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The Last Homework Assignment of the Year!!!!!!

For the week June 12 thru June 19


Work on and turn in any missing assignment.

I have had a list on the whiteboard for over a week showing what assignments are due for 
grading on Skyward.  If a student is missing anything there has been time in class to work 
on them, or these assignments can be done at home.

Homework for the week June 5 thru June 12

Due, Monday, June 12.  A brief report on a local business in our community.

1. What is the name of the business?
2. Who are the owners?
3. What do they do?
4. If you have been there, tell us about it.
5. And, anything else that you feel would be important.

Also, this is a report in written form, not a brochure.

Homework for the week May 22 thru May 31st:

Due Wednesday, May 31st 

"Made Up Greek god" report.
Our last homework assignment was to do a report on a Greek god.  For this week 
students will make up, or create, a character and write a report on them, similar to the 
report from last week.
Include: name of god, description, story and a picture.
Have fun with this but still be serious.  Good luck.

Homework for the week May 15 thru May 22
No Homework.

Homework for the week May 8th thru May 15th:

Due Monday, May 15th

"Greek god report"
To go along with our unit on Greece, we are studying the Greek gods.
In class, students picked a Greek god, goddess or titan to report on.  For some, there 
isn't much information available, so be sure to visit a few different websites.  Include a 
picture if possible.  Type up your paper and be prepared to make a presentation.

Homework for the week April 24 thru May 1st


To finish the "Geography of China/Washington" paper.  We worked on this all week in 
class.  For some it will be just to print it out.  Others will need to spend a little time on it 
over the weekend (but hopefully not).  

1. opening paragraph
2. the geography of china
3. the geography of Washington state
4. compare/contrast
5. closing paragraph

1. times new roman
2.12' font size
3. double spaced
4. word count

include a bibliography but a cover page is not needed.

4Homework for the week April 17th thru April 24th:


Research: The Geography of Washington State.

Bring in to class on Monday 4/24 research on the geography of Washington State.
Then, in class we will write a paper comparing the geography of China and Washington.

No Homework for the week April 10 thru April 17.

Homework for the week March 27 thru March 31.

Work on and turn in any missing/incomplete assignments.
Students will have this week to complete any assignment that is missing/incomplete 
before the quarter ends.

Also, there will be No Homework over spring break.  Have some much needed time off.  
Then, the final push begins!

Homework for the week Mar 20 thru Mar 27.

DUE MONDAY, March 27th.


Find a current events story and report on it.  Remember the questions:


No blood and guts stories please and no sports or entertainment stories either.

Can be from (but not limited to):

The Olympian
The New York Times
etc., etc., etc.

No Wiki.

Homework for the week March 6th thru March 13th:


Write a 5 paragraph essay on:

"The Iditarod"

1. Opening/brief history
2. Why it's good
3. Why it's bad
4. Your opinion
5. Closing

Same format as the CBA

Times New Roman
12' font size
Double spaced
Word count

Include a bibliography of your sources (easybib).

Homework for the week February 28 thru March 3rd:

No Homework.

Homework for the period February 6th thru February 24:

DUE - WEDNESDAY - FEBRUARY 22nd (right after mid-winter break).

To celebrate "Black History Month", students must research and complete a one to two 
page paper on a famous (or not so famous) person in black history.
No athletes or entertainers.

1. cite sources using EZ bib.
2. same format as CBA.

Homework for the period January 26th thru February 3: No Homework.

Homework due Wednesday, January 25:

Motivational Sayings assignment.

On a piece of computer paper, come up (research), with 5 motivational sayings.
Then, color the page to make it look nice.  We will be putting these together for a class 
There is also an optional cover page contest.  Good luck.

Homework thru January 16th (Monday holiday);

No homework, enjoy the long weekend.

Homework due Wednesday, January 11th:


To honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in class we read and listened to his "I Have a Dream" 
speech.  I mentioned how during those years we needed a great speech, and that was it.  
I then mentioned that today we need another great speech and the students will be 
writing it.  We have gone over this topic in class.  Does not have to be 5 paragraphs.
And, the speech should be:

-word processed
-cite any sources used
-Times New Roman font
-12' font size (except for title)
-double spaced
-with a heading
-a title
-word count
-don't use Wikipedia

We will be sharing these in class on Wednesday.

No Homework over winter break. 

Also, thank you to all of the students and families that surprised me with wonderful baked 
and Starbuck's cards. Yum.

Homework for the week 12/05 thru 12/12

We worked on this assignment in class and many students finished it.  If not it should be 
completed at home and turned in on Monday, December 12th.

"Are Students Worked Too Hard?"

Research the topic using the internet, then:

Write a 5 paragraph essay.  

paragraph 1. Intro
                  2. why yes
                  3. why no
                  4. your opinion
                  5. closing

Should be:

Times New Roman font
12" pt font size
double spaced
word count

Again, this was worked on in class last Thursday and Friday, so many students finished 
this in 
class and will have no homework.

Homework for the week November 28th thru December 5th:

No Homework.

Homework for the week November 21st thru November 28th:

Help out at home.  You do not have to write about it but be prepared to answer the 
question if I 
ask.  Have a great few days off.

Homework for the week Nov 14th thru Nov 21st:

No Homework.

Homework for the week Oct 31st thru Nov 9th:


For Veteran's Day, you need to interview a veteran. A Veteran is someone who has served 
or is 
currently serving in the military. 

Ask them the following questions:

1. When did you serve?
2. What branch of the service were you in?
3. What was your rank?
4. What was your job?
5.Where did you serve?
6. How was your experience?
7. What do you think the rest of the world thinks of the U.S. and why?
8. What advice do you have for middle school kids today>

Be sure to thank them for their service.

ALSO, if you cannot find a Veteran, please write a note to me and I will excuse the 

Homework for the week Oct 24 thru Oct 31

"Do Something Nice"
Since there are half-day classes this week, as a civics lesson, each student should do 
nice either in the neighborhood or at home.  Then, write about the experience.  They will 
shared in class on Monday, Oct 31st.

Homework for the week October 17 thru October 24:
No Homework this week.

Homework for the week October 10 thru October 17:
No Homework.

Homework Wed Oct 5 thru Wed Oct 12 (due Wed Oct 12):

Report on your family heritage. See if you can find out where your family comes from 
(mom or 
dad or grandma or grandpa, etc) and gather information about this place. This is not a 
about their lives or what it was like back then. It could almost be what information you 
would find 
in a travel brochure (where is it located, a little about the culture, industry, food, etc.). It 
should be 
written/typed out and not a brochure or poster.


Homework for the week Sept 26 thru Oct 3rd:

Last week of no homework.

1. Get out and play.
2. Help your families.

Homework for the week: Sept 19 - Sept 26th

1. Get outside and have fun.
2. Help your families at home.

Homework for the Week of September 12-September 19:

1. Get outside, enjoy the nice weather, and help your parents with yard work.  


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