Welcome to Washington MS Choirs!

You can check this website throughout the year to find out more about choir, upcoming events and to practice your pieces.

To practice your music - choose "Homework" on the list to the left.

Hey! Don't be a Delmar!

To learn the Bass Clef rap, written by Kayla & IvyJo, check out their video.

Everything you ever needed to know about Bulldog Choirs can be found in the CHOIR HANDBOOK. Also, the Parent Response Form on the last page is your first assignment.

If you miss a concert, be sure to submit the MISSED CONCERT FORM. It would be best if you could complete this BEFORE the concert to be missed.

Many people have asked me about private teachers in the area. I am somewhat new to the area, so I don't really know any teachers personally, but I do have a LIST you can look at of the teachers who are available in the area. You can find private voice or piano teachers on this list, among others.

Here is a link to The Magic Flute plot summary, in case you were wondering...

Sing on, Bulldogs!.....*Mrs. Brown

Here is a handy end-of-course evaluation you can fill out to give Mrs. Brown some feedback on the year.