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Froot Loops Project




Image courtesy of Jennifer Wagner

Our class participated in another project hosted by Jennifer  Wagner.
Instead of stacking Oreos, we are now counting Froot loops.
Ms. Wagner's students hypothesized that ORANGE  is the most
common color in boxes of Froot Loops!
Thousands of students from schools across the Globe
are counting and graphing in
an effort to see if the hypothesis is correct!

We asked ourselves 2 questions

1. Is the weight on the box correct?  (11 oz. 312g)
We used a math scale and found 
that the weight of the Froot Loops, box and contents
actually weighed 14 oz.  400g.

We then emptied the fruit loops into a container
and weighed the contents alone. 
This time the weight was 12 oz. 330g
We found that the weight 
on the box was not  correct.

2. What is the Dominant  Color of the Froot Loops in our box?

First, each child was given a container of Froot Loops. Next, each child recorded (in their math journal) their estimate of how many total Froot loops they had, and which color would be the dominate color in their stacks. Then, we sorted  by color. After each person sorted, we then used our math skills to find the total of each color according to class groups. Finally,  we calculated the class total. The last step in this process was the graphing activity.  We used the hundreds grid from our math materials to graph and design our Front loops.

We found Ms. Wager's students theory to be correct!  ORANGE WAS THE DOMINANT  COLOR in our box of Froot Loops!  We then used the LCD panel to view the results of other classes.  It was very interesting to see the other colors that were dominant in the boxes from other classrooms.  We are now eager to look in our boxes at home. 




Practicing Math Skills while counting Froot Loops



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