Solo/Ensemble is this Saturday, 3/25/2017
@ Griffin Middle School
6530 33rd Ave. NW
Olympia, WA 98502

Click link below for a list of all instrumental performances (including performance time and room #):


Some reminders for solo/ensemble performers:

1. Take your instrument and music home on Friday (3/24).

2. Dress nicely (like a concert) for your performance.

3. Have the original sheet music for the adjudicator, clean and erased. Give it to the adjudicator when it’s your turn to play.

4. Have your name and your school’s name on your music as well as the time you perform.

5. Get to Griffin Middle School at least 30 minutes before your performance time to allow time for parking, unpacking, tuning, warming up, etc. Individuals and groups can warm up in the string wing.

Be in your performance room at least 10 minutes before your scheduled performance time. Listening to a performance or two before yours can help give you a feel for what the room and judge are like.

6. Keep track of whether the room where you perform is ahead of or behind the schedule.

7. Take big breaths to help relax. In for 4 out for 6 (slowly) seems to slow down your heart rate.

8. Take time to tune well before you start (solos listen closely to the piano if accompanied, then play the tuning note, then listen to the piano again) Adjust your instrument and repeat until in tune. Tune with a full sound, full steady bow. Adjust music stand(s) for best performance angle from judge’s perspective.

9. Be prepared to announce yourself before you play (give your name, school, grade, name of accompanist and title/composer of your piece). Be prepared to answer questions about the composer, title, musical terms used and form of your piece, if the judge asks you about those things after your performance.

10. Play MUSIC, not just notes (remember phrasing, style and dynamics). In fact, the more you focus on the music, the less nervous you will become (usually).

11. Remember to recognize your accompanist after you perform and to thank them with a card/gift.

12. Be sure to listen and support students from WMS when they play. Band students and orchestra students from other schools will be there too - go and support them!

Want to practice your Queen of the Night Aria?

Sing along with Diana Damrau:

Then practice it on your own with this karaoke track:

Happy singing!  

 Concert recordings are up!

Click on "Photos/videos/recordings" at left for links to audio files from our November 8th concert.  From there, you can stream them in your browser, or download them for repeated listening, or to include with an email to grandma and grandpa