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Meet Mrs. Nash

My Name: Mrs. Michele Nash

My School: Cumberland

My Grade Level: Grade 2

School Telephone: 1-414-963-3943

Meet Mrs. Nash

Video clip from the past

Hi! My name is Michele Nash and I am your child's second grade teacher and the webmistress of this website. I have been building webpages for 11 years now and this is my newest website. I had quite an extensive wepage located at http://myschoolonline.com/wi/mrs_nash

Since that webhosting company closed down in June 2007, I am in the process of transferring all of my webpages over to TEACHERWEB. Please bear with me while I transfer old files as well as upload new files for the 2007-2008 school year. You will find many other projects and activities on a few of my other sites:




I began my teaching carreer in a small Lutheran School in Hollywood California, back in 1973! After teaching there for a short while, I accepted a teaching position in another Lutheran elementary school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Then, in 1987, I accepted a job as a 2nd grade teacher in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin-where I am currently employed.

I am married to a retired Science Specialist who is the father of my three children! My oldest son lives in Texas and received his Doctorate degree in December '07. My second son lives here in Wisconsin, is an assistant basketball coach at the University, and received his Masters Degree in May '07. My daughter has attended one year at the University and is currently a Cosmetology School ( her goal is to make mom beautiful) :-) I also have 3 grandchildren ages 10 (Ezekiel), and 10 months (Noah) they live in Texas. Kamden age 4 (lives inWisconsin). If you look at my picture closely enough, by my chin, you will see a small portion of the 4 year old's hair in the lower left corner of the photo (taken summer of '05).

I enjoy teaching and I am always looking for ways to make learning exciting for my students. One of my favorite activities is going to the movies! I also enjoy reading the newest children's books, family dinners and building webpages.

My all time favorite ...spending time with the grandkids!!!!!!!!!! :)

Mission For The Class

The mission for my class is to make sure that I always create a challenging and nuturing classroom environment where kids have fun while they learn! I strive to create a classroom community where kids feel safe and take risks while learning! I hold high expectations for all of my students and I encourage and expect them to do their best EVERYDAY! It is my goal to instill a love of "continual learning" in every one of my students.

I believe:

* all children can and want to learn if they are provided with the necessary support and guidance from home

* students learn best by being actively engaged

* students have their own unique learning styles and it is my responsibility as their teacher to discover their styles and teach according to them as much as is realistically possible

* students learn from cooperative activities and therefore in my classroom they are constantly paired with partners for many classroom experiences

* instruction needs to be differentiated in order to meet the diverse needs of my classroom

* "PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT," not perfect, so students will need to have daily practice of what has been learned. This practice needs to be done in a variety of ways!

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