September 19, 2014

Hello Wildcat Families,

Congratulations to the Coaches and Athletes of Woodbrook Middle School, recipients of the WIAA Give Me 5 - Gold Star of Excellence!
Click on this link to read CPSD article. WMS-Gold-Star-of-Exellence-2014.pdf

The "Give Me 5" program will help lay the foundation and assist all middle level schools in taking the educational value of school activities to a higher level. While recognizing that each school and community have unique needs, the "Give Me 5" program has been developed to encourage member schools to link with each other to celebrate, practice, and promote the positive attributes of our activities programs.

The foundation of the program lies in the belief that five core concepts can help communities, schools, officials, coaches, and athletes realize that behaviors and attitudes learned in school activities can benefit a person for their lifetime. The program will promote and foster good character by teaching, enforcing, advocating, and modeling the five core ethical principles:

  • Always pursue victory with honor
  • Demonstrate and demand integrity
  • Observe and enforce the spirit and letter of rules
  • Do not engage in or tolerate dishonesty or cheating
  • Do not compromise education and character-development goals
  • Adhere to high standards of fair play
  • Treat team members fairly according to their expectations
  • Never take unfair advantage
  • Assure that the emotional, physical and moral well-being is always placed above desires and pressures to win
  • Be a positive role model on and off the field
  • Strive for excellence and do not fear mistakes
  • Be committed to your team and to academic skills
  • Treat the tradition of the sport and participate with respect
  • Do not engage in or tolerate disrespectful conduct
  • Win with grace and lose with dignity
  • Promote sportsmanship by honoring the rules and goals of the sport
  • Establish codes of conduct for coaches, athletes, parents, and spectators
  • Safeguard the integrity of the sport by discouraging the abuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco


Go Wildcats!

Kevin Baker
Athletic Coordinator