Music Links To Check Out

A video showing current brain research and the way music effects 
our brains -'s animated!!
TED Talk on how music effects the brain

SmartMusic is a music practicing enhancement software package 
with enough
material to keep a student practicing well past college. On 
average, students
see a 30% increase in their practice time when using SmartMusic.  
It just
makes practicing a lot more fun!

You will listen to and appreciate music and fine performances in 
a new way
after watching Mr. Zanders scintillating demonstration
Benjamin Zanders on Music and Passion

This is a TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talk given by an
internationally know percussion soloist - who just happens to be 
legally deaf.
Elelyn Glennie on how to listen

SOGO - Student Orchestras of Greater Olympia is a great place for 
students to
receive an enriching musical experience in the form of full 
Auditions are held in May, June and September for the following 
season as well as during the current season.  
Mr. Allison is the Artistic Director of SOGO and directs the SOGO 
Brass Choir.
Student Orchestras of Greater Olympia

Noteflight is a free, online music writing software program.

An informative and thoughtful article about the changing world of 
music lesson.
NY Times Article about online lessons