was due on June 15..
Monday, June 19

Clean out cubbies, get writing portfolio to take home, and work with group to define comedy 
Tuesday June 20

Read "Understanding the Complexity of Humor" in the red textbook. Discuss comedy words and 
levels of comedy "Classifying Comedy." Watch Carlos Oscar and Jerry Seinfeld and analyze the 
humor in their anecdotes.
Wednesday June 21

Read a humorous anecdote called "Brothers" on page 248. Analyze is on page 249. Plan your 
own personal humorous anecdote. Begin to write it.

Thursday, June 22

Write your personal anecdote. Share with friends.
Friday,Jun 23

Field Trip to Wild Waves. WOW!
A link for the online version of the red Springboard textbook is on a page on this
website entitled Links for Parents & Students.

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