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8th Grade CBA Help

Library of Congress collections on topics in American history.
Web Guides by the Library of Congress Digital Reference Section

Primary documents from the Continental Congress and the 
Constitutional Convention, 1774-1789 and more.
Library of Congress -- U.S. Constitution

Grouped by eras, topics, resources, and references.
Digital History home page

In 1995, the History Department and Hanover students initiated 
the Hanover Historical Texts Project. The Project's principal aim 
is to make primary texts readily available to students and 
faculty for use in history and humanities courses. 
The texts scanned for the project are all in public domain. The 
electronic forms of the texts created by the HHTP are under 
copyright. Permission to copy and use the texts is granted for 
educational purposes. 

Hanover Historical Texts

Over 10 billion records, so give it plenty of time to load.
National Archives

This site allows you to search and view newspaper pages from 1880-
1922 and find information about American newspapers published 
between 1690-present. 

Chronicling America -- Historic American Newspapers

This site was developed for teachers but will give good 
background to students as well.
Landmark Supreme Court Cases

100 milestone documents -- put your topic in the search box and 
see if your topic is one of the 100.

History & Geography

Events, landscape, maps, military history, politicians, public 
figures, scenery and views, travel

NYPL Digital Gallery

Declaration of Indpenedence, Articles of Confederation, The 
Constitution, Bill of Rights, Emanicipation Proclamation, and 
more!  Great link to primary sources.
National Archives

Primary Source Documents Pertaining to Early American History.
A collection of historical documents which were most relevant to 
the colonists' lives in America. Arranged chronologically.
The American Colonist's Library

Teacher's guide and political cartoons as primary sources.
Political Cartoons in U.S. History


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