Click to view the Expository Essay Grade Defense Presentations.
Tech Fair Presentations

FLL Team Info Sheet

Trailer pull vehicle building instructions
NXT Trailer Pull

A helpful math site to help with understanding how to do some of the math this
year and beyond.
Ask Dr. Math

Computer Video

Lots of how to help on this site. It gives the formulas and explanations behind most topics in an easy 
to understand format.

Use this video to practice for the retest. 
Similar Triangles reteaching

Finding missing lengths using cross multiplying & simplifying

Use these practice problems to get ready for the test.
Similar Triangles practice problems

This is the calculator 7th grade students will use on the Smarter Balance Assessment in 2015. 
SBA calculator 

Fuel Mileage Comparisons

Practice your slope calculations and rid the world of cockroaches.
Line Slope Game

Online graphic calculator

Showing how to solve an inequality using the same method as in class. Pay extra attention at the 2 
minute point where he brings up a VERY important piece of information...Could be life changing!
Khan Academy - Solving a 2 Step Inequality

Practice solving 1 step inequalities online. Can also use this link to do more difficult problems.
Practice 1 Step Inequalites

Hello Purr Instructions
App Inventor Tutorial - Hello Purr

This link shows how to get your device to talk, shake commands and drawing on the screen. 
App Inventor How to.....

Shows how to use a database and move to different screens.
Advanced App Inventor program

Use this link to make the wireframes.
LucidChart Android Mockup