Concert Band

Welcome to Concert Band (7th Grade)

Class Overview:

7th grade – Concert Band

Continue to develop a good, characteristic tone for the instrument played including and utilizing:

  • Long tone studies
  • Lip slurs
  • Multiple tonguing
  • Vibrato (as appropriate)
  • Phrasing
  • Style (Song vs. Dance)

Use the assigned technique sheets (handouts) as a resource to apply concepts/skills learned in 6th grade band.

Know, understand and perform necessary rhythms from the assigned rhythm sheets and other handouts.

Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of:

  • Key signatures (all twelve majors and their relative/parallel minors)
  • Review note names
  • Compound time signatures
  • Basic tempi, articulation and style markings/ designations

Know and demonstrate a basic understanding of:

  • Major and minor arpeggios
  • Parallel/Relative minors and their relation to major keys/scales
  • Modes (esp. Dorian, Mixolydian and Aeolian)
  • All of the above are taught through solfege relationships (Dorian=”re” to “re”; Aeolian (minor)=”la” to “la”; etc

Know and demonstrate:

  • All 12 major scales
  • Apply those twelve scales to more complex melodies using movable “Do” solfege
  • Rhythmic dictation up through 1/16 note/rest patterns
  • Melodic dictation (“do” to “sol” using whole/half/quarter and dotted note/rest patterns) and application of all twelve major scales and a beginning understanding of a similar application in minor keys

Perform a solo (learned as a class) for the class demonstrating:

  • Good stage presence/presentation – announcing, performing, bowing
  • Understanding of changes of style (song vs. dance), tempi and articulations
  • Vibrato (as appropriate)

Through history worksheets/recorded examples and youtube performances:

  • Know and understand the basic, historical music time periods or renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic and modern
  • Know and relate composers from each of those historical time periods
  • Learn that opera can actually be liked (Watch The Magic Flute-Mozart/Met Opera)

Perform (at a high competency/artistry level) at least 20 full band “sheet music” pieces (including chorales from the text)

Performance opportunities include:

  • WMEA Junior All- State material preparation and recording (recording is optional)
  • Fall “Cookie Concert” demonstrating a typical band class to parents (early October)
  • Almost Winter Concert – Evening performance – 6-8 grades (December)
  • Solo and Ensemble Festival – Late March – highly encouraged (usually about 70% participation rate)
  • Martin Luther King concert for Centennial Elementary
  • Spring Concert - for school/parents/family/friends – (June)