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8th Grade Social Studies

Note:  The dates shown are the dates assignments are assigned; as a rule each
is due the next school day.  Additionally, pages listed represent only where
an assignment starts.  Students are expected to continue through the
assignment to the end and generally will have to work on the next page or pages.

"**" denotes a worksheet was given

9/9/15  **Parent Letter
9/10/15  **US Map 
9/11/15   US Map due on 9/14/15

9/14/15  States test on Friday (no list of name).  The test on other U.S. geographic            
features (rivers, cities, etc). on Monday, where the map will show proper dots (cities) and 
lines (rivers) and a list of names will be provided.
9/15/15  Test on Friday
9/16/15  extra credit:  Watch at least one hour of the Republican Presidential debate and 
write 2/3 of a page of "affective" summary (just to show me you watched) (5 pts.)
9/17/15  Test on the U.S. States tomorrow
9/18/15  States Test today; Rivers, Cities, Mountains, etc. on Monday

9/21/15  Timberland Regional Library lectures on research skills and sites (Cancelled)
9/22/15  GSS; no homework
9/23/15  Outline from text Sections 1.1-1.3 (2/3 page); then summarize the maps on pp 4, 5 
(1/2 page) Due tomorrow.
9/24/15  GGS & The Columbian Exchange
9/25/15  GGS & The Columbian Exchange

9/28/15  DUE WED:  Notes (1-2 pp) on Sections 1.4-1.7
9/29/15  Notes (1-2 pp) on Sections 1.4-1.7
9/30/15  Notes (1 p) on Sections 1.8-1.10
10/1/15  Notes (1 p) on Sections 1.11-1.13
10/2/15  No new homework

10/5/15  Explorers Project (Note due Wednesday)
10/6/15  Notes Sections 2.1-2.1; due at period's end on Thursday (no class Wed.)
10/7/15  No class
10/8/15  Note from 2.1-2.2 due; quiz tomorrow.  Explorer selection and initial research
10/9/15  No new homework (project research?)

10/12/15  Notes 2.3-2.4 due Wednesday
10/13/15  COW project research; notes 2.3-2.4; Extra Credit:  Watch the Democratic          
Presidential Debate and write 2/3 page summary on your impressions  
10/14/15  TRL database presentation;  Notes 2.5-2.7 due Friday
10/15/15  Notes due Monday (no school Friday)

10/19/15  South America Map due Friday 10/23
10/20/15  COW day:  South America Map Test Thursday 10/29
10/21/15  South America photos:  Notes on Sections 3.1-3.2 due at end of period on Thur.
10/22/15  Quiz on 3.1-3.2 tomorrow; S. America Map due tomorrow
10/23/15  No new homework; project work ongoing

10/26/15  Notes 3.3-3.5 due tomorrow 
       South America Map Test on Thursday for Periods 1, 2, 3; Friday for Period 6
10/27/15  No new homework; quiz on 3.3-3.5
10/28/15  No new homework; quiz on 3.3-3.5 (different classes)
10/29/15  6th Period Map Test (Periods 1-3 tomorrow)

11/2/15  Notes 4.1-4.3 
11/3/15  Notes 3.6-3.7 due end of Wed class
11/4/15  Explorers Project due on Friday
11/5/15  Project due tomorrow:  Notes on 3.8-3.9 due at end of Friday period
11/6/15  Notes 3.8-3.9 due; orals assigned

11/9/15  Notes 3.10-3.11 (Quiz on 3.8-3.9)
11/10/15  Project orals; quiz on 3.10-3.11; no new homework
11/12/15  Orals; notes 4.4-4.6 due tomorrow
11/13/15  Colonies project introduced; parent note

11/16/15  Quiz given 4.4-4.6
11/17/15  Colonies Project research
11/18/15  Colonies Project research
11/19/15  Notes 4.7-4.9  
11/20/15  No new work

11/23/15  North America Map (due Wednesday)
11/24/15  Notes 4.10-4.11 LESS than 1 page, due Wednesday
11/25/15  Notes & NA Map due; no homework (other than Colony Project)

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