Concert Expectations/Attire

All concerts have a call time of 30 minutes prior to the concert. All concerts are a required part of the class except the Solo and Ensemble Festival, which is extra credit but highly encouraged. If for some reason you have a conflict with any of these dates, please let me know as soon as possible but at least two weeks prior to the performance to allow time to redistribute parts
Failure to attend a performance for other than illness or family emergency will result in a two grade drop of your achievement grade unless resolved at least two weeks before the particular concert. All members of the band are important and need to be at all concerts.

Concert Dress for Symphonic Band (8th Grade):
Guys: red blazer (provided), white shirt, long black tie, black pants, black socks and dark shoes (dress).
Girls: red bow tie and cummerbund (provided), white shirt (tux style preferred), black pants, black socks or nylons and dark shoes (dress).

Symphonic and Concert Band members must have their concert dress available by early October as we will be in uniform for the first performance. If you need any help finding these items or help with funds, please do not hesitate to ask me. Cadet band members will not need their concert dress until December.

Concert Dress for Concert and Cadet Bands:
Guys: dress pants, open collar shirt and tie - no assigned colors

Girls: dress or skirt with nice top or dress pants with nice top - no assigned colors