Here are some cool links to check out.

Here is an awesome graphic of the chromatic scale solfege and hand signs.
Check it out and practice it!!
Chromatic Scale

Check out the website for the Northwest division of the American Choral
Directors Association. Mrs. Brown has been on the board and many of our
singers are involved in the honor choirs.

This is our Washington State Music Educators Association (WMEA), also known as the
"National Association for Music Education" (NAfME). Mrs. Brown is an active member and
many of our singers are involved in the honor choirs. Many WMS band &
orchestra students play in the honor ensembles as well. This organization also runs our large group festival 
and our solo/ensemble event.

If you want to practice, but don't know the first note, go to this site to
hear your note!
Online Pitch Pipe

This is a cool presentation telling us why music matters! Check it out! You'll
feel smarter for sure!!
Why music?

This is where I buy most of our sheet music. You can see if your favorite song
has a choir version available here.
JW Pepper

This is what your upper body looks like when you sing! Check it out!
MRI of singer

This is an awesome summer camp opportunity held at Willamette University in Salem, OR. The choirs are run 
by some good friends of mine who are top notch musicians and educators. Pretty amazing stuff, check it 
Young Musicians & Artists Summer Camp

Here's an inspirational interview with Mr. Brian Mitchell, an master choral director from Longview. He has 
some awesome things to say about why choir is important.
Inspirational Interview