At Home with the Range
(to the tune of Home on the Range)

At home, at home with the Range.
Where the largest and smallest do roam.
Their difference is it.
You can do it quite quick
And have time to go outside and play.

(Ring Around The Rosie)
Ring around the circle
is the circumference.
Take pi times "d" and to get the "c"

Multiplying Fraction Rap
In the world of fractions
It's plain to see
When you add 'em and subtract 'em
There's a common "d"
But to multiply fractions
Don't worry 'bout that
Ya just multiply the numerators
Then you go back
and multiply the denominators
It's as easy as that!
                                          When you add, subtract, or multiply, the answer you must always SIMPLIFY!

The area of a circle is pi R squared
pi "r" squared
pi "r" squared!
Now you will always know!

When you multiply a number
by the power or 10
you move the decimal to the right.
But when you divide a number
by the power of 10
you move the decimal to the left.

Algebra, Algebra
We're so happy to meet you
You're so cool.
Just like school
Your variables
are inviting!

(to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
Every number has primes
Factoring takes little time
Draw a tree or build a cake
It doesn't matter which you make
Prime numbers are basic things
Find them by factorizing.

The Three M Song
(To The Tune of Three Blind Mice)
Mean, Median, and Mode
Mean Median, and Mode
What do they do?
What are they for?
They're measures of Central Tendency
In the middle of a number sets usually
Mode is the Most
Mean is Ugly?
The Median is the Middle (when they're in order)
The median is the middle

(tune: Sesame Street)
Integers, include all the Negatives 
Multiply, divide but DON"T SUBTRACT
You must remember to ALWAYS ADD (with the opposite)
-When you go to Integerland
-Always ADD in Intergerland

STOP! before you divide  with fractions
You really MULTIPLY

Real Numbers
There are counters: 1, 2, 3
With zero they're whole numbers.
Integers have all those
negative signatures
Rational numbers include all the fractions
Now, all that is left are the irrationals!