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Heritage Projects

Our Heritage Day


In our classroom we have a different way of Observing Thanksgiving! Instead of focusing solely on the Traditional PILGRIM AND INDIAN story...we discuss the fact that not all of our ancestors came here from England. In order to gain a better understanding of what makes up the fabric of America,we have a special Thanksgiving Heritage Day Feast! This feast is designed so that we give thanks for all people who have come to america! With the help of our parents and grandparents, we learn as much as we can about where our ancestors originally came from. Since we all have multiple ancesteries, we need to pick only one side to highlight. Students are asked to bring in items highlighting the one particular part of their family. They give an oral presentation, using many visuals to help their classmates learn about their family heritage. When discussing the various modes of transportation their ancestors used long ago, the children decided to pretend that they were making a long trip across an ocean to come to America. We placed a "Coming To America" trunk in our classroom so that the boys and girls could place one special item to take with them on the long trip across the water. Our culminating activity for the Thanksgiving Heritage unit is the Feast itself. On the day of the feast, students come to school dressed in the traditonal clothing of their ancestors. They use passports to enter the Feast room (America) where we sit and have the traditional Thanksgiving Meal prepared by parents and grandparents. What a treat to look around the dinner table and see all of the countries that now are the fabric of America. Parents and grandparents enjoy this way of Celebrating Thanksgiving just as much as the kids! Here are a few photos of our projects.


Bulletin Board in our classroom

Africa Brazil

Denmark Germany

Italy and Korea Japan

Korea and Ireland Lithuania, Russia, and Scotland

Norway and Hungary

Passports to America

Coming To America Trunk

The precious items we placed in our "America" trunk!

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