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Autumn Project

We joined the AUTUMN ACROSS AMERICA project developed by Marci McGowan. Students were asked to identify signs of autumn in their areas, and to then document their findings via writings, drawings, or photos.

We read books, visited the AUDUBON NATURE CENTER, and simply observed fall as it unraveled during our daily lives.

The students then worked in groups to decide what they would like to share with the other project participants about fall. The type of writing activity and its specific contents were left totally up to the students.


It's Actually Autumn

This is the season when pumpkins get carved. When leaves change colors and fall. Fall is also when school starts and leaf piles get made. Fall is the color of the forest as it shows all the colors it has. The grass gets browner everyday. When it gets cold and the leaves fall down, you know that it is autumn. The frost gets colder night and day. Fall is when you begin to see your breath when you breathe in and out. Scarecrows shiver to the sound of howling winds. They scare the crows from eating the crops. Some birds fly south, while others stay active. Monarch butterflies fly to Mexico. Thanksgiving is coming and turkeys get made. Fall smells of warm pumpkin pie steaming from the windows. Houses smell like  hot chocolate with marshmallows. Fall can also smell like honey on top of apple pie freshly baked. Pumpkin muffin smells are streaming from the windows. When all of this happens,


Plants start to fade and frost gets made.

Empty trees, some full of leaves.

Some jack-o-lanterns that are spooky

some are funny, and some are kooky.

Summer is almost done,

the fun has just begun.

 Group 4


Fall is fantastic, fall is bombastic.

It's time for trick-or treating, it's time for candy eating.

Candy corn, gumdrops

Chocolate, and lollypops.

Everywhere we go

Jack-o-lanterns glow.


Fall food in my tummy.

Gobbling, wobbling, turkeys.

Summer is done

Our fun has begun.


Thanksgiving is here

Let's give a big cheer!

Winter is near!

Group 3

Falling, Fabulous Fall

Falling, falling fabulous fall

Falling, falling from the trees, the amazing color of the leaves.

Trick or treat, trick or treat

Give me something good to eat.

If you don't the leaves won't fall

And they won't change colors in the fall.

Turkey feathers are outside,

All piled up on my slide

I look out my window I see scarecrow Bob,

He scares all the crows and gives them seeds.

I smell pumpkin pie coming from the window,

I open the door, I see a big turkey sitting on my step.

Pilgrims, Pilgrims, a long time ago,

Had a thanksgiving and that's how it goes.

Swinging, swinging, swings are fun,

Sliding, sliding on the slide,

Flying, flying in the sky, it's time to play in the yard.

Fall is nice fall is pretty come out and play.

Oh please come out and play.

Written by,

Group 2

Fantastic Fall

Fall is the season of Halloween. The animals start to hide their food.

There are lots of things to do in fall.

Rake the leaves and do them all.

Leaves are falling off the trees and the children are raking them up.

Things you see in the fall are colorful leaves, falling from the trees.

Fall is also the season of pumpkin carving. Things you hear in the fall are birds chirping and spooky music playing on Halloween. 


Group 1

When you smell autumn in the air,
and hear leaves crunching under your feet...
The trees go bare,

you will know that Autumn is there.

Written by Clara

This is a picture of us at the Audubon Nature Center discussing what some animals do in the fall.

Here we are looking at the colorful treetops when we visited the Audubon Nature Center.

Take a look at our PUMPKIN HEADS and our PUMPKIN HEAD WRITINGS, another fall activity that we work on during the season.

Check out the FALL IN WISCONSIN website to learn more about Fall in Fabulous Wisconsin.

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