3rd Quarter 2016-17

Monday 1/30: H2O and MgSO4 saturation lab
Tuesday 1/31: Discuss saturation lab, look at official solubilities, short writing assignment on notebook paper (assignment below, turn in when complete)

Jill's mom made a cup of hot tea and dropped in a sugar cube. In 30 seconds, it was gone. Jill's mom said, "Look, this tea was so hot the sugar melted." Jill said, "I don't think so. I think it dissolved." Who do you think is right? Describe in complete sentences what you think happened at the particle level when the sugar cube was placed in the hot tea.

Wednesday 2/1: 1/2 day for students, concentration vs. mass
Thursday 2/2: Quiz on Monday 2/6 (review sheet), MgSO4 solutions/concentration lab
Friday 2/3: Mr. Foit gone, Ms. Kile subs, read "Concentration" and in pairs, answer review questions 1-4 (on pg. 62 of the reading), turn in when finished

Monday 2/6: SNOW DAY
Tuesday 2/7: SNOW DAY
Wednesday 2/8: Unit 8 Quiz, go over Concentration answers from Friday and turn in, discuss substances, atoms, elements, and compounds
Thursday 2/9: Molecules and ionic compounds, short video clips about these topics
Friday 2/10: Mr. Foit gone, Ms. Chang subs, work on Chemical Formulas Worksheet and turn in (see Mr. Foit for a copy if you need one)

Monday 2/13: work on Representing and Analyzing Substances worksheet (see Mr. Foit for a copy and sticky dots if you need them), go over answers and turn in
Tuesday 2/14: Limewater activity and discussion
Wednesday 2/15: Review limewater reaction, writing chemical equations, chemistry conventions, read "How Do Atoms Rearrange?" and answer questions 1-4 on pg. 68
Thursday 2/16: hand back graded work, go over questions from yesterday and turn in, hand out review sheet for Investigation 9 Test (next Thursday), hydrochloric acid & sodium bicarbonate demonstration, discuss the reaction and write its equation, begin discussing balancing chemical equations
Friday 2/17: