Meet Ms. Tammy

NAME: Ms. Tammy

SCHOOL: Bayfield

CLASS: Math Interventionist

SCHOOL PHONE: 715-779-3201

Meet Ms. Tammy

Hello, I'm Tammy Curran-Weber. I am the math interventionist at Bayfield 

School. I began my teaching journey in 1992, when I graduated with a 

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a minor in Health 

Education from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. I am a 2010 

National Board Certified Teacher in Early Childhood Generalist (EC/GEN). 

In June 2015 I received my math intervention certification through the UW-

Oshkosh. I'm currently working on getting my Master's in Math Curriculum 

and Instruction. This is my 20th year teaching at the Bayfield School. I 

am a member of the Wisconsin State Reading Association (WSRA), National 

Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), and the Literacy Council of 

Ashland-Bayfield Counties. My biggest passion is my students. I love each 

and everyone of them! I am so honored to be their teacher each and 

everyday. To me this is not a job, but a chance to make a difference in 

someones life!

Ms. Tammy's Favorite Things:

Colors:  Purple and orange

Food:  Seafood and Kate's Apple Pie

Animals: My cock-a-tiel, Liberty Joy

Season: Summer

Holiday: Christmas

Candy: Laffy Taffy

Flower: Rose

Vacation Spot: Any Beach & Twin Bear Lake

Song: Yesterday by the Beatles

TV Shows: Golden Girls, Survivor, and the Today Show

Children's story: Goodnight Moon

Fruit: Strawberries and Blueberries

Ice Cream: Elephant Tracks from the Candy Shoppe

Sports Team: Green Bay Packers

Past Time: READ! READ! READ!, Fishing, and Camping

Sport: Volleyball


Personal Mission Statement

My mission is to inspire and motivate students in order to enhance their 

enjoyment of education. I will do my part to encourage and motivate each 

child to achieve at their highest level and develop into life-long 

Through innovative and motivating teaching strategies, I will nurture 

independent and responsible students through hands-on activities, 

and cooperative learning. I believe children are unique and all children 

the ability to learn. I believe that education is a partnership between 

school, and community. Through working together, we can make an enjoyable 

challenging experience for all children.

Famous Quote: "Childhood Should Be A Journey Not a Race"

***A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, 

sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove.  But, the world may 

different because I was important in the life of a child.*** ~Author