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WFB Community Project


By Candace

Our School


This is the community project for Mrs. Nash’s second grade class at Cumberland School in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. Cumberland School has approximately 650 students, in seven grades: four year old kindergarten through fifth grade. Mrs. Nash’s second grade class has 21 students, 13 boys and 8 girls. Students in Mrs. Nash’s class come to school in many different ways: car, bus, bike, scooter, and walking. Most students arrive at school by car.


Our Community


Whitefish Bay is primarily a residential community, located outside of Milwaukee, WI. Many residents of Whitefish Bay commute to Milwaukee to work. Therefore, Whitefish Bay is a suburban community. There are many different types of homes in Whitefish Bay.  Some people in Whitefish Bay live in mansions, condominiums, apartments, townhouses, flats, duplexes and houses. Most of the students in Mrs. Nash’s class live in houses.


There are many places to work in Whitefish Bay, such as: office buildings, medical facilities, grocery stores, clothing stores, shoe stores, restaurants, art galleries, a pharmacy, a movie theater, parks, hair salons and spas, bakeries, furniture stores, banks, a toy store, a funeral home, dentist offices, law offices, camera store, florists, schools, 10 churches, retail stores, police department, fire department, library, and village hall. The main shopping district has a Fourth of July parade, Holiday Stroll parade, and the annual International Cycling Classic.   Many people solve their problems at the village hall, schools, and police department.


Whitefish Bay also has places to have fun: 6 parks, 7 schools, 2 pools, approximately a dozen tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, basketball courts, an ice skating rink, a movie theatre, beaches, a lake, football fields, and your friendly neighborhood. Old Schoolhouse Park has pumpkin carving opportunities and displays during October and regular ice cream socials and music.

Our homes are close to the recreational facilities, hospitals and General Mitchell International Airport.  Most recreational facilities are less than one mile from the village hall. The nearest hospital is 4.4 miles from village hall. The airport is 14.1  miles from village hall.


Our Landscape


Whitefish Bay is a community of walkers and runners. Many people enjoy daily exercise along scenic Lake Drive. Lake Drive winds along the top of a bluff over looking Lake Michigan. Other than the bluff, Whitefish Bay is relatively flat. Whitefish Bay is a member of Tree City USA and has beautiful tree lined streets. Even though the houses in Whitefish Bay are close together, we have many wild animals in our community, including: squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, cardinals, sparrows, falcons, mice, and coyotes.


Our History


Whitefish Bay was originally settled by Native Americans. Later Fishers and Farmers settled the land.


In the 1880’s, only a few people lived here. Most people traveled to Whitefish Bay for pleasure to stay at the Pabst Whitefish Bay Resort along the bluff and shore of Lake Michigan. The resort had as many as 10,000 visitors per day during the summer months. The resort had a Ferris wheel, Merry-Go-Round, daily concerts, and boat rentals. In 1914, the resort closed and the land was divided. Currently, many mansions occupy the old resort land.


In 1892, the 392 residents of Whitefish Bay wanted a school to educate their children. In order to build the school, the residents needed to create a legal village. The residents “incorporated” to create a village and built the first school. Today, the 14,000 residents are still committed to education and maintain one of the top school districts in Wisconsin.


Read about Whitefish Bay in 1999 ( A Millennium Project by Mrs. Nash's 1999-2000 2nd graders)

Read about Whitefish Bay in 1899

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